Leslie Mann Talks Kids, Parenting & More

Rio_Leslie.jpgThe Rio Star Chats with HaveUHeard’s Shari Von Holten at the blue carpet premiere for the new animated film!
One of the highlights of attending the premiere of Rio in California was interviewing Leslie Mann, who plays the voice of Linda in the movie. Leslie is an actress, wife and mother of two girls, Iris and Maude. Speaking to Leslie was like chatting with a good friend; sharing war stories of how to manage work and children, talking post-partum depression, how to navigate those often difficult teen years and of course – beauty tips.
When the subject of Leslie’s daughter came up, I couldn’t help but laugh. The story of her tween daughter freaking out in the middle of a restaurant or wherever they happen to be – the screaming and crying and then the next minute she is so sweet, was all too familiar. Leslie admits to the challenges of parenting and talked about the depression she felt after having her first daughter. While she was never formally diagnosed with post-partum depression – her symptoms were spot on. She has since overcome the depression and moved forward.
Since the interview was a roundtable with 10 women, the conversation naturally turned to beauty. Leslie shared her love of exercise and a clay mask she cannot live without (the mask can be found at Whole Foods and is Aztec Clay). If there is a chance my skin could look like Leslie’s skin – I’ll be testing the mask out (asap).
Below are some great comments from Leslie from our roundtable chat. Take a look…
Rio_LeslieFamily.jpgQuestion: Do you find it hard as a working mom balancing your family & your career?
Leslie Mann: Yes, it is hard. It was really hard in the beginning when I first became pregnant it was just such a shocker. I was depressed for about five years, And I don’t know if I really had postpartum depression because back then no one would talk about it. I went to therapists tried to prescribe me medication, but it didn’t work.
I’s say it went on until I was three months pregnant with my second daughter, I was feeling pretty bad. And then, it just lifted. And I remember thinking, is this going happen again with my second one? But it didn’t and it hasn’t yet.
Question: Tell us one of your favorite things about being a mom?
Leslie Mann: My eight year old loves to cuddle with me. She’s always holding my hand. All day, she’ll catch up to me and hold my hand. She also just loves to lay on me in bed, she’s just really sweet and cuddly and I love that.
Question: Have you had to deal with any teen struggles yet? Arguing over makeup, clothing choices, etc?
Leslie Mann: My 13 year old is embarrassed of some of the clothes that I wear. She is super conservative…And she loves ’50s music, I don’t know where it came from, but I’m glad.
Question: Do you have a “Golden Rule” that you follow as far as parenting goes?
Leslie Mann: I listen to them, and I am kind most of the time.
Question: Besides acting, what are you really good at, and what are you really poor at?
Leslie Mann: I’m an okay cook. I’ve been cooking more lately. Some days are better than others. And I’d say I am athletic. I can do back flips on the trampoline and ski. But skiing is not my favorite activity. We actually went skiing this winter. It’s hard with the kids, all the equipment and the cold.
Question: What was your worst parenting moment?
Leslie Mann: Letting my 13 year old daughter watch four seasons of “South Park” while we were in Hawaii. That’s pretty bad. And we watched it together and the show is not the best content for her age.
Question: Do you get excited when you get to work on movies like Rio? Since you know you’ll be able to take your girls to see?
Leslie Mann: Oh yes, definitely, it is, because they can’t see the other films I’ve been in!
The last word…
Having seen many of the films that Leslie Mann has starred in (personal favorite is “17 Again” and my kids have seen it at least a dozen times…bad parent alert), I have to say, I can’t wait to take them to see Rio! I absolutely love Leslie Mann’s distinctive voice and paired with the incredibly talented Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, and Will.i.am, the film promises to be a fabulous movie-going experience for the entire family! The film soars into theaters nationwide this Friday, April 15 — Beth, RoleMommy


The Million Women’s Heart Project

iStock_000013886773Small.jpgI am named for my grandfather, Benjamin Goldman who passed away one year before I was born. Grandpa Benny was in his early 60’s when he suffered a heart attack while riding the subway. Though he made it to the hospital in time and doctors had thought he would survive, my mom says that my grandfather was fearful of hospitals and endured another massive heart attack in the middle of the night and died without any of his family members by his side.
Nearly 35 years after my grandfather died, my own dad had a heart attack and underwent emergency surgery to place two stents in his heart. Thankfully, he survived, but not before my mom and I spent several hours in a hospital waiting room where we came face to face with a woman named Lenore Goldman – who coincidentally shared my own mom’s maiden name. To say we were surprised was an understatement. We then learned that Lenore’s husband Bernie was nearby undergoing heart surgery as well. Ironic? I think not. At that very moment, my mom and I truly believe that my grandpa Benny had sent us a sign that this time, everything was going to be okay.
As an adult, I have also experienced the sudden loss of my friend’s young husbands to heart disease – both passed away of heart attacks, leaving behind their wives and young children. To think, that our friends could succumb to heart disease at the age of 39 was incomprehensible. From that moment on, I vowed to pay attention to my own heart health as well as my husband’s.
SANY0185.JPGThat’s why, when my dear friend Robin invited me to an event being spearheaded by her cousin, writer/producer Carole Isenberg and her longtime colleague and friend Pamela Serure –who suffered a heart attack and underwent triple bypass surgery at the age of 47–I instantly said I would attend.
Following Pamela’s recovery, the pair founded Events of the Heart, a non-profit organization that centers on raising awareness and funds to support Women’s Heart Health by incorporating artists, actors and musicians into their events. On April 6, the pair launched the Million Women’s Heart Project, a star-studded event that took place at fashion icon’s Donna Karan’s downtown studio Urban Zen and featured performances by musicians, award winning actresses and panel discussions with leading experts in cardiology, health and wellness and the media. The purpose of the event was to educate and empower women to take care of their own health and well being while not ignoring the warning signs of heart disease.
Here are just a few of the inspiring words that were shared that day (via my twitter stream):
Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 5.19.15 PM.png
Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 5.19.25 PM.png
Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 5.18.57 PM.png
SANY0183.JPGThe event, which featured incredible readings by Sarah Jones – who transformed into four different women in a matter of minutes; “Desperate Housewives” star Brenda Strong and Tovah Feldshuh, among others, shared the real life stories of women whose lives came to a grinding halt when they discovered they had heart disease. Feldshuh’s speech was incredibly moving as she shared her family’s personal experience of how her 95 year old mom’s life was saved when a female doctor at White Plains Hospital urged her family to send her to Columbia Presbyterian’s Teaching Hospital where she underwent an experimental heart procedure that saved her life.
While Events of the Heart shares stories of women who discovered they were having a heart attack and survived, many more succumb to the disease without even knowing they are in danger of losing their life. In fact, heart disease is the #1 killer of women – surpassing all cancers. As a result, Events of the Heart founders Carole Isenberg and Pamela Serure are making it their life’s mission to make sure that women are heart healthy.
This week, the pair launched the Million Women’s Heart Project which has teamed up with hospitals and US Wellness, which manages health education and screening events, to offer tests free to women, with costs paid by sponsors.
The project intends to collect data on the test results, along with women’s stories about their lives and health. In fact, I shared my own message below to my mom – check it out.
Following the event, we walked through the Urban Zen boutique where I made a bee-line for a bowl that was filled with hand carved river stone hearts and purchased two – one for my myself and one for my mom. The hearts were created to support the Million Hearts for Haiti campaign which supports local artisans whose businesses were wiped out during the earthquake in Haiti. During the event, Donna Karan announced that a portion of the sales from those hearts would also be donated to the Million Women’s Heart Project.
Million Hearts for Haiti.jpeg
For more information, visit EventsOftheHeart.org and MillionWomensHeartProject.com. Plus, if you text HEART to 48510 you can help a woman who can’t afford a test Courtesy of USWellness. Plus, you can share your own heart story or message on the Million Womens Heart Project website. Make a difference today in the lives of women and if you ever feel pain in your chest or have trouble catching your breath, don’t dismiss it – the key to a healthy life is having a healthy heart!

Penelope Cruz: Extraordinary Role Mommy

image005 (1).jpgIn anticipation of the release of her new film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” in theaters May 20, 2011, new mom Penelope Cruz received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, April 1. The gorgeous feature film star was joined by “On Stranger Tides” co-star Johnny Depp, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Rob Marshall.
An Academy Award® winner Penelope Cruz has proven herself to be one of the most versatile actresses by playing a variety of compelling characters, and most recently, becoming the first actress from Spain to be nominated and to win an Oscar®. Plus she recently gave birth in January and looks absolutely amazing!
Cruz is involved in the following charities: Worldwide (RED) campaign lead by Bono and Bobby Shiver, Artists for Peace and Justice in Haiti (APJ), UNICEF The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). She had the honor of working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity; volunteering in a leprosy clinic in India and she also worked with the Dalai Lama for the House of Tibet in Spain.

Cause Celeb: Charities Supported by A-List Stars

HaveUHeard takes a look at the bright side of Hollywood, sharing the important causes these top stars support
With celebrities usually making headlines for their craziness, shoplifting and their alcohol intake it’s nice to be able to focus on the positive side of celebrities and their ability to raise much needed money for some great causes. Below you will find a brief list of celebrities who are making a difference.
Sandra Bullock – Bullock has been known to step up in times of need – from donating money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, to funding PSA for the Gulf Relief efforts. Recently she has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for the victims of the Japanese Tsunami.
Brad Pitt – While helping with numerous charities and causes one of Pitt’s ongoing chartieis involves helping with the building of green, affordable housing on a large scale to help those families most in need after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Pitt is responsible for the financing and constructing of 150 new houses in New Orleans’, rebuilding lives and communities with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability.
Elizabeth Taylor – HIV Activist/Humanitarian has raised more than $100 million over the past 30 years and her legacy continues after her recent death.
Oprah Winfrey – Has donated millions of dollars to various charities and organizations, with most of her money going to three foundations: The Angel Network, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, and The Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation. Oprah also has a will that will donate one billion dollars to various charities.
Bill Gates – While Bill Gates donates to numerous charities, he and his wife, Melinda started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation supports health and education around the world. As of 2009 the foundation is said to have donated more than $33 billion to the various causes.
For more celebrities and their great causes you can go to www.looktothestars.org. For more celebrity and gossip news, visit HaveUHeard and check out their new site, All Kids Are Celebs.

Healthy Eats with Melissa Joan Hart & Megyn Price

MJH_1.jpgThis week, we got the chance to speak with two actresses committed to giving their kids a healthy start. “Melissa and Zoe” star Melissa Joan Hart spoke with us about the new Kellog’s ShareYourBreakfast.com campaign which is helping to donate meals to children in need. All you need to do is take a picture of what you ate this morning (does not have to be a Kellogg’s breakfast – although I had the cereal with fruit and yogurt this am), then upload it to the ShareYourBreakfast.com or text the # 21534 and the word “share” and Kelloggs will donate a breakfast to a child in need from now until July 31.
Melissa shared that 1 in 4 children in our country go hungry because their family can’t afford to give them a proper meal before they start their day. And as anyone knows, the key to good health starts at breakfast! While chatting with Melissa, she shared some of her kids’ favorite breakfast items – although there seemed to be a difference of opinion going on in the backseat (her kids were chiming in).
M Price image (9).jpegMeanwhile, we also got the chance to chat with Megyn Price, who stars as Audrey in “Rules of Engagement” – one of my husband’s favorite shows on TV! Megyn shared some secrets from her home life – it turns out that Megyn is a total foodie who loves to cook organic meals for her family. In fact, she says she’s like Mary Ingalls at home and her friends are always amazed by the dishes she creates for her family.
Listen in and enjoy and then check out one of Megyn’s recipes below. Plus, we’ll be sharing more recipes from Megyn in the May issue of Project You!
(We found a pig-shaped pancake pan on a clearance rack — look for a fun shape your kids like. Make a batch of these and keep them in the freezer, separated with wax or parchment paper, in a ziploc freezer bag. Reheat in the oven, toasted or microwave for pancakes even on school days.)
1 c. white whole wheat flour
1 c. all purpose flour
1 T. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1 T. sugar
2 eggs or equivalent egg substitute
1 1/2 c. milk or almond milk
1/4 t. vanilla
Mix together dry ingredients. Mix egg or egg substitute, milk and vanilla in a separate bowl. Combine wet and dry ingredients just until mixed (may still be lumpy). Cook in a fun-shaped pan for fantastic pancakes. Top with maple syrup, homemade peanut butter (recipe below) or jam.
** — Use egg substitute and almond milk to make this recipe 100% vegan.
Megyn is currently developing a cookbook featuring all her recipes and we look forward to checking it out when it’s released. In the meantime, you can catch her on Rules of Engagement on CBS on Thursdays at 8:30 pm. ET/PT.

Patrick Dempsey Pays Avon a Housecall

patrick dempsey on stage.jpgPatrick Dempsey and Avon Chairman and CEO Andrea Jung had the honor of presenting the latest Avon Foundation grant at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, Ca., for $60,000 to the Canoga Park, Ca. based charity organization Haven Hills. This well deserved grant will help support Haven Hills services in aiding domestic violence victims and their families in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Ca. Haven Hills is one of the oldest domestic violence shelters in the country and this new grant brings the total Avon Foundation grants awarded to the Haven Hills to almost $100,000 since 2004. In the state of California from 2000 through 2010, Avon philanthropy has provided nearly $58 million to breast cancer and domestic violence agencies.
The grant, which Patrick Dempsey presented to Haven Hills is part of Avon’s new $1 million commitment to end violence against women in honor of its year-long 125th anniversary celebration. Last month in Atlanta, Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon and Jung announced the Global Believe Fund to celebrate the company’s heritage and belief in its mission to empower women.
Patrick Dempsey and Andrea Jung.jpgThe Avon Global Believe Fund is creating a global effort to support women’s domestic violence shelters in sixteen cities around the world. Additional Avon Foundation for the Avon Global Believe Fund events will take place later this spring on April 6 in New York and on April 29 in Chicago.

Blythe Danner Chats with Role Mommy

Guest contributor Shari Von Holten at HaveUHeard shares an interview with the veteran actress and star of “Little Fockers”
I had the opportunity to see the movie “Little Fockers” and interview some of the cast from the movie including Blythe Danner. Blythe Danner has appeared in “Meet the Parents,” “Meet the Fockers” and the third in the series “Little Fockers.” When asked how great it was working with the cast again, Blythe revealed, “It’s like coming back to a security blanket. It’s wonderful because we’ve had three now. And coming back in, you don’t have to second guess or even guess to begin with how people work because you know……….to hear that they were doing a third, I was thrilled.”
Blythe gave an inside peek at one of my favorite actors of all time, Robert DeNiro, by telling us that “Bob (Robert De Niro) is so funny. When he laughs he shakes. So, we had a lot of fun with that one. He kept laughing and having a very good time.”
Blythe spoke about her career, her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, parenting and what it is like being a grandmother.
Here are some of the highlights from the interview:
Question: Is it challenging to go from sequel to sequel and have to change your character?
Blythe: We’ve had the same writers ever since the beginning and they know what we sound like. They have us in their ear and they know how to progress with our characters.
And I think it’s wonderful. It was kind of fun for me that Barbara (Streisand) brought and sowed the seed of trying to play act. You loosen up a bit, because she’s very proper.
Question: What is one of the most memorable things that you’ve done?
Blythe Danner: Oh, I love the stage. I love the things I’ve done on the stage with my daughter. We’ve done Chekhov. We were just talking a little bit ago about Chekhov. We did “The Seagull” with Chris Walken.
We used to go up to Williamstown every summer when they were growing up because it was a wonderful way to get out of Los Angeles. My husband (Bruce Paltrow) was doing a series then, “The White Shadow” and then “St. Elsewhere”, before your time.
They rerun some of them on some of the cable stations. But, I’d always loved to get back to the theater back here. I love all the classics and the films I guess like one you haven’t seen probably, “The Great Santini” with Robert Duvall. And I love the “Will and Graces,” I love the comedy. It was great fun.
Question: The grandparents in this movie are very over involved and kind of right in there. Do you struggle with that, being a grandma?
Blythe Danner: No, I think you have to really choose. You have to be careful what you say. And I do that because I want to be around as much as I can be.
So, if my opinion is offered I give it, but other than that, I don’t, because I’ve tried. I watch my daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is just such an extraordinary mother who has much more patience than I ever did.
She’s just so good with her kids. They’ll be on airplanes from London to here. They get off the plane and they always compliment her because she speaks to them, I’ve never heard her dismiss them. If one of them has a problem or somebody’s losing it she’ll go into a corner and then really talk to them there. And they’re very, very rational.
She’s been great with them. I’m so proud of her and them because I wasn’t that good. And my son’s pretty great, too. He just got married, so I’m hoping there’ll be more grandkids coming along.
We did a lot of silly stuff, my grandson actually said to me the last time, he said, “But Lalo, you’re very silly.”
Question: What do they call you?
Blythe Danner: Lalo. Apps (Apple) came up with that. She just said one day, “Who am I?” because I had all these for ideas names. I didn’t really want to be Nana or Grandma. We’d had funny nicknames in our family, and so I was dropping some of these names, and she kept going um-umm. And then, I said, “Well, who am I?” And she thought a minute and she said, “Lalo.” And she laughed and laughed and laughed. I guess she thought it was funny. About an hour later, I said, “Who am I?” She said, “Lalo.” So, that stuck.
Question: We see so many actresses today that are train wrecks. Do you attribute your parenting? Your kids are okay and they’re in the business. What did you do different?
Blythe Danner: Well, I don’t know that we did anything different. A lot of those kids started very early. We were real strict about them not starting until they were older. My son is a writer/director, but with Gwyneth who had wanted to act, people would come out and say, “Couldn’t she do this?” I would say, “Absolutely not” because I’d worked with so many children actors. So, I think lives were ruined.
These two kids (Daisy Tahan and Colon Baiocchi) are terrific and I think they’re very grounded. Little Colin is hilarious.
Blythe continued talking speaking child actors:
“I don’t like the idea of the rejection. There was one little boy that I was on something with and he was fired. And he was just devastated. I thought I wouldn’t put my kids through that. You don’t know what’s going to happen when you sign up to do something. Their egos are too fragile. And Bruce and I were very happily married and I wanted to get away from Los Angeles, because I think it is a sort of a hotbed of unreality out there. My husband was very generous in letting me come back to New York a lot. We moved back here for junior high and high school. Even though New York can be just as nutty as L.A., it’s just different.”
Blogger: It’s more real?
Blythe Danner: Yes, and my kids tutored other little kids uptown and I always thought that was really important, because I think it’s important that community service breaks the isolation of adolescence. I know there was a time when people were saying, no, no, no, they shouldn’t be made to do community service. But, now it seems as if the kids really want to.
I was just in New Orleans making a film and I did some teaching over at NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. My husband went to Tulane where we both had taught a little bit, just a class here and there, and they have 45,000 people now applying, whereas they had like 18,000 a few years ago.
Since Katrina, kids really want to do more community service. I think it’s really a good thing to do.
So, I think all of that’s important. Filling the house with music is also wonderful, whether there’s talent or not, just to have the liberation of freedom and being able to encourage them too to play, to join.
My son didn’t want to join this one choral group and I kind of insisted, and he was happy. They can get stuff out.
Question: What sort of things do you like to do with your grandkids when they visit you here in New York?
Blythe Danner: I still have pinecones and buttons from them. When they would come to visit me at the apartment, I didn’t have toys. So, I’d have a hammer and nails and stuff. They love it.
Question: The parents probably don’t let them use hammer and nails??
Blythe Danner: I’m just guiding them. I ran out of things with Apple to do one day and I had some old nails and wood and I actually was banging on them. But, a lot of imaginative play, oh, my gosh, they can go on forever with one idea just for hours and hours and hours, such as playing school or playing hide and seek and all of that stuff. I love all that. Keep them away from the video stuff as long as you can. I don’t know how you keep them away from it.
More interviews to come! For now, check out the Little Fockers You Tube channel or visit the Little Fockers website to find out where you can see the film this holiday season!

Sigourney Weaver: Extraordinary Role Mommy

Picture 78.pngI recently got the chance to interview one of my favorite leading ladies of all time – Sigourney Weaver! As one of the most versatile actresses on the planet, Weaver has appeared in everything from sci fi blockbusters to dramas and comedies (“Working Girl” is by far, one of my fave movies of all time). Last year, she took on a challenging role when she starred in the Lifetime original movie Prayers for Bobby. The film is based on the book, Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son, by Leroy F. Aarons, which shares the true story of the life and legacy of Bobby Griffith, a young gay man who killed himself due to his mother’s and community’s religious intolerance. The film stars Ryan Kelley as Bobby Griffith and Sigourney Weaver as his mother, Mary.
“Prayers for Bobby” was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards (Outstanding Made for Television Movie; Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie – Sigourney Weaver). Sigourney Weaver was also nominated for the 2010 Golden Globe Award, as well as the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Award.
The film was recently released on DVD and Weaver hopes it will be shared at libraries and schools across the country. She says the movie shows how a parent’s judgement can be detrimental to their child’s personal growth and self esteem. “Mary was frightened and put off by Bobby’s homosexuality – she lost her courage. Children need the courage to trust them. I’m hoping it will help send that message. Her story absolutely hits home.”
Weaver revealed that she battled self esteem issues as an adolescent and that’s part of the reason why she has tackled such powerful roles in her career. She says, “One of the reasons I’ve played so many strong roles is because I was 6 feet tall when I was 11. I was really dorky and terribly self conscious – it was a miracle that I became an actress. My parents ultimately gave me the encouragement I needed to set me free.”
While she’s won numerous awards and has incredible range as an actress, Weaver confided, “I was rejected by the Yale Drama school – they said I wasn’t talented.” Despite this early setback she says, “Something about these terrible experiences can actually be quite productive and set you in motion.” She also says that in light of her personal childhood experiences, she relates to individuals who feel like outsiders. “I have often felt like that and it’s not a good feeling. I think we’re now in the era of not fitting in.”
While her career has spanned more than three decades, Weaver has managed to juggle motherhood too. “I think my daughter is a sweetheart,” says Weaver who adds that her daughter doesn’t like her talking about her in interviews. “She’s a lovely, outgoing, wonderful person and I find that I’ve learned many lessons from her. You’ve got to be there when she needs you and you better not be there when you’re not needed. You can’t be a helicopter parent. You need to trust your child to make good choices about difficult topics.”
If you’re as a big a fan of Sigourney Weaver as I am, you’ll be thrilled to know that she’s featured in seven movies next year! She says, “As an actor, I’m trained for the theater, I can play small parts and big parts so I get sent everything. These days, men and women are interchangeable. I’ve starred in five science fiction films – all big ones. I’ve got seven movies coming out this year – horror, sci fi, action, dramas. I’m really having a blast.”
And that dear readers is why Sigourney Weaver is truly an extraordinary Role Mommy!
Time for a giveaway…
We’ve got five DVD’s of Prayers for Bobby that we are giving away. Comment now with your email address and you could be a winner! All winners will be randomly selected.

Meet the Moms of “The Talk” on CBS

Thumbnail image for hostsofthetalk.jpg
When I first started my career in publicity nearly two decades ago, I launched talk shows. From Maury Povich to Ricki Lake and many more in between, I had the great pleasure of being on the ground floor of shows that kicked off with energy, excitement and built a fan base that lasted for quite a long time.
I still keep in touch with many of the producers of those shows – some moved on to incredible gigs like Oprah while others continually climbed the ladder of success and whenever I saw their names associated with a new daytime talker, I knew they were destined for the stars.
Which leads me to a new talk show that I’m helping to spread the word about on behalf of CBS. The show is called “The Talk” and it’s hosted by Julie Chen, Leah Remini, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson Peete and Marissa Jaret Winokur. And the production team behind the show is led by top “Entertainment Tonight” producer Brad Bessey and John Redmann – whom I first met while we were both working on the “Ricki Lake” show, who then went on to work at shows like “Rosie O’Donnell” and “Tyra Banks” to name a few.
As the producers gear up for the launch of the show, the hosts visited New York City for a whirlwind publicity tour this past week that included a roundtable chat and luncheon with parenting bloggers with children ranging in age from babies to post-college graduates. While the mom bloggers caught up and connected with one another, Julie, Holly, Leah, Sharon, Sara and Marissa breezed into the room and we could instantly sense we were in for an exciting ride.
“The Talk” is a brand new CBS daytime show that premieres October 18 at 2pm that will feature six amazing working mothers who will challenge each other on issues at home and in the headlines. Plus, they will be reaching out to parents across the country to find out what’s on our minds and sharing them in real time on the show!
juliechen.jpgJulie Chen, is currently one of the morning hosts of “The Early Show” and spends her summers hosting “Big Brother.” While she’s interviewed political leaders, A-List stars and one of my personal faves, Barbra Streisand, her latest challenging role is that of new mother (she recently gave birth this past year). She says when she first heard about “The Talk” from her husband (CBS head honcho Leslie Moonves), she instantly wanted to be a part of it and even suggested names of women she’d hoped would join the show. Incidentally, Leah Remini and Sharon Osbourne were at the top of her list!
leahsarah.jpgLeah Remini tells it like it is and takes no prisoners. She is laugh out loud funny but also is not embarrassed to admit that she felt isolated and alone when she tried to participate in new mom groups. The great thing about Leah is that she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind and she will definitely be infusing her incredible humor and fiery spirit into every show.
Sara Gilbert is wicked smart! In fact, when you meet Sara you can tell she’s an old soul who is wise beyond her years with a great sense of humor to boot. The idea behind “The Talk” was Sara’s brainchild. As a new mom, Sara says she found so much support from mom groups that she wanted to take this concept to television – creating a talk show and social media experience where real moms can connect, share and support each other.
sharontalk.jpgSharon Osbourne is my Role Mommy. A working mom who achieved success prior to having kids, Osbourne admits that she was terrified to become a mom and she learned to be a good mother by making plenty of mistakes along the way. Despite her fame and incredible successes, Sharon Osbourne is an inspiration. She is real. She is funny. She is fiercely protective of her children. During our discussion, Sharon shared intimate stories about her kids’ bouts with bullying and talked about how she handled these situations head on. Trust me when I tell you that you will love Sharon Osbourne.
Holly Robinson Peete is an inspiration. A mom of four, Holly is passionate about issues relating to children with special needs and shares how her own son, who is autistic, has managed to make incredible strides due to the support of his siblings. Holly is also incredibly real and approachable and absolutely beautiful!
Marissa Jaret Winokur is the girlfriend you totally want to hang out with when you need someone to lift your spirits. She is beyond excited to be a part of “The Talk” and literally speaks a mile a minute. She’s going to get to go out in the field to meet with real moms and find out what’s really on our minds. Plus, the former star of “Hairspray” is also going to get to sing…can’t wait for that one. As the mom of a two year old, Marissa says she’s thrilled to get the chance to spend time with her son and talk about him on the show. And she says, she’s not going to be one of those celebrities who attempts to lose weight just for the cameras. Instead, she says she’s determined to put on as much weight as she can before the launch of the show! For that comment alone, I adore her.
Screen shot 2010-10-09 at 12.10.04 PM.png
The best thing about “The Talk” is that the hosts and the producers truly want to know what’s on the minds of parents. They will be featuring real moms and dads from across the country on their show and will be utilizing technology to get answers to all our burning questions in real time. If you want to find out more about the show and how you can be a part of the fun, visit the “The Talk” home page now. And if you live in the Los Angeles area or plan to visit, head over to “The Talk” website to order tickets!

Meet Dulcy Rogers & Dawn Barnes: Extraordinary Role Mommies

Our latest Blog Talk Radio show featured a double dose of inspiration when we got the chance to speak with actress and playwright Dulcy Rogers and female karate expert and entrepreneur Dawn Barnes.
rogers__dulcy.jpgActress/playwright Dulcy Rogers has performed in New York and regional theatre, as well as in several new plays off Broadway. After moving to Los Angeles she guest starred on many sitcoms including “Frasier”, “Wings”, “The Savages”, “Pursuit of Happiness,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “The Caroline Rhea Show” (in which she performed and wrote) as well as acted in such movies as “Father of the Bride II”, “Rude Awakening”, “Certain Guys” and “Almost Home” — a short film she wrote herself, which was seen around the country on the film festival circuit. She wrote and performed her one woman show Ruth Draper and Her Cast of Characters, as well as developed two shows for television–one at the WB for herself and later another for her husband Diedrich Bader at CBS. Her latest play, “I Am A Tree” is currently playing at the Lillian Theater in Santa Monica. Dulcy shares amazing stories about her childhood and how she has managed to pursue her passion for writing and acting throughout her life.
DB-headshot2.jpgDawn Barnes (www.dawnbarnes.com) is the owner of Dawn Barnes Karate Kids, a karate school that teaches children the physical skills of karate while focusing and instilling self-esteem in each child. A former Hollywood Stuntwoman Dawn has 7 schools in California with over 2000 students, making her school the largest Karate school for kids in the country. Her schools gross over 5 million dollars a year (she opened her first school with her credit card)!!! Michael Jackson’s children are always photographed leaving her school, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children studied with Dawn and many other Hollywood heavyweights. Dawn has created an anti-bullying technique she teaches all of her students. Being a mom herself, she believes children who suffer from low self-esteem are targeted by bullies. Listen in and be inspired!

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