Urban Oasis.jpg I am definitely guilty of this, are you? A new survey of women who want to lose weight finds that, on average, women have 14 items of clothing in their closets that don’t fit. The reason? Sixty-eight percent of women said they keep ill-fitting clothes with the hope they will fit one day. The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research for Slimfast®,the weight-loss brand that has helped millions get what they really want for more than three decades.
“Many women can relate to the feeling of having a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear,” said Jenn Falik, style expert. “The Slimfast survey shows it’s in large part due to the prevalence of ‘Locked Closet Syndrome,’ the practice of ‘locking away’ clothes that once fit, are in ‘goal sizes,’ or you just don’t feel confident wearing.”
Other highlights from the Slimfast “Unlock Your Closet” survey include the following:
· 93 percent of women have multiple sizes of clothing in their closet – 3 sizes, on average
· Women keep ill-fitting items for an average of 14 months; with 15 percent saying they have kept pieces that don’t fit for more than two years
· 79 percent of women frequently dread getting dressed because of ill-fitting clothes in their closet
· 68 percent of women who want to lose weight characterized their wardrobe as “sensible” versus “sassy” (11 percent) or “smokin” (5 percent)
· If it meant they were able to fit into everything in their closet, 57 percent said they’d be willing to wash all the dishes by hand for a month and more than 1 in 10 say they’d take a pay cut
· 83 percent of women admitted to lying about their pants size more often than their age
Now you can take the Pledge to Unlock Your Closet with the Slimfast 14 Days to Slim Program
With 14 days to go until Memorial Day weekend, it is time for women to take control of their closet and get their minds (and bodies) ready for summer fashion season.
Women nationwide are invited to take the Pledge to Unlock Your Closet at and be entered to win $5,000 for a summer wardrobe. The sweepstakes is open from this Monday, May 12 through May 27, 2014. Women are invited to take on the Slimfast 14 Days to Slim program, a convenient and delicious way to lose up to lose 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks.
· Swap two meals daily with a Slimfast Protein shake or meal bar.
· Your third meal must be 500 calories.
· Enjoy three 100-calorie snacks or pieces of fruit per day.
· Don’t exceed 1200 calories per day.
· Do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily and drink plenty of water.
*If you live in the tri-state area, you can take advantage of an amazing free event this Monday, May 12th!!

WHO: With the start of the summer season just 2 weeks away, Slimfast and style and beauty expert Jenn Falik invite New Yorkers to get summer-ready and take the Pledge to Unlock Your Closet -just in time for the season’s crop tops and fringe swimsuits! New Yorkers will be surprised and delighted via an “urban oasis” pop-up near Union Square where they can relax in chaise lounge chairs, feel pampered and get ready for summer. Falik will be on hand for media interviews to discuss the season’s hottest fashion trends, as well as the results of a new survey that reveals the most daunting articles of summer clothing, plus the prevalence of ‘Locked Closet Syndrome,’ the practice of ‘locking away’ clothes that once fit, are in ‘goal sizes,’ or that you just can’t wear confidently.
WHAT: A pop-up summer oasis on the street featuring eye-catching cabana boys serving up the first taste of the indulgent Slimfast Limited Edition Piña Colada Protein Meal Shake to the public.
· Enjoy an on-site complimentary express manicure service while getting your summer groove on.
· Additionally, New Yorkers will also have the opportunity to Take the Slimfast 14-day Pledge to Unlock Your Closet” to enter for a chance to win $5,000 for a smokin’ new summer wardrobe, and bid farewell to their wardrobe hang-ups.
WHERE: South Side of 14th Street between 5th Avenue and University Place
WHEN: Monday, May 12 from 11am-2pm

jenn falik.jpg Falik – who has been on the Today Show and The View – will be on hand to discuss summer fashion, the results of a recent closet survey Slimfast conducted or common wardrobe hang-ups – like the “Locked Closet Syndrome”… saving clothes until incremental weight loss “unlocks” them and you can wear said clothes again.

KidzVuz Holiday House Party

Written by Role Mommy’s Danielle Feigenbaum

Thumbnail image for 11072624384_3ffd617a89.jpg Last week my tween, Role Mommy’s Beth Feldman and I attended the KidzVuz Holiday Party. We had an absolute blast. Co-founders Rebecca Levey and Nancy Friedman sure know how to throw a party! My almost ten year old and I had so much fun checking out all the amazing sponsors. Here’s a pic of us when we arrived getting excited to explore the party. If you are wondering what KidzVuz is, it’s a totally safe video review sharing site for kids age 7-12. It’s the only online destination exclusively dedicated to letting tweens have their say and share their views about the stuff they love. My girl (aka piano girl – her KidzVuz name) loves to go on the site and check out what her peers think about the latest tech, toys & games, books, movies and more. Ok, here are some fab gift ideas for the special kid in your life…
It was definitely puppy love at first site for my daughter and Zoomer. Spin Master Toys was on hand featuring Zoomer the dog (@zoomerpup), one of the hottest toys of the year. She would not stop talking about it and since we have no plans of getting a real dog, this may be the next best thing!
11077616466_b7d91d8874.jpgJosh Strauss, of Josh Strauss Studios
Hasbro (@HasbroNews) was also there showcasing classics with a new twist…Twister Rave, Nerf Rebelle, and the awesome Furby Boom. Below is my very own Katniss Everdeen testing out the Nerf Rebelle. She really loved Furby and could not believe it when she got her very own to bring home! Thanks to Hasbro, Furby is the newest member of our family.
Thumbnail image for photo 3.JPG
Thumbnail image for photo 1 (1).JPG
Thumbnail image for 11077741863_39cc8ecb51.jpg
Downtown Bookworks (@DowntownBkworks) is a fantastic children’s book publishing company. They offer so many wonderful books for kids of all ages, you have to check them out. Julie Merberg, President of Downtown Bookworks was there decorating Super Hero cookies from the incredible Super Hero Cookbook. Here is Julie with my daughter creating a Superman cookie masterpiece. Photo Credit: Josh Strauss, of Josh Strauss Studios
iScream (@NYIscream) is one of my daughter’s favorite brands! Her mouth dropped open when she saw them at the party with all their comfy pillows on display and candy bar with jelly beans, gummy bears and sand candy! She has an iScream lunch box, cupcake pillow she used for camp, Candylicious sweatshirt, folders for school and the list goes on and on. If you need a girl gift for ages 4-14, look no further than iScream! They have some cool boy gifts too, especially for camp.
Thumbnail image for photo 4.JPG
photo 2 (1).JPG Some other great sponsors that were there… The Broadway League -(@TheBwayLeague) bringing Kids Night on Broadway to theaters around the country. I know I am going to take my kids to Kids Night on Broadway, they absolutely love going to see Broadway shows.
What would a party be without food? @FairwayMarket, @StonefireNaan, @GoGreenMustache @ChloesFruit, @Zico were some of the yummy, healthy foods and drinks we sampled. And last but not least you need great music and the adorable kid DJ, Kai, from @FuziPop was spinning all the hottest tunes. My daughter kept saying “I love this song” the entire time. If you need music for an event, check out Fuzipop.
Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas of what to buy this holiday season. If you know a tween, tell them about so they can be in-the-know of all the hottest things out there and even record their own videos of what they love!

My Smashing Time at Smashburger!

My family and I have been huge fans of Smashburger since they first opened their doors in Westchester a little over a year ago, so I was more than excited when I got invited to a private SmashBurger tasting at their newest location in White Plains! smashburger-logo.jpg
Smashburger is the nation’s fastest growing better burger concept. The secret to their success is the “smash,” starting with 100% fresh, never frozen Angus Beef that is literally smashed on a 400 degree flat grill to sear in the the juicy flavor. To further the “better burger” experience, the delicious hamburgers are served on toasted artisan buns and topped with a selection of the freshest produce, real cheeses, and highest-quality condiments.
smashburger.jpgWe got to try 7 burgers from their tasting menu, including the Classic Smash, the Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger, the Spicy Veggie Black Bean, and the Avocado Chicken Club. They also had a delicious regional burger, an exclusive recipe that represents the unique flavors of New York. The New Yorker burger had cheddar cheese, garlic grilled onions, spinach, tomato, and peppercorn garlic aioli all on a brioche bun and it was absolutely delicious!!! The Smashburger representative also told us about the regional Brooklyn burger with grilled pastrami, aged Swiss, pickles, onion and yellow mustard on a pretzel bun. As a native Brooklynite, I begged them to have this available in Westchester! But if not, I guess I’m going to have to make a road trip out to Brooklyn soon to try it…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!
The burgers weren’t the only delicious thing on the menu. The SmashFries, which are tossed with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic were heavenly. I seriously could not stop eating them. Their salads also looked amazing and came in a massive bowl that could probably feed three people, although to be honest, I was too full from the burgers and the SmashFries to try them. But I did manage to save room for their milkshakes. The Oreo milkshake was very good, but the Peanut Butter and Jelly, a strawberry milkshake with nutterbutters, was AMAZING and easily the highlight of the tasting!!milkshakes.jpeg
Although the quality of their burgers are unparalleled, SmashBurger’s customer service really stands out in my book. The majority of the time when I go to a fast food restaurant, the staff look like they’d rather be doing anything else in the world but taking my order, but SmashBurger’s staff is friendly, polite, and fast on their feet. There was almost a 1:1 ratio of staff to customers which definitely contributed to my positive experience at the tasting, but the customer service has been exceptional every time I’ve gone to a Smashburger even when it wasn’t for an exclusive event. I can’t say that about any other fast food restaurant!
If you haven’t gone already, I would definitely recommend taking the family out for a meal at Smashburger as soon as possible! Check out their website for more information about their menu and to find a location near you.

Live Event: Welcome to the Windy City Soiree

Water Tower Place Exterior - Photo Credit Water Tower
#ChicagonistaLIVE is excited to be hosting a Welcome to the Windy City Soiree (#WCSoiree) at @WaterTowerPlace on Tuesday July 23rd at 4pm CST.
The country’s most influential bloggers coming from coast to coast will be strutting down the runway wearing iconic Chicago landmark-inspired-wear from Water Tower Place’s stores like Macy’s, Eileen Fisher, Free People, Akira, Vera Bradley, Sephora, and more! Nancy Loo of WGN News will be emceeing the fashion show and attendees will also get to enjoy Broadway in Chicago performance from The Australian Bee Gees.
#ChicagonistaLIVE will be live streaming the stage and events. Here are different ways to watch the show:

1. Chicagonista Facebook page – Click WATCH tab


3. Ustream App [iPhone] [Android] ChanneL: Chicagonista_Live

wcsoiree card

Win Tickets: The Art of The Brick Exhibit at New York City’s Discovery Time Square

The largest display of LEGO® art ever assembled is at Discovery Times Square right now with brand-new, never-before-seen masterpieces

IMG_5748.jpg I was fortunate enough to join a group of bloggers for a tour of the incredible exhibit, Art of The Brick at Discovery Times Square in New York City. The creator of the exhibit, Nathan Sawaya, gave us a private tour of his masterpieces. When Nathan was a little boy he loved playing with LEGOS and making new creations from his imagination. Nathan continues to take LEGO® where it has never gone before by doubling the size of the show CNN claims is one of the “must see exhibitions” in the world, THE ART OF THE BRICK® The critically acclaimed collection of creative and inspiring art constructed using only LEGO® toy bricks by renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya is in New York after enjoying record-breaking runs to sold-out crowds in Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. “I want to have the broadest impact possible to inspire people to change the way they view the world and the way they think about art,” said Sawaya. “What better way to do that than in the heart of New York City, at the crossroads of the world – Times Square.” Venus de Milo, Augustus, The David.jpg
The Discovery Times Square collection is the world’s biggest and most elaborate display of LEGO® art ever. Sawaya will be creating brand-new, never-before-seen works exclusively for this New York City premiere with more than 100 works of art made out of millions and millions of little LEGO® bricks. “This will be my largest showing of artwork to date and I’ve got some very exciting surprises in store for New York, of course, being it’s my hometown,” said Sawaya.
Here are a few of my favorites. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down, everything was amazing…
Dinosaur Skeleton.jpg
THE ART OF THE BRICK® is the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO® bricks as the sole art medium. Sawaya transforms them into tremendous and thought-provoking sculptures, elevating the toy to the realm of art. “These works are very personal to me, since they reflect my growth as an artist as I strove to discover my creative identity,” said Sawaya. “THE ART OF THE BRICK exhibition is accessible because it engages the child in all of us while simultaneously illuminating sophisticated and complex concepts. Everyone can relate to the medium since it is a toy that many children have at home. But my goal with this exhibition when it first debuted in 2007 was to elevate this simple plaything to a place it has never been before.” I think children ages 6 and up will LOVE this exhibit, not to mention adults of all ages!
Monumental.jpg THE ART OF THE BRICK® at Discovery Times Square runs until January 5, 2014.
Discovery Times Square is open seven days a week. Tickets are available for $17.50 (child 4-12), $22.50 (adult) and $19.50 (senior = 65). Special savings for groups of 10 or more are available with advanced reservation. Visit art-of-the-brick, call 866.9.TSXNYC (866-987-9692) or visit the Discovery Times Square box office. DTS is located at 226 West 44th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenues).
*For our Role Mommy readers, we are offering a family 4 pack so you can enjoy this fantastic exhibit! The tickets can be used at any time during the exhibit until January 5, 2014. To enter, just go to the RaffleCopter link below. We will be in touch in a week if you are selected as the winner!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nathan Sawaya is an acclaimed New York-based artist who creates awe-inspiring artwork out of a toy. His art focuses on large-scale sculptures using only LEGO® bricks. Sawaya was the first artist to ever take LEGO® into the art world and his touring exhibition – THE ART OF THE BRICK® – has entertained and inspired millions of art lovers and enthusiasts from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, China and around the world. Originally from Oregon, Sawaya’s childhood dreams were always fun and creative. He drew cartoons, wrote stories, perfected magic tricks and of course also played with LEGO®. His days were filled with imagination. When it came time for college, Sawaya moved to New York City, attended NYU and became a lawyer. But after years of million dollar mergers and corporate acquisitions on Park Avenue, Sawaya realized he would rather be sitting on the floor creating art, than sitting in a board room negotiating contracts. He walked away from the law and took an artistic risk on LEGO®. Now Sawaya is an author, speaker and one of the most popular, award-winning contemporary artists of our time. For more information about Nathan Sawaya and his artwork, visit


Project You recently got the opportunity to host a fabulous cocktail party with the help of WPIX anchor, best selling author and lifestyle expert, Tamsen Fadal. And it wasn’t just any old cocktail party. Oh no. When we throw a party, we do it in style. And so, on a crisp January night a group of our favorite parenting bloggers, a nationally renowned organization expert, a real estate maven, one finance guru, a branding expert, television producer and more joined us for a night of wine, cheese, conversation, luxury apartment tours, and incredible advice from Manhattan House interior designer Heather Zick. Take a look…
“Manhattan House’s model residence staging inventory consists of merchandise that has been accumulated over the years from previous designers and include a spectrum of different styles,” says Heather Zick who says she uses “creativity and imagination to find a way to turn chaos into clarity, while making sure each model residence has a fresh, new and inviting look each time.”
“I try to use the three R’s whenever I can Reuse/Resize/Rework,” says Zick. “If it’s absolutely necessary that I purchase something new, I will, but I truly enjoy the challenge and creativity it takes to find a way to make the old make sense and furthermore, find a way to make it actually feel like new.”
If you would love to re-create some of these amazing looks in your own home, then follow Heather’s amazing design tips.
Choose furniture styles and layout wisely:
Beds without footboards and chairs without arms are great for smaller spaces
* Modular furniture that can easily be separated and moved around
* Stools and ottomans that can double as tables or additional seating
* If you have limited wall space, try placing furniture at the end of your bed, behind your sofa or float it in the middle of the room
* Turn convector covers into additional seating by adding cushions and throw pillows
* See if you can eliminate your dresser from your bedroom by moving it into your closet or by having your closet outfitted with drawers
* Flex-spaces that can serve more than one purpose (Media Room/Play Room or Guest Bedroom/Office)
* If you find something you like, but don’t love the color of it, buy it anyway – strip and stain it a color you do like.
* Buy commercial-grade wallpaper that looks like a grass-cloth or some other natural material but is actually vinyl, which is less expensive and more durable.
* Paint moulding and trim the same color as the walls to make the room feel larger and more uniform.
* For furniture and frame touch-ups use Sharpie markers and White-out or find a paint color that matches and buy a sample pot.
Art, Accessories and Area Rugs:
* Take your own photographs and have them printed on photo paper or canvas
* If you see an expensive piece of art you like, commission a friend or local art student to create an interpretation of it
* Shop in the flower district for candle holders, trays, vases and silk flowers – create your own floral arrangements
* Shag and sisal rugs are generally inexpensive, versatile and durable – if you like wool and silk rugs, opt for wool and viscose instead which has a similar look and feel but is much less expensive
* Buy plain white paper lampshades which are the least expensive kind and sponge-paint them for a cool, textural finish and better ambience
* Buy antique bulbs for light fixtures where the bulbs are visible for a more interesting look – purchasing them online in bulk will be less expensive
* Shop for fabric in large fabric houses like Mood and B&J – they have some really unique materials, especially in the faux fur and men’s suiting departments
* Buy throw pillows with removable covers so they can easily be changed – or use an old bedspread or faux fur coat to fabricate your own covers
* Use a furniture surgeon to adjust a piece to fit in your space rather than buy a new one
* Have area rugs made from wall-to-wall carpet remnants
MH_058.JPG“Many people have a hard time visualizing in a blank space. They are unable to connect with the space and imagine it as their home without seeing elements in it that remind them of a home, like furniture and artwork. My job is to help them get to the place of being able to imagine it as their home. Since each individuals’ idea of a home is different, I make my goal to simply come up with the optimal look for each space, using what I have available to me. I know my job is done, when I walk into a model residence that I’ve just designed and have a sense that “I’m home.”
To find out more about Manhattan House and their incredible luxury apartments, visit their website.


Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum

HPTE_Web_Gallery-NYC-Billboard.png When my daughter decided she wanted to start reading the Harry Potter books, I was very excited! I loved reading these books, escaping into the magical world of Harry Potter, and now my daughter is obsessed and can’t put the books down. After she finishes reading a book, we sit down as a family and watch the corresponding movie. When I heard that there was a Harry Potter Exhibit in NYC, my kids jumped at the chance to go!
We went over winter break and spent a fun day in New York City. After grabbing some lunch, we headed over to Times Square. Harry Potter The Exhibition is running now through April 7th at The Discovery Center in Times Square. Tickets are a little pricey – but we found some people down the block handing out coupons, which helped! Even though it was an incredibly busy day, they do a wonderful job organizing everyone. You need to buy tickets for a certain time, so it’s never overly crowded.
The kids (and you) will marvel at over 200 authentic props and costumes from the Harry Potter films, including some newly added never-before-seen artifacts from the epic series finale! Step inside the famous wizard’s magical world – including the Great Hall, Hagrid’s hut and the Gryffindor common room. While touring through the exhibition space, you will also see items such as Harry’s original wand and eyeglasses, the Marauder’s Map, Gryffindor school uniforms as well as costumes worn at the Yule Ball. Enter the Quidditch area and toss a Quaffle, pull your own Mandrake in the Herbology vignette (my kids loved this!), encounter Buckbeak the Hippogriff and even a giant Acromantula spider!
I do recommend paying the extra $7.00 for the audio tour, especially if your kids are on the older side. Each area is assigned a number that corresponds with the audio tour and tells a great story with explanation of each item. So, if you live in the tri-state area or plan on being anywhere near New York City before April 7th, go check out this wonderful exhibit.
Click here for more information. Your little wizards will thank you!


Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum
image001.jpg Planning an important event such as a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, etc. can be very overwhelming. Don’t get stressed out…get help!
Celebrate! Party Showcase, now in its 21st year, will take place at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown on Sunday November 18, 2012 from noon until 4:00 pm. Admission is free and according to Sheri Lapidus, Director of Celebrate Party Showcase, more than 70 vendors will be on hand to highlight the newest and hottest ideas for planning your special day!
“Visitors to Celebrate! Party Showcase are often looking for that special idea or spark to make their engagement party, wedding, Sweet 16, anniversary celebration, milestone birthday party, or Bar Mitzvah unique and different,” stated Lapidus. Vendors, suppliers and New York tri-state area party venues will be available to discuss party planning tips as well as how to choose the ideal event location. “Celebrate! offers a highly efficient way to obtain exciting new ideas and information thanks to so many vendors all in one place.” The organization recently hosted Celebrate! Party Showcase in Melville, Long Island which attracted over 1000 attendees.
Celebrate LI 2012 146.jpg Organizations participating this year are from all over the NY metro region, many from Westchester, several from Fairfield, while others are coming from Rockland, Bergen and Manhattan. Attendees will get fresh ideas on party favors and gifts, entertainment options, new concepts in photography and videography, as well as fun and creative catering ideas. While you are there, you must check out the Rockmitzvah guys. Rockmitzvah is the only entertainment entity in the New York metropolitan area, or perhaps the entire country, whose sole purpose is to integrate the bar/bat mitzvah child or wedding couple, their friends, and family, into the actual performance! Businesses interested in showcasing their products and services should contact Sheri Lapidus 646-652-7512.
Attendees will also be able to pick up a copy of the new Mitzvah Project Planning Guide. The 16 page guide is filled with resources and information for kids preparing for their Mitzvah Project in the year of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Party on! To register and find out what’s hot in party planning, visit
Celebrate LI 2012 227.jpg

Verizon Wireless Takes Me & My Son Out to The Ballgame

On the first official day of my three week vacation, I spent some quality time with my son Dylan. Luckily for us, we had been invited by the folks at Verizon Wireless to attend a Met game at Citifield. Despite the sweltering 90 degree temperatures, we got the chance to chill out in Verizon’s suite behind home plate where we were treated to lunch, drinks and got a sneak peak of some super cool Back to School gadgets and services. Dylan was so excited to be watching the game from a suite, that he even called his dad to share the big news…
While watching the Mets play a nearly flawless game — they won 6-1 — I got to find out about all the offerings Verizon Wireless now has on tap for families. One of the coolest services I found was their GPS locater service — which you can currently try out for free for 30 days. After inputting my daughter’s cell number, I can literally track wherever she goes. Thankfully, she is pretty good about telling me where she’ll be and I don’t know if she’ll be thrilled to know that I can track her every move, but something about that service is pretty re-assuring. Especially if you’re giving it to a child who is about to start middle school and walking to the bus by themselves for the first time. I also was really impressed by another service by VZW that enables you to block certain phone numbers and websites on your child’s phone depending upon their age.
From there, Dylan and I checked out the gadget section. While I was pretty impressed at a really cute Crayola app that takes the mess out of coloring for good — Dylan instantly fell for a remote control helicopter that you can steer with your phone. Then again, I was totally amazed by that one too.
The suite also featured some of the latest tablets and phones including the new Samsung tablet that’s lightweight and super fast. I also checked out a brand new 4G phone too and will probably surprise my husband with it since he’s due for an upgrade and our anniversary is right around the corner. Nothing says, I love you honey like a brand new cell phone.
It was also really wonderful to get the chance to spend time with some of the nicest bloggers I know, including Nancy Horn at The Mama Maven, Divinia Rodriguez from Dancing Hot Dogs and Monica Vila, The Online Mom.
But, as a proud mom of an awesome 10 year old, I’d have to say the highlight of my day was getting the chance to hang out with my son Dylan — who pretty much gave me the play by play of the game and even made me stop tweeting so I could watch one of the players hit a triple. Gotta love kids — they absolutely know how to keep us grounded and in the game!
Thanks to Verizon Wireless for making our day extra special and if you want to find out about all the great gadgets and offers they’ve got this season in time for Back to School, visit

Join Us for a Redbook Happy Hour Twitter Event

Here at Role Mommy, we are always in the mood for a good time and just in time for summer, we’ve got the perfect virtual treat for our readers…a Twitter party with our favorite entertaining divas at Partybluprints, Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, brought to you by Redbook!  Take a look…


On Tuesday, June 26 from 8:30-9:30 pm ET/5:30-6:30 PM we’ll be offering summer entertaining tips straight from the editors at Redbook and we’ll be giving away prizes throughout the hour to get you in the party spirit.  Here’s a sneak peak of what you could win…

  • 20 REDBOOK subscriptions are up for grabs!
  • Two shoppers will take home a $50 Target gift card 
  • Two fabulous foodies will win a $50 Whole Foods gift card 
  • One stylish tweeter will win a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses 
  • Two digital divas will win a fabulous Beauty Basket compliments of L’oreal Paris 
To participate in the Redbook Happy Hour Twitter Event, make sure you follow @REDBOOKmag @Rolemommy @PartyBluprints and @Dawnsandomeno and don’t forget to enter the hashtag:  #REDBOOKhh

And if you plan to join in on the festivities, please fill out this form so that we have your information in advance of the party.  Good luck and looking forward to tweeting with you!  Please visit Redbook for sweepstakes rules.
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