How Will You Be Remembered?

An important reminder that life is fleeting so make every moment count..

While I usually write about lighthearted topics, I’ve decided to tackle something a bit heavy today. The reason is that a terrible tragedy took place on our block this week. One of the nicest neighbors we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing was killed in a car accident.
Although Murray was 83 years old, you never would have guessed it. He had the energy of someone 30 years his junior and was always so friendly, thoughtful and genuinely concerned about our well being. Yesterday, we attended his memorial service and what we discovered was that while Murray may no longer be with us, he touched countless individuals in his lifetime.
Murray was a devoted husband who lost his wife more than a decade ago. But over the last five years, his daughter in law introduced him to a lovely woman who became his constant companion. She was one of the first to speak about how lucky she was to have met Murray and thanked him for being such an important part of her life and for being by her side while she underwent chemotherapy. His daughter and two sons shared heartfelt stories about their dad who clearly was a role model to all of them. His heartbroken granddaughter told how her life will never be the same without her “Papa.”
Murray’s 22 year old grandson was incredibly eloquent when he expressed how his grandfather was one of the brightest stars in their lives and while he disappeared in a flash, his impact–much like a shooting star–will have a lasting effect on future generations. His co-workers talked about his devotion to his career and to the workers he inspired as one of the most well-respected engineers in the construction industry. A childhood friend of his sons shared how much he admired and respected “Mr. Fleisch” and reminisced about how he practically grew up at his home. But most touching of all was his friend of 71 years who, while choking back tears, told how Murray was the big brother he never had, how he sent him supportive letters while he served in the Korean War, was always there for him during some of the most difficult times in his life and how he looked forward to dining with him every Wednesday. In fact, the day he died, his friend was planning to visit Murray at his home so they could catch up on the week’s events.
As tears were streaming down my face, I reflected upon the legacy Murray has left behind. He was a loving husband, incredible father, doting grandfather, a leader in his industry, a consummate friend, devoted to his faith and a wonderful neighbor. And that’s how he will be remembered. Murray was a true gentleman in every sense of the word.
So now here’s your turn. How do you think people will remember you? Are you racing through each day too busy to enjoy your family, your friends and life in general? Perhaps this Memorial Day Weekend it’s time to take stock in what’s most important. I certainly learned an incredible life lesson as a result of this tragedy and know that at the end of the day, it’s about touching lives, inspiring others and being the kindest person you can be.
Rest in peace Murray. You will be sorely missed.

Originally posted January 1, 2010

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Listen in to our recent Blog Talk Radio interview with Laurie and if you live in the tri-state area and would like to meet her in person, she’ll be in New York City on November 3 (invitation is above). Join her for a lively discussion and book signing and if you can’t make it, you can visit the The Family Dinner website and share your own recipe ideas and stories too. Plus, if you’d like to enter to win a copy of The Family Dinner, comment below with a favorite suppertime story. Make sure you leave us your email address too so that we can contact you if you win!

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rogers__dulcy.jpgActress/playwright Dulcy Rogers has performed in New York and regional theatre, as well as in several new plays off Broadway. After moving to Los Angeles she guest starred on many sitcoms including “Frasier”, “Wings”, “The Savages”, “Pursuit of Happiness,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “The Caroline Rhea Show” (in which she performed and wrote) as well as acted in such movies as “Father of the Bride II”, “Rude Awakening”, “Certain Guys” and “Almost Home” — a short film she wrote herself, which was seen around the country on the film festival circuit. She wrote and performed her one woman show Ruth Draper and Her Cast of Characters, as well as developed two shows for television–one at the WB for herself and later another for her husband Diedrich Bader at CBS. Her latest play, “I Am A Tree” is currently playing at the Lillian Theater in Santa Monica. Dulcy shares amazing stories about her childhood and how she has managed to pursue her passion for writing and acting throughout her life.
DB-headshot2.jpgDawn Barnes ( is the owner of Dawn Barnes Karate Kids, a karate school that teaches children the physical skills of karate while focusing and instilling self-esteem in each child. A former Hollywood Stuntwoman Dawn has 7 schools in California with over 2000 students, making her school the largest Karate school for kids in the country. Her schools gross over 5 million dollars a year (she opened her first school with her credit card)!!! Michael Jackson’s children are always photographed leaving her school, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children studied with Dawn and many other Hollywood heavyweights. Dawn has created an anti-bullying technique she teaches all of her students. Being a mom herself, she believes children who suffer from low self-esteem are targeted by bullies. Listen in and be inspired!

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While her mom struggled to figure out how she was going to find the way to bring her entire family out to see Caitee compete, she was thrilled to learn that Procter & Gamble planned to sponsor the families of Paralympic and Olympic athletes – bringing them to the games so they could support the athletes during one of the most exciting moments of their lives. To find out more about P&G’s incredible efforts to support moms and to share your own story too, visit their website, and listen in to our interview too!

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

Since my kids are diehard Disney Channel fans, I was happy to hear that a brand new movie is about to launch featuring “Wizards of Waverly Place” star Jennifer Stone. “Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars” premieres Friday, March 26 on the Disney Channel and brings the classic tale into the technological age as Harriet competes against fellow students to be the official class blogger.
The film was penned by mother-daughter team, Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke. Internationally acclaimed writer, Heather Conkie, gave her daughter, Alexandra Clarke, Harriet the Spy when she was a child and it represented a huge turning point in her life. She bought a notebook like Harriet and started writing everything down; from that point on she aspired to be a writer. Writing the film has been an incredible bonding experience for them and the adaptation has brought them full-circle.
We recently got the chance to speak with Alexandra when she joined us as a guest on Blog Talk Radio. Listen in as she shares how she got her start as well as the excitement of collaborating on her first official entertainment project with her mentor and Role Mommy her mom!
Hope you and your kids tune in on Friday, March 26 at 8pm ET/PT to Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars…I’m sure my kids will be front and center!!!