Role Mommy…the Refresh

So I shared why I started blogging in the first place and when I took a trip down memory lane and began watching videos that I have produced over the last decade, I took a hard look at my blog and decided it needed a makeover. No more pinks and blues for Role Mommy. We’re all about the writing and the funny so you’ll get to read my witty or ranty posts right here from your laptop, your iPad or your phone – whatever your fancy, I’ll be serving it up on Role Mommy 3.0 (if that’s even a thing).

I’m a busy mom like many of you and I know that what I really want to read about are things that will take my mind off things like MSNBC or Fox TV. I mean, sure, I do keep a running feed of cable news throughout the day and those loud breaking news updates always gives me a bad feeling in my stomach, but that’s the reason why I knew it was important that we all take our mind off things for a change and read stuff that’s just about life and not politics.

So here’s to a place where you can go to escape. Find out how you can lose weight and still eat good food. Travel to great places on a budget. Cut to the chase and see a great movie because I’ve seen it first and I can tell you if it’s Oscar-worthy or a total dud. And I’ll be sharing lots of great career advice from my in-the-know friends because whether you’re a new mom or an empty nester, the reason I started this blog was because as parents, we should never lose ourselves in the process. You still have big dreams. You are still important. I know I’m starting to sound like that great scene from “The Help” — you are wise, you are kind, you are important — but I digress. Dammit, what I’m trying to say is you deserve to do what you love even if you have to get one kid to soccer practice, another to their math tutor and a third to dance team rehearsal…all at the same time while doing a conference call from your car.

So make it a great week Role Mommy and make sure to make time to do the things you love. Even if it’s singing in your shower before you have to wake your kid up for school. No matter what goes on in your life or around the world, you deserve a little escape from the crazy. Sing, dance, eat, paint, read or drink some great wine. Whatever you pick, if it puts a smile on your face, then my job here is done for the day.