10 Hilarious Halloween Babies & Kids Costumes

When I was a little kid, I used to love Halloween. Back in the 70’s and 80’s our costumes were pretty primitive. One of my earliest memories was of me and my brother wearing an Underdog and Polly Purebread costumes. Back then, we wore these horrible masks that made it hard to breathe. I’m sure they’d probably be banned today but way back when, our parents did a lot of things that were pretty questionable. For me, it really didn’t matter what costume I wore. I just cared about all the candy we were collecting that day in our neighborhood. If I could snatch about 20 Bazooka Joes and a few boxes of Dots, I was a happy camper.

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Yup. That was pretty much me and my brother circa 1975.

When  my kids were little, I always had a blast dressing them up for Halloween and I have some great photos of them throughout the years of the store bought costumes I put them in each year. But these days, parents have seriously upped their Halloween costume game. From DIY costumes, to incredible makeup to facial hair on babies, there is something to be said about parents who put their all into making Halloween  as hilarious as ever whether their kids realize it or not.

This week, I’ve been scrolling Instagram and Twitter for a little Halloween inspiration and was blown away by some of the inventive and adorable babies and kids costumes that little ones are wearing this year. Here’s my top 10…hope it makes you smile as much as I did after seeing them!

10. Life is a Cabaret…

Can this baby be any cuter?

9. The Mouse Trap

This parent is seriously a genius. Baby as a mouse that gets wheeled around the neighborhood. Priceless.

8.  Crazy Rich Asians…

I just can’t. Beyond adorable and I haven’t even seen the movie yet.

7. Kid Pilot

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Graham Hodson the pilot …. 🚁

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Love that this parent used regular clothes but this little kid is still so ridiculously cute!

6.  Watch Out for Police Girl!

The hand on that hip is everything.

5. Fred Sanford…the baby edition

OMG. Loved Sanford & Son and this is costume is on point. 

4. UFC MMA Fighter Tot

Facial hair and a tattoo – and that expression…fantastic!

3.  Because You Can Never Get Enough of Sanford & Son…

Had to give this mom a second shout out because seriously, this video is beyond hysterical!!!! Genius!

2. The Headless Trick or Treater

Okay – this is beyond creepy, hysterical and genius all at the same time.
  1. Lady Liberty for the Win!
We all need a little bit of inspiration in our lives and this costume truly brings it home! Well done!