Go F*** Yourself Fridays

Most people who know me tend to say that I’m super nice, kind, supportive and a team player.  You need me to take you somewhere or be there when things are not going your way, I’m your girl. Want to make last minute lunch plans so we can catch up on lost time? When do you want to meet? Want to pick my brain about your next big idea? Pick a date and let’s get creative.

But there’s something funny that happens to nice people. We get taken advantage of and taken for granted. A LOT. 

So after celebrating my birthday this week and being grateful for the wonderful people who reconnected with me, I also noticed people I haven’t heard from in years who I don’t trust and don’t like popping up on my social media pages.

Which leads me to my latest column for the week, F*** Off Fridays. My husband coined this brilliant phrase and is pretty excited to see my first post and my first candidate for this coveted honor. Let me be up front. I am not calling anyone out by name. I am however calling out bad behavior so if you have an inkling that you have done this to someone you know or respect, then seriously, Go F*** Yourself.

So without further ado, I’d like to say Go F*** Yourself…


You know exactly who you are. You don’t have an original bone in your body and so, when you see someone who is leaps and bounds ahead of you professionally and creatively, you decide, “Wow! That’s a great idea.” I should totally do that too. And so, you waste no time ripping off the original owner of their idea and running with it. And sometimes you even experience more success than the person who came up with the idea in the first place.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I called BS on that line of BS.

For the record, it’s not like I’ve only had one copycat rip me off in my life. Oh no, there have been many.

Like the copycat who moderated a few of my parenting events and was trying to sell a book on a different topic that wasn’t flying so she switched gears, took my concept, sold the idea and got a book deal.  Hey former morning news anchor: Go F*** yourself.

Or the woman who saw me launch a list targeting influencers for paid sponsorship campaigns and within one month started her own thing too and pretty much became my competition right out of the starting gate. Hey list idea stealer: Go F**k yourself.

Then there’s the serial copycatters who rip off part of the clever name you’ve created, land a column in a newspaper where they rip off more people and then decided to launch an event business like the one you started by leveraging contacts they have in the entertainment industry to connect influencers with exciting opportunities. You ladies deserve a week’s worth of Go F**k Yourselves.

There have also been those who ripped off my idea for a digital magazine and just this week, when I wrote a blog post that I published here and on Thrive Global about the 49 things I wanted to do when I was 49, one copycat who I hadn’t seen pop up on my feed in years suddenly reared her duplicitous head and proclaimed on LinkedIn that she was going to be writing about the 40 things she wants to do now that she’s 40. Hey there 40 year old! How about trying this one on for size:  Go F*** Yourself.

I know I may sound bitter but the pact that I have made with myself this year is to call out bad behavior when I see it. We will be featuring Go F*** Yourself categories every Friday so get ready to come back and you can decide if you’re one of the people who have crossed me or one who’d like to join me for coffee later today.

Now go out and have a great Friday and if anyone rips you off, you know exactly what to tell them.