Get Your Kids to Talk to You with a Brand New Series from Role Mommy

Lately, there’s been a lot of crazy and scary stuff going on in my neighborhood. In the last month, a teenager was stabbed to death and another teen, who was jumped by a gang in a pizza place, retaliated by stabbing a classmate the next day at school. Our entire community is on high alert and the news of these events have hit the local and national news. Parents in and around my neighborhood are now talking about why they’d never send their kids to the high school while others are planning their exit strategy.  There are also parents like me who are trying our best to defend our schools but know that necessary changes need to be made immediately to protect our kids and weed out the perpetrators.

After hearing different sides of the story in a variety of Facebook groups where parents have insulted one another for offering opposing and sometimes polarizing views on the situation, I decided to take matters into my own hands. My plan…to find out what was going on by getting on the inside. And how did I do that? Simple, by talking to my kid and his friends in our SUV.

Hence the name of this new series which will probably become a podcast, “Talk in the SUV.” Here at Talk in the SUV, you’ll hear the latest goings on among teens. Or at least the latest goings on that they feel comfortable sharing. There will be no embarrassing of these kids in any way shape or form. No personal information about minors will be released either. Just stories about a mom getting intel on things they want me to know about while I piece together the rest of the story as best I can.

So let’s start with episode one. I’ll call it THE MICROWAVES

On the Monday after the latest stabbing incident, we learned that our kids would be attending an assembly where the principal of the school would be speaking to them about what transpired over the last few weeks and what security measures have been put in place to protect them and punish kids who were up to no good.

The moment my son and his friends entered the SUV, I asked them how the assembly went. And here’s what transpired.

“We’re getting microwaves. And maybe a food court next year.”

“What did you say?” I asked, not fully comprehending what microwaves had to do with removing weapons from the school.

“Now that we can’t leave the school, they are going to have microwaves in the cafeteria so we can heat up our food,” my son added.

So the takeaway from two weeks of violent activity in and around our school was that the kids would be rewarded with microwaves and potentially a food court in 2019.

I kept probing because as parents, you have to probe or else you’ll get nowhere fast.

“Were there other things that they shared at the assembly?”

“Oh yeah. You can’t wander the halls after the bell rings.”

“If you’re late to school (after 10:30) you can only enter through the front door of the Embassy.”

“We can’t leave campus and we can’t go outside during school either.”

“Kids will be suspended if they break the rules.”

And there you have it. They may have led with microwaves, but my ninja warrior mom interrogation skills worked like a charm.

Stay tuned for the next edition of “Talk in the SUV.” Pick up is on Monday, so there’s no telling what I could find out next…