Outlier Parenting Series…Sherri and Isabella Rose Taylor

16 year old fashion and art phenom Isabella Rose Taylor is the product of two incredibly supportive parents. I met Isabella five years ago when she was a budding fashion designer and artist when her parents hired my PR agency to introduce this incredibly talented young girl to the media world.  From the moment I met Isabella, I knew she was so special and I was so impressed with how her parents were already managing her career – from gallery openings, to runway shows, to selling her clothes to a major department store, the sky was the limit for Isabella and it continues to be as her art continues to evolve as her entrepreneurialism thrives.

So how did the Taylor’s guide their Outlier child toward success?  Listen in to our latest interview with her mom Sherri Taylor and check out her interview below.

Below is Sherri’s Q&A:

Q. What talent did you notice in Isabella when she was really young?
A. We discovered Bella’s artistic ability at age three.

Q. How did you help cultivate that talent?
A. Both my husband and I cultivated her talent for art by encouraging her to pursue her passion, helping her find art supplies that she wanted to experiment with and just getting out of her way so to speak.

Q. Did your child ever tell you that they didn’t want to pursue that passion anymore? What did you do?
A. I think her passion for being creative has morphed into different things over the years. She enjoys art, fashion and product design as well as entrepreneurship. As a parent, I encouraged her in whatever her current endeavor may be because ultimately we want our children to be happy.

Q. What is Bella doing now to pursue what she loves and continue to get proficient at it?

A. I think if I have to place an age on proficiency in art I would say when she started selling her art through a national gallery as well as her fashion designs to large retailers, both at age 11.

Q. What has been your approach to raising your child?
A. I am probably a mix of cheerleader and an outlier. Isabella has not had a traditional education in order to accommodate her academically as well as allowing more time to pursue art and fashion.

Q. What do you admire most in your child?
A. I admire her humble nature.

Q. What would you have done differently in your own career now that you are a parent with kids on the verge of making their own decisions about their professional life?
A. That is a hard question to answer but I feel that taking more risks in what I was interested in doing. I would have also preferred a more unconventional educational upbringing.

To find out more about Isabella Rose Taylor, you can visit her website at www.isabellarosetaylor.com.