Monday Must Have Tech Gifts That You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself!

As we head into the holidays, I’m sure you’re busy trying to get everyone on your list a special gift to show them how much you appreciate them this time of year. But let’s face it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get exactly what you want on your holiday wish list? Well, in case you’d like to slip someone a note or send a text with links to a few must have items, I’m here to give you my top five items for moms that you will thank me for after you convince someone to buy it for you or just throw caution to the wind and purchase it yourself.

  1. For the Fitness Enthusiast Who Hates the Gym:  One word. Peloton. It’s life changing. It’s fun. The music is fantastic – especially if you’re like me and are trapped in the 80s. The coaches are great (love love love Jenn Sherman). The community is incredible. And once you start spinning or taking those Beyond the Ride sessions, you’ll never want to set foot into a crowded spin class again.
  2. For the Frustrated Chef with No Patience:  Two words. Instant Pot.  I purchased the Instant Pot last year and since that time, I have learned how to cook eggs, pasta, chicken, meatballs, apple fritters, oatmeal and much more in my Instant Pot – an electric pressure cooker that cuts the time it takes to cook anything in half. Today I made meatballs from scratch and linguine in under 30 minutes. And I just read an article about one woman who lost 100 pounds this year and saved a boatload of money just by cooking all her family’s meals in their Instant Pot. Skinny and budget conscious at the same time? Pure genius.
  3. For the Ultimate Hair Fanatic: Thanks to my Peloton Community – more specifically, the JSS Tribe (that’s Jenn Sherman’s community on Facebook), I just discovered the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It’s a little pricey ($399) but the feedback I’m hearing is pretty amazing – it dries your hair in record time and it gives you a salon quality look at home. Save money on those DryBar visits and invest in this must have item for the straight hair obsessed.
  4. For the Music Lover Trapped in their Favorite Decade: Nothing really beats having an Amazon Echo right in my kitchen. Whenever I want to know the weather, the news or play a song from the St. Elmo’s Fire soundtrack, all I need to do is ask Alexa. My son knows how to operate Alexa from his phone too and there are tons of compatible apps you can activate just by saying her name. The price has been reduced too so it’s a total steal these days.
  5. For the Stylish Smart Watch Lover: If anyone knows me, then they know I am obsessed with Michael Kors. I have so many Michael Kors bags I could open up a pop up shop. But what I don’t have are watches. The moment I saw the commercial for the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch, I was hooked. The watches are gorgeous and you can receive text messages, see social media updates, search Google and more. You’ll look like some trendy spy with your stylish new watch.  So put it on your holiday wish list – or just make things easier and buy it for yourself!