Hate Going to the Gym? Then Buy A Peloton!

bike-angled-1162.jpgI don’t know about you, but I hate going to the gym. I hate feeling self conscious. I hate going to a class and feeling like the most out of shape person there. I hate seeing my reflection in the mirrors and I hate screaming kids in locker rooms and I hate walking into a spin class and thinking there’s a bike available but in reality, three quarters of the bikes are broken and a lot of the participants are on their third class of the morning and they’re not going anywhere.
My flirtation with Peloton began about three years ago. I was really hating my gym membership at New York Sports Club where I would inhale cleaning fluid every time I was on a cardio machine because I seemed to always pick the precise time the cleaning staff decided to vacuum or spray the machines. At the time, I saw a Peloton showroom open at my local mall and I pretty much thought it was something for the uber rich — sort of like the Tesla showroom that was on the lower level.
But then I started seeing lots of ads about Peloton everywhere I went. If I was on Facebook, it would pop up in the corner of my page and I became intrigued. At this point, I bit the bullet and decided to join an even more expensive gym that came complete with a swanky lockerroom, indoor and outdoor pools, rows and rows of equipment and lots of classes. At first, I really enjoyed the gym, but when the honeymoon was over, I started to realize that I just didn’t like going to the gym. The classes were still too crowded, and I still felt like the most out of shape person there.
At this point, I discovered the Peloton app so I downloaded it on my phone, walked up to a random spin bike in the cardio area, selected a Jersey Boys theme ride and I was off. Instantly, I fell in love with the instructor and the music. There’s something to be said about spinning – as long as you have great music to guide your ride, it makes it go that much faster. I then tried a few stretching exercises with one of their coaches and then drove home.
I used the app for a few more months and then visited the Peloton showroom again. This time, I was way more serious and found out about their financing option – I’d be able to pay a little bit more than what I was paying for my monthly gym membership but this time, I would get to take classes in the privacy of my own home. I didn’t bite the bullet at the showroom but when I saw a Facebook friend had taken the plunge, I finally decided to pull the trigger.
The bike arrived a few weeks later and I have been loving my Peloton bike ever since. From the coaches who are so fun and encouraging, to the theme rides — I personally love the Diva rides and the 80’s rides to the scenic rides where I was able to visit Costa Rica right from my guest room. I’ve had the bike for about two months now and between myself and my hubby we’ve logged about 85 rides.
There’s really nothing that compares to this bike — you can take classes live, on demand, the scenic rides and select the duration of the ride you’d like to take. Plus, there’s another option called Beyond the Ride where you can take yoga classes, shadowboxing, stretching, weight training and more. And if you travel, you can still use the app so that you don’t miss a workout.
For more information, you can visit Peloton.com – trust me, you are going to love it — especially if you’re not a gym lover, this is going transform your life.

Ellie Krieger Talks about the Importance of Gut Health #RenewLifeProbiotics

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 12.21.26 PM.pngWhen I think about the one thing that can stop me from cruising along with my busy life, it’s definitely gastrointestinal pain. While I don’t talk about it among friends or strangers, I typically haven’t had too many issues when it comes to my gut. But when I do, I pretty much dread that feeling where all you do is pray the pain will stop and you vow never to eat whatever got you into that mess in the first place.
For me, the story that comes to mind was the first time I tried carpaccio – if you don’t know what that is, it’s raw meat. I was on my honeymoon in Italy – a time where the last place on earth I wanted to be was in a bathroom. In Florence, my husband and I decided to be daring and try carpaccio but since my body had never digested raw meat, I became violently ill and experienced intestinal pains for the rest of our trip. For the record, I have never tried carpaccio ever again.
That leads me to a really refreshing lunch conversation I had recently with the nation’s leading go-to nutritionist Ellie Krieger. I’m always obsessed with finding out the latest trends in staying healthy and losing weight and I found out about the importance of incorporating probiotics into your everyday diet and how that helps to maintain a healthy gut but also aids in building up your immunity – perfect timing during these winter months.
IMG_7028 (1) (1).JPG
If you didn’t know already, the “gut” is considered the core of your body’s overall health and well-being and can affect your entire body, including immunity, digestion and more. According to a recent survey**, nearly three-quarters of women (72 percent) have experienced
a digestive/gut issue in the past 12 months and nearly two-thirds (64%) of women aren’t willing to talk about it with their friends.
There are more than 100 trillion live cultures of many diverse strains inside your digestive tract that can be easily disrupted by stress, diet, aging, certain medications and even the environment. At the luncheon, Krieger shared that one of the most efficient and impactful ways to bring balance to the digestive tract is with a probiotic like Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics.
It turns out that while we can get probiotics from a variety of sources, including yogurt, dry kraut (not the kind that you store in the fridge), kafir and many more food, Renew Life Probiotics come in supplement form so you can easily take them every day along with your multi vitamin. They even have a women’s formula that also helps with urinary tract health too and they also highly recommend that kids take probiotics too. Probiotics are vital to everyone’s health and Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotics offers formulas specially designed for everyone in the family, from kids to seniors, to support digestive balance and immune health everyday.
Since 70% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract, maintaining gut health is a key part of maintaining your overall health.
To help keep your complex digestive system thriving and restore good bacteria, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics deliver unique potent, multi-strain formulas to help achieve good health from the inside out.
IMG_7032 (1).JPG
During our discussion, many of the attendees came clean with their own gut issue stories and what we discovered was that we weren’t alone. Krieger shared that nearly three quarters of women (72 percent) have experienced a digestive/gut issue in the past 12 months with gas/bloating (53 percent) being the most reported issue, but nearly two in three women (64 percent) aren’t even willing to talk about gut issues with their friends.
Ever since we had the lunch, I’ve been taking probiotics every day and I have to say, that I my system has become a lot more regular if you know what I mean! I also gave Renew Life to my daughter who typically has a sensitive stomach and has to avoid certain foods and she’s been taking it regularly too.
Here’s hoping that this year, I’ll finally get my gut in gear with the help of Renew Life Probiotics and Ellie Krieger! Renew Life Probiotics are available at health food stores and major retailers, including Target and Walmart. Visit RenewLife.com for more information.
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer’s Network