A Special Thank You to Sandra

IMG_5317.JPGThere is nothing harder in this world than losing someone close to you – especially when they were so vibrant, beautiful, compassionate, joyful and loving. On March 2, we lost a dear member of our family who embodied all those qualities and then some. My cousin, Sandra Stoller was the ultimate conversationalist. Whenever we spent time with her on holidays, during the summer or on special occasions like a milestone birthday, we got to discover what a fun loving person Sandra was. The ultimate guest and hostess, Sandra was an incredible decorator and knew just what to bring to someone’s home that would leave a lasting impression.
But what set Sandra apart from anyone I know were her incredible thank you notes. Every time she visited our home or spent a special evening with us, she would follow up her visit with a handwritten thank you note. There was something about those special notes that made me realize what a caring and gracious person she was. Sandra always thought of others and that’s what made her an amazing wife, an incredible mother, devoted daughter and a true friend.
Sandra was an old soul who knew exactly what to say and do to brighten people’s lives and will be missed by those of us who were lucky enough to have been touched by her kindness, generosity, style and grace.
I know she is now in heaven watching over her husband and beautiful daughter and ensuring that her kind and loving spirit will live on in both of their hearts. Losing Sandra has made me realize the importance of not only saying thank you, but writing it down and telling someone how you feel in a handwritten note that will leave a lasting impression. Perhaps all those notes that Sandra left behind are memories we can all hold on to because we knew how happy she was to spend time with us. Sandra, we are so grateful to you for being who you were. A wonderful human being who will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.
In Sandra’s memory, I hope you will consider sending a thank you note to someone special in your life. Let her legacy live on as we give thanks to those who make our lives and our days brighter.
Rest in Peace Sandra.. And most of all…Thank you.