Remember Hunting for Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine as a Kid?

Perhaps your family received the magazine at home each month or read it in the doctor’s office. Either way, Highlights for Children has been a part of many of our childhoods. Devoted fans know that the Hidden Pictures puzzle has always been on Page 14. It’s still there after 70 years! Can you believe no two puzzles have ever been repeated?
A new Highlights Hidden Pictures mobile game was just released in the app stores, and the game has been reimagined for our kids’ mobile play habits. It was designed in partnership with Fingerprint, the top expert in children’s edutainment apps. You can try it with your kids and see who’s quicker at finding the toothbrush, banana or pencils! Odds are that your kids will find the objects faster than you!
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.03.59 PM.png
The new mobile game includes timed and challenge modes to let kids test their search skills against the clock. The puzzles have a range of themes from sports and amusement parks to travel and history are added regularly.
Anyone wanting to check it out, can download it for free for 7 days on either their iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. Afterward, it costs $2.99 a month, and new puzzles will be delivered regularly.
Can you guess what the top 3 hidden objects have been over the past 70 years?
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.04.12 PM.png
The total number of toothbrushes hidden since the beginning of Hidden Pictures is 1478! Maybe the new game, will give us a new way to talk to our kids about brushing their teeth?

To check out the mobile app and download it, visit the iTunes store today!