Verizon Goes Purple to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I was happy to find out that Verizon is offering a line of purple accessories, like headsets, phone or tablet cases with HopeLine® from Verizon will donate $1, up to $100,000, to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. To date, Verizon’s HopeLine program has collected over 11.4 million phones and donated over 190,000 to victims in need.
Some alarming statistics about the rise of domestic violence in our country:
*1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime
*Men are the victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults in the U.S.
*On a typical day, more than 20,000 phone calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.
*More than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year.
No one should ever feel powerless in their own home and sometimes, when someone winds up trapped in relationship because they cannot afford to leave or they are too afraid that if they do, the aggressor may hurt them or one of their family members. With the help of Verizon, victims of domestic violence now have resources that can help them get out of an abusive relationship and potentially turn their lives around.
Take action against domestic violence by helping HopeLine reach its goal of 1 million phone donations by the end of 2015. Simply drop off your wireless phones, chargers and accessories, from any carrier, at a Verizon store and help support victims and survivors of domestic violence.
Click here to visit your nearest Verizon store and if you are interested in helping women affected by domestic violence, visit the HopeLine website to purchase purple accessories.
Additionally, we are also hosting a giveaway on our site — if you enter below, you could be eligible to win an LG Tone Pro™ Wireless Stereo Headset, valued at $69.99.
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/HopeLine® from Verizon.

Gorgeous Fall Flowers with Bloomsy Box

I have to say, this is my favorite time of year. The fall foliage on the east coast is absolutely stunning and I happen to love the flowers this time of year too. So when the team from Bloomsy Box, a new online flower subscription plan where you can order fresh flowers straight to your door reached out to me and asked if they could send me a special delivery, how could I resist?
So how does Bloomsy Box work? Simple. You select the plan you’re interested in, select the flowers you’d like to receive and gorgeous flowers arrive at your home. Bloomsy Box also offers few major differences from the average floral supplier: First, no mixed bouquets with unnecessary extras – BloomsyBox only deals in “single-variety”- hand-tied bunches; second, the flowers are sourced direct from suppliers in South America, Holland, Thailand and California meaning no middle-man mark-up to increase the price.
For a home subscription, prices range from $34.99-$48.99 per month. There are even subscription plans if you’d like to decorate your office too! So far, the flowers I received still look gorgeous even after a week has passed! Take a look…
If you’d like to find out how you can sign up for a Bloomsy Box subscription, visit their website, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @BloomsyBox.
Disclosure: I received a complimentary bouquet of flowers from BloomsyBox. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

Happy Birthday to Me…What I Know Now

A few years back, in honor of my 44th birthday, I decided to write an inspiring post about the 44 things I wanted to reflect on that year. Part bucket list, part trip down memory lane, my 44 memories had me waxing nostalgic about my life and looking forward to the future.
Enter 46.
Two years have passed and since that time, while I still have experienced some amazing memories – another fabulous Bar Mitzvah, a wonderful family vacation, a new business for my husband and work, work and more work, I honestly feel like the time that has passed has been a bit of a blur…partially because I desperately need glasses but haven’t had a chance to get my prescription filled. But despite my fuzzy vision, here’s the 46 things I’ve learned over the last two years.
1. It’s super hard to lose weight – especially as you get older.
2. Life is too short to care about the size of your butt.
3. People who you think are your friends will let you down.
4. Life is too short to care about those people.
5. The people who truly love and care about you will always be there for you.
6. Surround yourself with those people.
7. Things are going to break in your house and you are going to have to fix them.
8. Money is going to be tight but you will figure it out no matter what bill appears on your doorstep.
9. Still do what you love. If that means writing – then keep your blog going. If that means singing, take a long drive without anyone in the car and blast that Sirius XM. Or, take a long walk with your dog and sing out Louise.
10. Cleaning out your closets is super cathartic.
11. Buy yourself one good purse every year.
12. Sometimes all it takes is a great dress to make you feel better about yourself.
13. Never give up date night or else you are sunk.
14. Adopt a dog – if you aren’t allergic.
15. Accept that there are toxic people out there and make it your business to avoid them at all costs.
16. If you can’t avoid a toxic person because you have to work with them, then ignore them. Don’t feed into their negativity. They’ve chosen to be mean or negative. You don’t need to join their Bitter Party.
17. Have regular dinners with your family.
18. Especially as they get older, it’s super important to connect with your kids.
19. Be open and honest about your past with your kids so they can possibly learn from your mistakes.
20. Stay in on a rainy day and watch a movie marathon starring Drew Barrymore, Sally Field or Julia Roberts.
21. Take a break from technology…okay – not going to happen.
22. Reconnect with old friends and find ways to see them more often.
23. Try new things and open yourself up to the possibilities.
24. Volunteer your time to causes you feel strongly about.
25. Support good people.
26. Crack jokes and laugh often.
27. Life changes on a dime. Tell your family you love them every single night of the week.
28. Don’t let jerks rent space in your head.
29. Spend lots of time with your pets. If it wasn’t for our dog, I think I would be way more stressed than I am now.
30. Start looking at places you want to retire.
31. Try not to let college tuition sticker shock get you depressed.
32. Don’t try to be your teen’s best friend. Be their mom first, friend second.
33. Enjoy your weekends and try not to work.
34. Celebrate important milestones with your family and close friends.
35. Learn how to say “no” a lot more.
36. Read at least 10 books every year.
37. Have chocolate and wine every night.
38. Don’t take everything in your life so seriously.
39. Sleep at least 9-10 hours every night.
40. Encourage your kids to do what they love but don’t force your own dreams upon them.
41. Spend your life with a partner who makes you laugh, supports your dreams and is there for you during good times and bad.
42. Tell your parents if they are still around that you love and appreciate them.
43. Make sure your kids spend time with their grandparents as much as they can.
44. Never take anything in your life for granted.
45. Say please, thank you and tell perfect strangers to have a nice day.
46. Dress like a professional even when everyone around you are wearing hoodies.
So there you have it. My list of 46 for my birthday. I guess as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more practical. Sure I still have dreams but sometimes, I’d rather just collapse after a long day and start dreaming on my tempurpedic mattress.


If someone would have told me that changing my skin care regimen would actually have an effect on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, I would have told them they’re nuts and would have continued using my Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and changed my hairstyle so I could cover those pesky forehead lines with bangs. But when I recently spoke with the incredibly talented Charlene Bert, the co-founder of Gal Time, who suggested I give Rodan + Fields a try, I was intrigued. Rodan + Fields was started by the dermatologists behind Proactive and after launching in 2009, the brand has literally taken off with the help of consultants across the country. Charlene is a total dynamo – a former executive producer in television who recently became a consultant for the brand while juggling her busy career and family. Charlene looks positively radiant and is absolutely loving her new lifestyle more than she’s ever imagined — plus she’s making money doing it!
12074828_10153338384478547_548211971597850273_n.jpgSince I’m always looking for ways to impact my family’s bottom line and want to look younger as I celebrate my 39th birthday for the seventh year in a row, I decided to take a chance and become an R+F consultant too. Within one week, I signed up my dear friend, Alicia, a former SVP for a major ad agency who had been following the success of R+F for a while and now we have another one of our incredible friends who is one of the most stylish and talented people we know, joining us too! Plus, I just found out I made the top 20 sellers on our team this month. But the icing on the cake? Remember those forehead wrinkles I mentioned before? They are almost gone!
Take a look below and see for yourself…
If you want to find out how you can get your hands on these incredible products or if you’d like to learn about joining our team, then email me at and I will share details with you. There’s a lot to gain (money, trips, parties and lots of fun) and the only thing you will lose are fine lines and wrinkles!!!! So what are you waiting for? Can’t wait to hear from you and if not, no worries – you just might not recognize me the next time you see me!

Innovative App for Kids…Check out Safari Tales

For many parents, getting their kids to read more and play video games less is a constant struggle. Learning versus having fun, at times, can seem like mutually exclusive processes. But they really don’t have to be. The best of both worlds for a parent is to find opportunities where your child is doing something educational and at the same time, is genuinely enjoying the activity. A company out there called Kuato Games seems to have one of those opportunities for parents with its game app called Safari Tales.
Geared toward kids ages 4 to 10, Safari Tales offers a 3D world for kids to play in, amazing places to visit, games to play and animals to discover. While kids are enhancing their literary skills, they are also getting a chance to ask the adorable in-game meerkat, Darwin, questions about animals, their environment and eating habits. The method by which kids get to ask the questions is very clever as the child needs to form the sentence structure correctly. As proper grammar in this country continues to be suffer miserably, it’s great to have a game out there that at least attempts to help the education process.
The app is also great because the game records the user’s adventures and at the end of each session, creates an interactive storybook which can be read with a parent that summarizes what they did in the game. The best part of it is the feature that allows the child to replace highlighted words with available synonyms, helping expand the vocabulary of your child without any extra effort.
The graphics for the game are very cool and the sounds of the animals and background noises are equally remarkable. The animal coloring features and sticker collection tabs are also a lot of fun, giving kids the ability to enjoy many activities while being on just one app. It is a pretty good deal for just $3.99. So if you are willing to make the small investment, you can go to any of the following to purchase:
Download on iTunes
Google Play
For those of you still looking for a bit more information, please visit the Safari Tales YouTube page.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% my own.