psychocatI don’t know when she snapped, but our cat Hazel has been tormenting us all summer long. I don’t know if it started happening before we went away each weekend or left on a one week vacation, but ever since we left her and one of our other cats alone with our dog, she’s totally lost it.
While most cats choose to use a litter box, Hazel has decided to use our bath mat, the kitchen sink (yuck) and the carpet in the basement as some of her favorite places in the house to leave her mark. And trust me, her mark does not smell like roses. If you are a cat owner then you know already know that cat urine is one of the most foul smelling odors around and when it seeps into a carpet, getting that smell out is quite difficult. Plus, with two kids and my husband who is constantly battling one allergy after another, it’s super important that our carpets are clean. More importantly, I want to make sure that the chemicals that are being used on our carpets are safe for our entire family – including our dog and our cats — including Hazel – no matter crazy she gets.
Lucky for us, we just found about about Green Choice Carpets. Since carpet cleaning companies often use chemicals that carry health warnings, many parents are rightfully concerned about the chemicals being using around their children and what chemicals are left on the carpet after cleaning.
Green Choice gives peace of mind to new parents and new pet parents like me with their baby safe carpet cleaning. The company, which is based in New York City selects the best certified green cleaning solutions and training our cleaning technicians how to utilize the best green cleaning technology. For all their cleaning services, Green Choice only uses cleaning detergents that have been tested and certified as green by Green Seal, the recognized leader in certification for green products.Their cleaning technicians are trained to use green cleaning products and get the best cleaning results. Because their staff are all trained and experienced, your carpets will look great without the use of chemicals. The company’s cleaning solutions are bio-degradable and they do not leave any residue in your carpets.
So while my cat may continue to wreak havoc on our home, I’m going to work on staying a few steps ahead of her with the help of Green Choice Rug & Carpet Cleaning.
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Visit Green Choice Rug & Carpet Cleaning for special coupons for your carpet cleaning needs. And if you have a psycho cat like us, maybe it’s time to invest in a little cat therapy too. Here’s hoping she’ll stop torturing us now that we’re home and are totally on to her devious ways!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Green Choice Rug & Carpet Cleaning. However, the story of my crazy cat is 100% true.