Make Money Searching the Web with

images-2.jpgIf I had a nickel for every time someone in my family searched something on Google, I’m not sure I would be rich man, but it would certainly add up to a tidy sum of money. I don’t think there is anyone out there willing to pay me that nickel for each search, but to my surprise, there is a company that recognizes the value of consumers like myself that spend considerable time on the internet. That recognition is shown in the form of small cash payments to a person’s PayPal account when a person clicks on a search result that gets pulled up by a free browser app called Qmee.
Qmee is a free search browser app that still allows you to do your normal searches using other browsers like Google or Yahoo. The great thing about Qmee is that you don’t have to do anything differently from what you normally do when you search on the internet. Install the app once and you are done. Before you race off to install the app thinking that you are going to make gobs of cash for searching the net, it is important to realize that each click on a Qmee search result that matches what you are looking for is only going to pay between 4 and 14 cents. So don’t be so quick to hand in your resignation letter to your employer. On average, a typical Qmee user will collect about $5 per month or $60 per year for doing absolutely nothing more than you would do anyway. The only thing I dislike more than wasting money is passing up on opportunities to make extra money that require little to no effort on my part. And that is exactly what Qmee does.
Qmee is extremely easy to install, requiring only your email address and the click of a button. It is also reassuring to know that if at some point you no longer want Qmee on your computer, there are specific directions on the app’s website that explain how to remove it from your browser. If you have 60 seconds to kill, then watch this video that explains Qmee in more detail or go to to try it for yourself. I’m pretty confident that there won’t be too many easier ways to earn some extra cash for yourself and the family. If by some chance $60 doesn’t mean a whole lot to you, please let me know because I could sure use it.
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