Don’t Let Broken Bones Spoil Your Summer!

hp2.jpgBaseball, pool and bike. Baseball, pool and bike. As a kid, those were the only things on my mind when summer arrived, school let out and very little stood in my way of a great time. While the kids I grew up with had mixed summer interests, the one thing we all had in common was how much we loved going to the pool. It didn’t matter what you were doing before the pool and it didn’t matter after. All we knew was that going swimming at some point during the day was one of summer’s inalienable rights. I think that’s true for most kids today. Maybe not for all, but certainly most children think of water when they think of summer.
As a kid, that always made the words summer and fun synonymous to me. And as far as I was concerned, there were only two possible things that could happen to a kid that could make summer miserable. The first was a summer school death sentence. Fortunately, I didn’t know too many kids ​who ​​met that fate. The second one, which unfortunately seemed way too common, was being stuck in a cast for the summer. Each year, those casts always seemed to find a way on to one my buddy’s arms at the most inopportune time imaginable. How each friend broke his arm was irrelevant. The only thing we all knew that was swimming for the summer was out of the question. Sure the unlucky friend could still hang out by the pool with all of the kids while they were swimming and still try to feel included. But their looks of despair knowing that they could not actually participate in the water activities are unforgettable.
Kids of each generation always seem​ed​ to have it so much easier than kids of earlier generations in almost every aspect of life. And now that even applies to the poor kid in a cast for the summer. Those forlorn faces from the past could have been spared had there been an easy and safe way for kids to still go in the water while keeping their casts completely dry. Thanks to a company called DRYPro, a cast is no longer a summer prison ​sentence for kids or even adults for that matter.
Manufactured by Dry Corp. DRYPro is a high quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over and protects casts, bandages, and wounds from the water. It uses a patented vacuum to assure the most advanced waterproof protection, even when fully submerged in water. The rubber can be stretched by up to 600 percent without tearing and for those using one of the leg products, DRYPro uses a Non-Skid Grid on the soles to prevent slipping.
I am hoping that neither me nor anyone in my family is going to have a need to use DRYPro products anytime soon, but I do have a couple on hand if the need arises. When I tried one on over my arm, it was amazing to see how well the rubber sealed against my skin with the help of the built in pump to take out any air. I fully submerged my arm into a tub of water and not a single drop ended up on the covered area of my arm. So it’s easy for me to see why DRYPro would be perfect for anyone who wants to swim, bathe or shower and needs to protect the respective body part during the water activity.
There is no longer a reason for a cast to stand in the way of summer fun. Whether it’s a matter of going to a beach, waterpark, a pool or even a bath, water no longer has to be feared when getting something wet isn’t an option. The DRYPro products are suitable for just about anyone, ranging from kids young as two years old to adults as tall as 6’6”. Like insurance, DRYPro products are something that you hope you won’t need to use, but will be so glad that you have it if the time ever arises when you do indeed need it. If you or a family member has a need to keep something dry but doesn’t want to be deprived of water fun, then be sure to give DRYPro a try. It can be purchased at or in local dealers nationwide at
If you or your child has broken any bones this summer or has a need for a DRYPro cast, just visit their site and entire the code ROLEMOMMY and you’ll get a 15% off discount!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by DRYPro. However all opinions and nostalgic stories of my childhood are entirely my own.