Get the Most Out of Your Parking Experience with ParkWhiz

IMG_3863.jpgWhen it comes to commuting in New York City, I like to fancy myself as the ultimate navigation expert. I know how to traverse the streets of Manhattan via subway, bus and even pedicab. But when it comes to parking, you definitely need to up your game – especially if you decide to drive into the city during your workweek.
Thanks to the team at ParkWhiz, I was given the opportunity to try out their parking app and they were nice enough to give me a coupon to park free at a garage near my office. And that my friends, was music to my ears. Instead of hopping on a Metro North train this week I downloaded the ParkWhiz app, entered in the address of my office and dozens of parking options appeared on my iPhone screen. As I scanned through all the options, I managed to find a garage at a reasonable price (for those of you who don’t live in New York, finding a lot under $30 is pretty much like finding a pot of gold).
Anyway, I locked in the rate and my coupon was saved on the app so that when it was time to retrieve my car, all I had to do was show it to the cashier and my spot was already paid for. That’s also a cool option – before you even arrive, you reserve your spot and pay for it in advance. That way, when you arrive at the lot, the parking attendant can’t turn you away or try to charge you a more expensive price because there’s some sporting event going on and they’ve decided to charge an additional $20 for parking.
The other option that’s really great about ParkWhiz is that if you lose track of time, you get a reminder that tells you you have 15 minutes left to pick up your car. When that reminder popped up on my phone, I grabbed my things and rushed out of the office. However, I didn’t anticipate what was going to happen next. Take a look…

If you are in need of an easy way to reserve your parking in advance then ParkWhiz is a great solution. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to get back to the lot to retrieve your car so you don’t run into anything or anyone along the way (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you must watch the video above!)
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ParkWhiz. However all opinions, including my recent run in with a steel pole are entirely my own.