Five Ultimate Summer Vacation Getaways

10471_10151004914625205_343749027_n.jpgTypically this time of year, my entire family gets incredibly antsy and starts begging me to make vacation plans. You see, every summer, without fail, we try to take at least 2-3 vacations so that we can finally unwind from the year and reconnect with one another. The problem is, this year, now that my kids are teenagers, I no longer am the vacation dictator in our family. I used to just select a trip and then tell everyone where we were going on a need to know basis. Not anymore, it’s now a free-for-all where everyone wants to go somewhere else and I have to search the Internet for the most affordable deal that we’ll all enjoy. So here are some of the trips we’re considering…
1. A Royal Caribbean Cruise out of Galveston, Texas — We’ve never actually been to Texas — except on a random connecting flight, but I discovered this port of call while searching for affordable trips this summer. I have tried Royal Caribbean before and am a fan and we’ve never been to some of the cool ports of call that they visit including Honduras, Belize and Falmouth Jamaica. The only question I have is how hot is it in Honduras in August? I’m thinking you could probably fry an egg on any sidewalk and the humidity is probably around 300%.
2. A Mediterranean Cruise — Now this is my #1 choice for a trip and my kids would love it too. I mean who wouldn’t want to see Italy, the South of France, Santorini and Turkey all in one trip? The only downside is the airfare is astronomical during the summer and unless we have $10-$15K stashed away, a European getaway is not in the cards for us this year.
3. Treasure Beach, Jamaica — This is my personal favorite. We’ve already been to this off the beaten path location after visiting Jake’s resort and fell in love with the locale, the people, the food, you name it. In fact, we love it so much we actually want to move there one day. But for now, I’d just love to go back, rent a villa with our own housekeeping staff and read 10 books in 7 days. My family isn’t having it though. They’ve been there, done that and want to go somewhere else. See you another time Jakes…although I miss you desperately!
4. Israel — Here’s another one on my must visit list. I have cousins who live in Haifa who I haven’t seen in years and I cannot wait to introduce my family to them and expose them to some of the most breathtaking and inspiring places I have ever seen in my life. From climbing to the top of Masada to viewing a Roman amphitheater in Cesarea, there is nothing quite like visiting Israel. Again – the price though is a bit out of our range so this one will have to wait a few more years too. Good thing my daughter will be 18 in a few years and can go for free on birthright, maybe we’ll join her then..although I’m sure she’s going to want to go without us.
5. Hawaii — I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and this year, I’m still dreaming of stepping off a plane and taking in all that breathtaking scenery. Plus, I have seen the movie 50 First Dates about 75 times and would probably drag my kids to all the places where they shot scenes for the film. Seriously though, we definitely have this on our destination list — it’s just a matter of finding a good deal so we don’t break the bank.
So there you have it — my 5 must see destinations this summer. I haven’t decided where we are headed yet but something tells me there’s a cruise out of Texas in my future. What about you? What destinations do you plan to hit this summer? If it looks good, I might just change my mind!