Take Control of Your Child’s Ear Infections with Cellscope

Arlo-dad copy.jpgWhen my kids were little, I used to hate when they’d get sick. Sure I could handle a minor cold or even a tummy ache, but it always got scary when their fever would spike and they’d be crying uncontrollably and I had no idea what was wrong.
Inevitably, when the pain for them was unbearable, we’d rush them to our pediatrician or urgent care and find that they were suffering from an ear infection. My daughter had so many in one year that we were afraid it would affect her hearing – thankfully it didn’t. My 20 year old cousin was not so lucky. During her infant and toddler years, she had so many ear infections that she developed hearing loss and had to undergo surgery this year to help correct the damage that had been done when she was just a little girl.
Enter Cellscope.
Thumbnail image for CS_Comp_pers_6Fs.pngAbout a week ago, I received an innovative new product to review called Cellscope that can record the inside of your child’s ear and enables you to share the footage with a doctor who can instantly diagnose the problem and prescribe medication to treat it if there is an infection. The device is pretty easy to use. CellScope may be used on an iPhone. You simply download the Cellscope app from their website, attach a special case for your phone. You then slide the Otoscope – a device that sits in front of the iPhone camera and attach an ear piece that can then be placed inside the ear for your examination. Once you activate the app, you are ready to hit record and explore the eardrum.
Once you have recorded footage of your child’s achy ear canal (you can use Cellscope on adults too), you can use Cellscope’s Oto CONNECT service to share your video with an on-call pediatrician who’s part of their program. That doctor can then diagnose whether your child is in fact suffering from an ear infection, and send a prescription to your local pharmacy – cutting the time your child is in pain by hours — especially if they start crying in the middle of the night! All it takes is three easy steps below and you can finally get ahead of your child’s ear infections!
3 Easy Steps to Faster Relief for Your Child:
Check your child’s ears with the Cellscope simple ear exam kit.
Send the exam to one of Cellscope’s trusted doctors, day or night.
Within 2 hours, receive a diagnosis and prescription by phone, if needed.
You can also check out Cellscope’s website for instructional videos on how to properly use the device
Cellscope currently retails for $79 and your first on call doctor evaluation is free! (a $49 value).
Save 30% off your Cellscope purchase by entering the coupon code: ROLEMOMMY. This offer is valid until May 4, 2015.
Rather than have your little one sob uncontrollably for hours until you bring them to the doctor, Cellscope gives you the opportunity to see what’s happening inside their ears before it gets really serious. And that means, as a parent you could be playing an important role in protecting your child from experiencing several ear infections which could lead to serious damage later in life.
Honestly, if you’re a parent of an infant or toddler, Cellscope should go hand in hand with your child’s thermometer. It’s a no brainer — stay ahead of their ear infections and you and your little one will be happier and healthier from the start!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Cellscope. However, all opinions are 100% my own.