School Lunch Hero Day!

Written by Role Mommy Wing Mom, Danielle Feigenbaum

school_lunch_hero_day_high_res (1).jpg This Friday, May 1st is School Lunch Hero Day! The unsung heroes of our kid’s cafeteria are the men and women who work so hard to ensure our children are well-fed during the school day. We all need to take a moment to say thank you and realize that the school lunch staff interact with our sons and daughters on a daily basis. All across the country the lunchroom workers are helping educate our children on healthy eating habits as well preparing healthy food to serve.
It is so important for our kids to keep their energy up during the day, and lunch helps give them the nutrition they need to focus and excel. I know there are many thankless jobs out there – but let’s all take some time on Friday to say “thank you” to the lunch staff! There are many ways to get involved. You can host a celebration like many schools will, or you can have your kids and their class make cards! Here is a link to some fun activities and cards you can print out. As you can see below my kids had fun doing the maze and making their own comic about the adventures of School Lunch Hero. Tell your friends and tell your kids and this Friday make the day of a special lunch hero in your school!
You can also check out Tray Talk’s Facebook page, where they have lots of great stories from schools all over the country!
SLHD card.png