Children’s App Review: There’s a New Fish in Town: Henry the Little Fish

splash.jpgI used to love reading to my kids when they were little. They won’t let me do it anymore since one will be getting ready to drive soon and the other will be getting Bar Mitzvahed. While there was never a short supply of books to choose from to read, it’s incredible how many many times we would go back to reading one or two books over an over because of how much the kids loved the story, the pictures and in many cases, the interactive pop up features. Admittedly, I am a traditionalist and prefer hard copy books over reading on a phone or other gadgets. But for the tech embracing families out there with little kids, I have come across a story book app that I know my kids would have really enjoyed as toddlers. Its called Henry The Little Fish by Pipit Press and it’s available for download on the iPhone or iPad for only $2.99. The app gives you the choice to just read or read and play as the story unfolds. If you value graphics, great sound, a good story and talking fish (who doesn’t?), then inexpensive probably doesn’t do the app justice.
I might be a bit biased since the story makes me think about the movie and story of Finding Nemo which my family and I are completely obsessed with even to this day. While the story and interactive play features of the app have nothing to do with Finding Nemo, the little fish named Henry is entertaining in his own right. During his travels in the water, Henry comes across a discovery that he is anxious to share with new fish friends in the sea. As he meets each new fish to share his discovery, Henry notices how different he is from each fish that he encounters. After several interactions with other fish, Henry realizes that his biggest discovery was recognizing his own unique traits, learning to be proud of the family he has and that no one should feel compelled to be something they are not to fit in. The amazing colors used in the app, entertaining narration and character voices, cool sound effects and optional play features make the story a quick enjoyable read that is sure bring a smile to your young one’s face.
To order the Henry the Fish app on your mobile device, visit the iTunes story and order it for your child in time for the holidays!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% my own.