Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Fried Polenta Rounds with Parmesan

polenta sliced with parmesan.jpg The holidays are coming and I am getting excited to start planning my appetizers. Polenta is a delicious and gluten free dish that I always seem to forget about but then rediscover when I am served it at restaurants. It is so easy to prepare and so satisfying with cheese or anything else you’d like to pile on. You may be stressed to host your holiday events so cut some time and effort corners with this simple app. Enjoy!

Fried Polenta Rounds with Parmesan
One tube prepared Polenta, sliced into 1/4″ round slices (should make about 20 slices)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 tsp olive oil, divided
Heat up a medium to large size non-stick skillet over medium heat and add a tsp of the olive oil until hot.
When the oil is smoking a bit, add as many slices as you can to the pan, leaving a little room around them so that you will easily be able to flip them with a spatula.
Wait a few minutes and check with a spatula to see if the underside is getting golden brown. When it turns golden, flip it over and cook until that side is golden brown.
While you’re waiting for the second side to get brown, place a little of the cheese on top.
When the cheese is melted and the second side is golden brown, remove from the pan and loosely cover with aluminum.
Start making the second batch and when they are all done, serve immediately. Enjoy!
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Join Avon and Me for a Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs with Jen Groover

11739_10150830629565205_126438029_n.jpgI can’t believe it’s been nearly eight years since I jumped off the diving board of corporate life and started a small business…actually, it’s two small businesses but who’s counting? It hasn’t been easy giving up a career that was stable and reliable and had put me on a path toward the corner office, but being out on my own has given me the freedom to do what I love while raising a family.
In my career as a blogger and writer, I have had the tremendous good fortune of working with people and brands who are incredibly supportive of women entrepreneurs and Avon is at the top of the list. The brand has recently launched a You Make It Beautiful campaign which offers a renewed message of support, showing that each and every woman is the source of their own life’s beauty. Take a look…

For the millions of women who have become Avon Representatives over the years, the campaign offers a message of inspiration. Avon gives you the opportunity, but it is you who writes your own story of personal triumph. To others, it’s a message of empowerment. The products are just the confidence booster for you to realize the beauty that was always there
Avon’s ‘Beautiful Stories’ videos shine a light on stand-out Representatives who have truly made their lives beautiful with the earnings opportunity Avon has given them
The Avon earnings opportunity helps independent women grow in a variety of ways – whether it’s gaining confidence and discovering strengths or finding freedom and flexibility and learning leadership skills.
If you are like me and are on a lifelong journey to finding success as an entrepreneur on your own terms, I invite you to join Avon and I for a series of Twitter chats starting Wednesday, November 19 from 12:30-1pm ET where wildly successful entrepreneur Jen Groover offers tips on how to gain confidence and independence with your business along with Avon Representative Georgiana Haynes, who will be a special guest participant.
Make sure you follow @jengroover and use the hashtag #MyAvonStory to participate. The remaining Twitter chats in the series are:
‘Earning an income on your own terms’ on Thursday, December 19
‘Creating professional fulfillment’ on Wednesday, January 21
You can RSVP to each Twitter chat by emailing AvonRSVP@bm.com. If you RSVP and attend the Twitter event, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Avon product bundle. Avon Brand Ambassador.jpg
About Jen Groover
Jen Groover is a serial entrepreneur who’s gone from guest-hosting spots on QVC to inking deals with some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights. Her success began with the creation of the Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag, and has evolved into an entire lifestyle brand, which can now be found at several prominent retailers. She’s also behind Leader Girlz, which teaches young girls the importance of empowerment through play, and her newest brand, Empowered by Jen Groover. Groover is also an author, speaker and media contributor. For more information about Jen, visit her website at www.jengroover.com.
Disclosure: As a paid Blogger Ambassador for Avon, I will be discussing many aspects of Avon’s brand; from the entrepreneurial side, to career, to beauty tips, Avon staples, and more in a series of posts. The opinions in these articles are mine and are not indicative of the brand.