Travel on your mind?

As we head into the holiday season, many of us will be heading home to visit loved ones or taking a mini vacation to escape the cold. Either way, when it comes to traveling, it can be stressful due to all the restrictions and additional fees now placed when we travel on airlines. And if you are taking a roadtrip, it’s tough to cram everything into your car along with your kids and a dog. So how can you take everything with you and never miss one of your necessities when you’re away? Give these travel tips a whirl and make sure you incorporate them into your next trip!
Carry-on bags: These days, carry-on bags have become the luggage of choice when traveling — especially when we have to pay extra for luggage whenever we board a flight. There are some many stylish carry on bags to choose from that are pretty durable and lightweight too. So, find the carry on that fits your personality and buy one for your travel. Make sure your bag has wheels and fit easily in that overhead compartment — the last thing you want is for a flight attendant to send you luggage to the container below the plane because it’s too big. If you don’t have one, here is a photius nordstrom coupon code to help you buy one at a discounted rate. Check for the wide variety available there and choose one that fits your requirements accurately.
Luggage Tags and Labels: This is very important if you have more than three bags with yourself. At the same time, it helps you classify the bags with what you have kept in it. For example, clothes and toiletry are kept in bag A. If you mark it with a tag or label, you don’t have to waste time in case of urgency.
Space Saving travel pouch: If you have a number of little things, here is an option to keep them at one place. Travel pouches are sturdy and can keep your items safe throughout the travel.
Eye Mask: When you are sleeping, an eye mask can help you get a sound sleep. Buy two and keep it with you just in case a friend or family member asks for one too.
Emergency travel blanket: If you or your family member is not comfortable using blankets offered at planes or at hotels, here is a possible solution. It can also be used as a pillow if you need one, or need an additional one. Zipped properly, it is a compact piece to carry with you.
Shoe travel bag: If you do not want your shoes to get dirty when you are not wearing them, a shoe travel bag is an excellent solution. These bags are big enough to fit up to Women’s Size 11 shoe. If you are looking to buy one, here is a Nordstrom coupon to get it at a discounted price.
Miscellaneous items: If you are carrying a laptop, make sure you buy a laptop sleeve so that your computer is protected. If you are going to a place where rains are expected, take an umbrella. If you want to keep your phone extra safe, keep a phone wallet handy. There are a number of cases available, which are stylish and, at the same time, keep your phone safe. If you have a number of medicines, carry a medical bag. A passport holder is another item that people need. So, keep it with you.
Clothes to suit the weather: This is pretty basic, but before you leave for any trip, check out the weather forecast and make sure you have clothes for every occasion. Sure you can always buy something while you are there, but I find that whenever we go to warm weather locations, I always bring a black or white sweater or wrap to cover up on chilly nights. So even though you might be headed to a tropical island, don’t forget to bring something warm for evenings.
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