Family Chores Made Easier with the OurHome App

10426140_10152487772315205_9031606830961469536_n.jpgWhose turn is it to walk the dog? That seems to be the usual refrain in our house over the last 12 months since we adopted our beloved Santana. I know our two cats, Jasper and Hazel couldn’t care less about the dog, how many times she gets walked or if she ever decides to make a break for it out of the house. They give me that disdainful look that says, “just make sure someone cleans up our damn litter box and have our food waiting for us at 6:30 am sharp!”. My son’s bearded dragon, Guapo doesn’t seem to share that same contempt for Santana, as his daily activities have been relatively unaffected by her adoption. Get fed mealworms, scoff down a little lettuce, and bask under the heat lamp for the day. Despite being low maintenance, Guapo is a constant reminder to me every time I walk into son’s room about how many things in our house, big or small, that require daily attention by our family.
While I have repeatedly advocated for just putting a magic marker board on our refrigerator for everyone in our family to see their choirs, responsibilities and schedules, the way I use to when I was a kid, it seems like we would need to buy a much bigger fridge for that to work. However, maintaining the status quo of pleading with and reprimanding my kids to do the things they are suppose to do around the house has become an intolerable source of frustration to both me and my wife. I do know from past experience that bribery with the kids really does work. Wash the dishes and you will make $3. Take out the garbage and you get a $1. Punishment also seems to work, but I never feel very good about it afterwards. So when I came across an app that seems to incorporate the typical daily demands of any family and has a system in place that keeps everyone on track by encouraging them to cross off their to do list, I was excited to have been introduced to the OurHome App. Since our kids are on their mobile devices 24/7, OurHome offers a great option to let them know when it’s time to walk the dog, feed the lizard or take out the garbage. And if they do their chores, they can even be notified that they’ve earned cold hard cash for their efforts. It’s a win win for the whole family!
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.38.38 PM.png
OurHome is a new and simple way to organize your family. Kids will be motivated to do chores and take responsibility while parents can reward them for their effort. There’s also a smart shopping list and a private family message board. Best of all, it’s totally free to use with no ads and no hidden costs.
screen568x568-1.jpegWith OurHome your family can take action right from their mobile device to start getting important work done around the house.
We decided to try out the app the week after Thanksgiving and gave our kids a host of responsibilities that they typically do, but it takes a lot of prodding before it gets done. This time around, the incentive was they’d be rewarded with money if they finished their chores in a timely fashion. Suddenly, the litter box was being cleaned each day without us having to ask. My daughter emptied the dishwasher and put away the dishes. My son even took out the garbage and that’s usually my responsibility! I think he tried that one so he could score some extra money…which he did. I’m happy to report, this new online system really works and I think we are well on our way to getting work around the house completed with the help of our kids…what a concept!
If you’re like me and are tired of asking, then telling and then yelling at your kids to do their chores, download the OurHome app, add your entire family and start watching as those chores get done and everyone is happy. Now that’s something I can completely get used to.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% my own including the fact that my children never do their chores on time.

Everything You Need to Know about the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

A special guest post by Role Mommy Writer’s Network contributor Kimberly Vetrano, founder of She Scribes
Whether you are a native New Yorker or someone who enjoys visiting the “Big Apple,” it’s hard to deny that New York City is the place to be during the holiday season. From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York City is the place to be.
If you find yourself in New York City during the holidays you should take time to visit and enjoy many of the popular destinations like the holiday tree and ice skaters in Rockefeller Center, the holiday widow displays on 5th Avenue and stopping by Santaland at Macy’s to tell Santa Claus what you want for Christmas.
Another thing you should do while in New York City is pick up tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It’s truly amazing to see. Even if you saw the Christmas Spectacular years ago you should go again. My family and I were fortunate to see the Christmas Spectacular five years ago. We recently saw it again and noticed many differences than the last time we saw it.
We recently went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I felt like a little kid anxiously waiting for Christmas morning as I counted down the days until we went to see the show. Even my hard to impress teenagers were looking forward to seeing the show.
The theater was packed as you could imagine. We saw people of all ages. The beauty of this show is that people both young and old will find something about the Christmas Spectacular that resonates with them. The little ones go crazy when Santa appears on stage. Others might find the Nativity scene especially moving and powerful. I know I do.
There is a lot to see in the theater’s lobby. If you go I hope you’ll take some time to check out the beautiful architecture and the jaw dropping chandelier that hangs high in the center of the lobby.
There are plenty of souvenirs and snacks available both on the main lobby and downstairs.
The restrooms are located downstairs. The line can be VERY long, especially after the show is over, but it moves very quickly. There are attendants in the ladies room who keep things moving along.
I would suggest a meeting place should you have several people in your group so you know where to find everyone when you are done using the facilities.
When you are ready to take your seat in the theater there are plenty of people to help you find your seat. The seats are comfortable to sit in too.
I love the theater. It’s HUGE! Not only that it would appear that most seats in the theater are considered “good seats”. We’ve had the chance to sit both upfront and towards the middle of the theater further back and we could see everything just fine.
The spectacular started off with the orchestra playing some holiday music and giant snowflakes dancing across the theater ceiling and walls.
When the big man himself, Santa, makes his appearance the audience goes crazy – especially the little children. We were seated by little kids and they all started to shout Santa! Santa! with HUGE smiles on their faces when they saw Santa walk on to the stage. I think plenty of grown-ups were equally as excited (I know I was).
Santa welcomes everyone to Radio City then introduces the world famous Radio City Rockettes.
If you have never seen the Rockettes perform you are in for a treat. They are so in tune with each other and their precision is spot on. It blows my mind how they can do that. Not one of them is ever out of step.
What follows is a series of holiday themed vignettes performed by the Rockettes and other dancers.
My husband asked me which is my favorite. It’s so hard to narrow it down. The Nativity is breathtaking with the angel flying in the sky the parade of travelers heading off to Jerusalem to see the newborn king. There are even REAL camels and sheep on stage.
I also LOVE when the Rockettes travel around popular spots in New York City on a bus, even stopping by Central Park where the audience gets to watch a couple skate on real ice right there on the stage.
I also love their portrayal of the Nutcracker. The teddy bear with the big pink lips cracks me up. In addition nothing is more amazing than watching the Rockettes do their impression of wooden soldiers.
There is also a 3D element to the show. In the very beginning, Santa takes the audience on a sleigh ride with him into New York City. Each person is given 3D glasses to enjoy this segment. It’s fun to see things coming at you like presents and geese.
I cannot rave about the Christmas Spectacular enough. Young and old alike can delight in this experience. And it’s truly that – an experience. You just don’t sit there and watch performers. You are immersed in the entire show. You feel like you are a part of it.
When the show is over it’s just a brief walk over to Rockefeller Center to see the world famous Christmas Tree and take in the sights and sounds of the New York City at Christmas time.
If you live in the New York City area, or are planning a trip there, there are still tickets available for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. For more information or to purchase tickets visit You can also check out the Christmas Spectacular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Have you seen the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City?

Avon Spearheads an Inspiring Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like taking a quick break at lunch so you can connect with like minded women who are working as hard as you are to find success as a small business owner. That’s exactly what I did last week when I got the chance to participate in a Twitter chat with super successful entrepreneur Jen Groover and the team at Avon.
While the chat seemed to go by in a flash, what I really enjoyed was hearing stories from fellow small business owners who conquered their fears to pursue their passion. Some of my favorite tweets came from Stephanie Elie, the founder of Bizzie Mommy who I’ve had the great fortune of meeting over the past few years.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.55.47 PM.png
The common thread between all of us was that in order to succeed, all of us have had to do something outside of our comfort zone in order to move forward. Stephanie mentioned how she didn’t enjoy speaking in public but has sought out opportunities where she could speak so that she could face her fears head on. Others talked about how important it is to learn from failure and rejection and how we need to instill the concept of failing in our own children. While I have always encouraged my kids to pursue what they love, I agree that it is incredibly important to speak to our kids about rejection so that they know that it is okay to fail. Rather than give up, it’s best to learn from our failures so that we can continue on our path and experience success after we’ve made a few course corrections.
Jen Groover, who is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and has created a number of popular retail products, including the ‘Butler Bag,’ shared some really great advice throughout the entire chat. Take a look…
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.55.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.55.35 PM.png
The advice that I took to heart is the part about asking advice from mentors whenever you are in need of support. Fortunately, in my career, I have been lucky enough to get advice from incredibly successful entrepreneurs like Jeanne Burton, the former founder of, Sue Kupcinet, a writer and creator of the off beat greeting card line Yenta Sentiments and New York Times best selling author, philanthropist and national television correspondent Lee Woodruff. Jeanne taught me that anything was truly possible and to never give up on my dreams no matter how big they seemed. Sue explained that while I might have tons of amazing business ideas, many of them could wind up in my garage (like the t-shirts I created nearly a decade ago when I first launched Role Mommy) but to not beat myself up over those failures – instead, I should learn from them and think twice about launching a t-shirt line if I haven’t yet built my brand. Finally, aside from being one of the most talented writers I know, Lee taught me about the importance of saying no. While I found myself being pulled in a million directions at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, the moment I started saying no to events and opportunities that took me away from my family but didn’t contribute to my personal income or enjoyment, was the moment I began realizing that it’s okay to say no and not feel guilty about it. Without these mentors in my life, I could have easily given up on my passions and gone back to a full time job but instead, I have persevered and have learned so much along the way.
Trust me, there is nothing easy about running a small business or in my case, two businesses. But if you are lucky enough to have the support of incredible individuals who can serve as your guides along the way, I say, take the leap, accept that you’re going to fail, but no matter what, don’t ever give up!
Avon Brand Ambassador.jpgIf you missed the last twitter chat but want to get in on the conversation, then you are in luck. Avon will be hosting two more chats with Jen Groover in December and January!
Make sure you follow @jengroover and use the hashtag #MyAvonStory to participate. The remaining Twitter chats in the series are:
‘Earning an income on your own terms’ on Thursday, December 18 (12:30-1pm ET)
‘Creating professional fulfillment’ on Wednesday, January 21 (12:30-1pm ET)

You can RSVP to each Twitter chat by emailing If you RSVP and attend the Twitter event, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Avon product bundle.
Disclosure: As a paid Blogger Ambassador for Avon, I will be discussing many aspects of Avon’s brand; from the entrepreneurial side, to career, to beauty tips, Avon staples, and more in a series of posts. The opinions in these articles are mine and are not indicative of the brand.

Beat the Black Friday Crowds with Coupon Mate!

I can’t think of a day during the year that makes me happier than Thanksgiving Thursday. Being around family and friends, stuffing my face with turkey, watching a few football games and kicking back a few glasses of beaujolais is what I consider a perfect day. I swear it’s not because my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. (I could use some new sweaters if anyone is not sure what to buy me this year).
While I think most people share the same sentiment, it seems that Black Friday holds as much, if not more symbolic value than the actual Thanksgiving holiday itself. Why anyone would enjoy dealing with congested parking lots, long lines at the cash register and boisterous crowds in the hopes of uncovering a great savings opportunity at a favorite store is beyond my comprehension. But then again, I pretty much feel this way about shopping during any time of the year. As far as I’m concerned, there is no need for me to ever step food inside a store again when I can purchase almost anything that I want online. And when I discover new products or services that enhance my online shopping experience and I can save money along the way, I know that it becomes increasingly unlikely my wife will ever be able to coax me into ever going to a mall again. That is exactly what a new site and App I recently discovered called Coupon Mate.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.08.55 PM.png
While I’m typically not a coupon clipper, I’m all about making the process of saving money as simple as possible and that’s exactly what CouponMate offers. With over 100,000 stores and more than 765,000 coupons to choose from, all you need to install the extension for the app on your computer and when you are shopping online at your favorite store or brand, you’re able to access all the coupon codes available right from the retailer website you are on. In fact, with a select number of stores, the extension will automatically apply the best code for your cart at the click of a button. It’s that simple. In fact, we gave it a try with the site and saved 20% on a Nutri Bullet juicer!
I also checked for coupons at another one of our favorite stores, Target, and found over 26 today that my family could redeem. The other cool element to the site is that you can install it on your chrome browser and CouponMate will alert you whenever there are new coupons available at your favorite online store. Honestly, with the help of Coupon Mate, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be saving on online purchases at your favorite stores. So take my advice, sleep in on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and start your holiday shopping with the help of!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However all opinions are 100% my own.

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Chipotle Cole Slaw

slaw.JPG As crazy as this sounds, I am thinking of replacing cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving with my new cole slaw. Who needs all that added sugar? This tasty slaw will add some moistness to the turkey and give it a little kick. Who’s with me? It’s also a great way to use up that never ending cabbage that is always staring back at you from the fridge.
Chipotle Cole Slaw:
4 cups cabbage, shredded
1 cup cilantro, chopped
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp chipotle pepper
juice of 1/2 lime
1 inch or more of shredded carrot
Combine all the above, stir until fully combined and chill before serving.
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Don’t just be a Mom. Be a Fit Mom!

shadow-unhappy-woman-on-scale-plus-size-nc.jpgOver the past year, I’ve had a few health setbacks that have caused me to put on weight at an unbelievable pace. Back in the spring, I threw out my knee and spent an entire week on the couch and then the next few months slowly making my way back to the gym. In fact, after that incident, I gave up Jazzercise since the activity was really causing my knee to ache. Then, last month, I woke up in excruciating pain and discovered I had two wisdom teeth that were infected, impacted and had to be removed. There I was, back again on the couch and despite the fact that I could have lost weight on a liquid diet, I still managed to find ways to satisfy my sweet tooth (I did get my teeth pulled on Halloween so you can’t blame me for not avoiding chocolate!) And so, as we get ready to start a new year, I’m faced with having to lose at least 15 pounds so I can fit back into my skinny jeans.
I don’t know about you, but I hate when I gain weight. It makes me feel lethargic and my joints and muscles ache even more. Being overweight causes a host of health and self esteem problems and as a mom of two young teens, I know I need to set an example for them to keep them active, be it in school or at home. While I happen to love to curl up on the couch at the end of a long day, the fact is, my son has been partaking in my nightly ritual too and while it is fun and relaxing, we also have to mix up our routine with exercise. So, get up and get fit before it’s too late. Here are some interesting strategies that will help you get fit and, at the same time, it will be a fun.
Plan your day, week and month: Planning is crucial for everything you do. Planning your day, you need to give time for feeding your kids, playing games with them, your job and your TV time. But I failed to mention the most important thing. Exercise! Yes, you need to take time out of your busy schedule and devote time to your workout. In this case, start small, but make a steady effort to keep your schedule intact. Once your daily schedule is on track, you need to make a weekly plan, then for a month. This way, you will be on your road to being fit.
Ask for help: You may think you can do it all, but you still need help from others. Asking your husband or partner for help along with your nanny, friends, siblings, or your parents can help ensure that you won’t miss out on taking care of yourself during a busy work week. With their help, you can be sure that your workout will not be affected. Don’t hesitate. You don’t have to ask them to be available at your place for hours and hours. All you need is 30 minutes a day to get back in shape.
Yoga: Yoga is a great option too. If you have some peaceful music CDs, play it and focus on meditating and exercising. It can even help you cope with daily stress by teaching you how deep breaths and stretching are good for your body. If you need a yoga mat for your session, here is a sears code to get it at a discounted price.
Breaks: Your dedicated time for workouts should include decent intervals so that you can rest for some time. This will help you have a healthy routine and boost your energy. So, take breaks and end your workout with ease.
Dance: One of the best options to workout is to dance. As I had mentioned before, I was doing Jazzercise last year and really enjoyed it until I hurt my knee. So take it easy — you may not be 15 anymore but you can find low cardio dance options that won’t affect your knees. And the best part is, you will burn calories without even realizing it!
Equipment: Exercise cycles, incline trainers, or any other fitness equipment. Have at least one of them at home and don’t use it to hang your dirty laundry! Make sure the equipment is in one of your favorite rooms so that it keeps you motivated to use it. So as you contemplate the couch or the climber, jump on the climber for 30 minutes and then reward yourself by crashing on the couch afterwards! If you are planning to buy one for yourself, here is a sears shipping coupon code. Use it and get an amazing discount on your purchase.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Great App: Cheeky Chats Book of Empowering Wisdom for Girls of All Ages

Written by Role Mommy Wing Mom, Danielle Feigenbaum

CheekyChats_SShot_home_ipadR.png Cute Cats meet Girl Power in this interactive and inspiring book for girls featuring motivational quotes, examples of real life role models, cool facts and quiz games that build confidence, broaden horizons and encourage girls to believe in themselves and their abilities. My ten year old daughter loves playing – she gets caught up in all the amazing stories about the fantastic women being represented on the app.
Q & A with the creator of this fun app, Christi S. Scofield President & Founder of
Icebreaker Entertainment, LLC
As the auntie of two nephews, I found that the books I read with them and the games and apps we played together differed significantly from what was available for girls. In my other “adopted auntie” duties to my friend’s 7 and 10 year old girls, I struggled to find stories that weren’t princess related or apps that did not revolve around the beauty salon and dress-up. I feel that, while fairy tales and hairdos can be fun, girls need more options with substance. Enter the Cheeky Chats, where cute cats meet girl power! I created the Cheeky Chats for the girl who is building confidence in herself, who believes in her abilities and is willing to expand her horizons and embrace what life has to offer.
The Cheeky Chats app is a combination book and app with interactive features on every page. It is full of fun facts, mini quizzes, cool quotes, inspirational stories and Cheeky Challenges that encourage girls to be curious, adventurous and to try new things.
Example topics include, “Be A Champion,” where girls learn fun facts about real-life women like Olympic champion Gabby Douglas and learn how to be a graceful winner. In the topic “Be a Global Leader,” girls learn interesting trivia like, “Did you know that when you are in a US Embassy in another country you are considered to be on American Soil?” and they learn how to say hello in nine different languages. Each topic offers a Cheeky Challenge encouraging girls to do things as light-hearted as trying a new food in the “Be Awesomesauce” topic or finding ways to be charitable at a young age in “Make a Difference.”
The target age for the Cheeky Chats app is 6 to 11 but my hope is that the positive messages appeal to all ages. The app includes a read-to-me function for the younger ages and is the perfect app for girls to read with mothers, aunties, big sisters, grandparents and even dads & brothers and talk about the quotes, fun facts and Cheeky Challenges and hopefully all will gain a bit of inspiration, empowering wisdom and an awesome Cheeky Chattitude.
It’s easy! Just go to the link on iTunes
TARGET: Kids – Specifically Girls – ages 6-11 (In the app store it is listed under Kids – Books / Entertainment – Ages 6-8.)
PRICE: $2.99
PLATFORMS: Available on iTunes for iPad & iPhone and coming soon to Android.
Take a look at a demo of the app right HERE

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Fried Polenta Rounds with Parmesan

polenta sliced with parmesan.jpg The holidays are coming and I am getting excited to start planning my appetizers. Polenta is a delicious and gluten free dish that I always seem to forget about but then rediscover when I am served it at restaurants. It is so easy to prepare and so satisfying with cheese or anything else you’d like to pile on. You may be stressed to host your holiday events so cut some time and effort corners with this simple app. Enjoy!

Fried Polenta Rounds with Parmesan
One tube prepared Polenta, sliced into 1/4″ round slices (should make about 20 slices)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 tsp olive oil, divided
Heat up a medium to large size non-stick skillet over medium heat and add a tsp of the olive oil until hot.
When the oil is smoking a bit, add as many slices as you can to the pan, leaving a little room around them so that you will easily be able to flip them with a spatula.
Wait a few minutes and check with a spatula to see if the underside is getting golden brown. When it turns golden, flip it over and cook until that side is golden brown.
While you’re waiting for the second side to get brown, place a little of the cheese on top.
When the cheese is melted and the second side is golden brown, remove from the pan and loosely cover with aluminum.
Start making the second batch and when they are all done, serve immediately. Enjoy!
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Join Avon and Me for a Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs with Jen Groover

11739_10150830629565205_126438029_n.jpgI can’t believe it’s been nearly eight years since I jumped off the diving board of corporate life and started a small business…actually, it’s two small businesses but who’s counting? It hasn’t been easy giving up a career that was stable and reliable and had put me on a path toward the corner office, but being out on my own has given me the freedom to do what I love while raising a family.
In my career as a blogger and writer, I have had the tremendous good fortune of working with people and brands who are incredibly supportive of women entrepreneurs and Avon is at the top of the list. The brand has recently launched a You Make It Beautiful campaign which offers a renewed message of support, showing that each and every woman is the source of their own life’s beauty. Take a look…

For the millions of women who have become Avon Representatives over the years, the campaign offers a message of inspiration. Avon gives you the opportunity, but it is you who writes your own story of personal triumph. To others, it’s a message of empowerment. The products are just the confidence booster for you to realize the beauty that was always there
Avon’s ‘Beautiful Stories’ videos shine a light on stand-out Representatives who have truly made their lives beautiful with the earnings opportunity Avon has given them
The Avon earnings opportunity helps independent women grow in a variety of ways – whether it’s gaining confidence and discovering strengths or finding freedom and flexibility and learning leadership skills.
If you are like me and are on a lifelong journey to finding success as an entrepreneur on your own terms, I invite you to join Avon and I for a series of Twitter chats starting Wednesday, November 19 from 12:30-1pm ET where wildly successful entrepreneur Jen Groover offers tips on how to gain confidence and independence with your business along with Avon Representative Georgiana Haynes, who will be a special guest participant.
Make sure you follow @jengroover and use the hashtag #MyAvonStory to participate. The remaining Twitter chats in the series are:
‘Earning an income on your own terms’ on Thursday, December 19
‘Creating professional fulfillment’ on Wednesday, January 21
You can RSVP to each Twitter chat by emailing If you RSVP and attend the Twitter event, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Avon product bundle. Avon Brand Ambassador.jpg
About Jen Groover
Jen Groover is a serial entrepreneur who’s gone from guest-hosting spots on QVC to inking deals with some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights. Her success began with the creation of the Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag, and has evolved into an entire lifestyle brand, which can now be found at several prominent retailers. She’s also behind Leader Girlz, which teaches young girls the importance of empowerment through play, and her newest brand, Empowered by Jen Groover. Groover is also an author, speaker and media contributor. For more information about Jen, visit her website at
Disclosure: As a paid Blogger Ambassador for Avon, I will be discussing many aspects of Avon’s brand; from the entrepreneurial side, to career, to beauty tips, Avon staples, and more in a series of posts. The opinions in these articles are mine and are not indicative of the brand.

Penguins of Madagascar

Written by Role Mommy Wing Mom, Danielle Feigenbaum and Role Mommy Kid Reporters

Thumbnail image for POM-1Sht.jpg Penguins of Madagascar are back in their very own feature film – coming to theaters this Thanksgiving, November 26th! My lucky kids had a chance to meet THE Penguins (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico & Private), get a penguin painted on their face, feed some real penguins and get a sneak peek at the Penguins of Madagascar movie! This super fun day at The Bronx Zoo, courtesy of DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox, had my kids dancing with penguins, coloring, riding the merry-go-round, eating yummy food and sporting some 3-D glasses for a special screening. The reviews are in, both kids give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!
A little bit about the film… Super spy teams aren’t born…they’re hatched. Discover the secrets of the greatest and most hilarious covert birds in the global espionage biz: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. These elitists of the elite are joining forces with a chic undercover organization, The North Wind. Led by handsome and husky Agent Classified (we could tell you his name, but then…you know), voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. Together, they must stop the villainous Dr. Octavius Brine, voiced by John Malkovich, from destroying the world as we know it. The movie Stars the voices of – Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ken Jeong, Annet Mahendru, Peter Stormare and John Malkovich.
According to my kid reporters… “The characters were all lovable and adorable, even the evil ones. A couple of jokes went a little over our heads, but all the grown ups seemed to get them and laughed really hard. There is also a nice lesson to be learned, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Everyone should go see this movie over Thanksgiving weekend.”
Visit the Official Website
Follow @DWAnimation on Twitter
Like ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ on Facebook
Follow on Tumblr, Google+
Check out the trailer here, and discover the untold story of these hilarious penguins on November 26th at a theater near you!