Trying to lose weight? Here are some painless ways to do it!

shadow-unhappy-woman-on-scale-plus-size-nc.jpgAs a mom, I seem to have an endless to-do list. From taking my kids to their daily activities, to making dinner, feeding the cats, the dog, the lizard and more. But while trying to keep my family members happy, oftentimes I forget about taking care of myself.
For me, the one thing that always seems to fall by the wayside is my weight, While I try to go to the gym on a regular basis, I can be known to come up with a host of excuses as to why I can’t make it there each morning. So when I’m not hitting the cardio machines or trying out a grueling pilates class, I’ve discovered five painless tips to lose weight. Give it a whirl and let me know if it works for you!
1. Don’t diet: Yes, dieting is not a solution. Instead, add healthy food items like crunchy snow peas, juicy grapes, deep-red cherries, etc. Many a time, mommies opt for dieting and end up falling sick. This is because there is no proper food intake and the heavy schedule is still on their back. So, don’t cut down on your food intake. Add healthy goodies to your diet.
2. Dance moves: No need to take out a membership for a regular dance class. Just play some of your favorite music and start moving! Just five or ten minutes a day of dancing and you can be burning calories the fun way. If you want to buy some good dance music CDs, can be a helpful source to get great discounts. It offers coupons for the latest music CDs at the cheapest possible rates.
3. Hydration: Drinking water at regular intervals is good for your health. It enables mental alertness, stronger immune system and improves digestion. At the same time, it serves a hidden purpose; you eat less. If you drink some water before your meal, you won’t hog down everything and anything because you will not be so hungry. At parties, grab a low-cal drink and sip it at intervals. It will help you stay away from the buffet as well as from having endless cocktails.
4. Avoid high-calorie food items: You may love cheese and ice cream, but if you want to avoid weight problems the best solution is to opt for lower-calorie food items. Try low-fat ice cream and reduced-fat cheese. That way you will trim down your calories, without compromising on the deliciously tasty items. Did you know? Pizza with reduced-fat cheese tastes exactly the same as with regular cheese. So, get rid of fatty items and buy low-fat items. lists a discount coupon for your every need. In fact, the site offers online coupons, promo codes and deals for your favorite online stores with over 100,000 coupons available!
5. Save it for tomorrow: While trying to lose weight, the biggest challenge is to resist the temptation to have such goodies, which add on to your weight. The simplest option here is to save it for tomorrow. Every day you need to tell this to yourself; ‘Not today. I’ll have it tomorrow.’ However, reward yourself with that delicious goodie once in a while.
These painless tips will help you lose weight without any intake of supplements or harmful items. So, start today and lose weight the painless way!
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