Not Shop Till You Drop — Saving Money on the Groceries

Even though it’s important to provide your family with nutritious, tasty food, the weekly grocery shop is an expensive affair. The cost of living continues to grow, but the last thing any parent wants to do is compromise on food quality.
As a result, an increasing number of us are looking at ways to save money on groceries, which is often easier than you think.
Buy in bulk
Set aside more room in the fridge or invest in some extra food storage space with an additional freezer. Bulk food buying will inevitably save you lots of money in the long run. Provided they have a lengthy shelf life, you may want to consider buying lots of discounted items at the same time too.
Purchase seasonal produce
Despite the fact that fresh fruit and vegetables are quite expensive, you’ll save lots of money if you only buy in-season produce, which comes from local sources. Food that has been grown and imported elsewhere costs more to purchase, might not taste as good and may have a detrimental impact on the environment.
Make use of coupons
You may look down or frown upon using coupons for grocery shopping, but when it comes to pinching the pennies, they’re invaluable. Even small savings per coupon will add up when you get to the checkout. But remember to exercise caution, as you might make impulse purchases simply because you have a coupon.
Choose generic or own store items
Quality is important, of course, but some generic or store brand products are just as good as name brand items. It’s a good idea to choose generic brands for food staples, such as flour and sugar, canned produce like fruit or vegetables, and frozen goods. Read the ingredients on the packet, or online reviews, if you’re concerned about buying below-par products.
Look high and low
Grocery stores and supermarkets think very carefully about where they position their items. The most expensive products tend to be at the shopper’s eye-level, so look low for the cheapest goods or the best deal. Also, be sure to check the reduced section too.
We all know that the weekly grocery or food shop is absolutely essential, but that doesn’t mean to say it has to be a pricey exercise. And it certainly won’t be if you follow these money saving tips.
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