Must Have Gift…Get Dad a Tadpole for Father’s Day!

I47IFTDPL-BL0.pngHere at Role Mommy, we don’t necessarily have the time to scour the web and retail stores for tons of great gifts. What we do really well though on our site is finding those last minute gift items that have the “Wow” factor attached to them. Luckily, just in time for Father’s Day, we found something that your entire family will love.
A few days ago, I was introduced to Tadpole. No – it doesn’t swim and has nothing to do with frogs — it’s way cooler than that. Tadpole is a miniature bluetooth speaker that connects with your phone and can enable you to play music without using your headphones. So far, the Tadpole has become a huge hit with my family and while my own dad is technically challenged, I definitely think it makes a great gift item for runners and cyclists. Here’s why…
When you go out for a bike ride or a run, it can be quite dangerous wearing headphones that drown out traffic. But with the Tadpole, you can clip it onto your shorts, connect it to your phone and listen to your music on the go but still be alert if any cars are nearby. Plus, if you head out to the beach or host a Father Day’s barbecue — just bring your Tadpole along and you’ll have an instant party wherever you go.
To find out more and order a Tadpole for your dad…or yourself, visit the ifrog site now and pick up a few for all the music lovers in your family. It’s only $19.99 so you can have a field day with this one!