Million Dollar Arm: Two Hours of Hope, Inspiration & Smiles

MillionDollarArm534f14f4d8af0.jpgI have to say, I was really looking forward to seeing “Million Dollar Arm,” the true story of sports agent JB Bernstein who convinced an investor to launch a search for the next baseball phenom in India. Truth be told, I initially was excited to see the film because ever since I’ve become hopelessly addicted to “Mad Men,” I’ve become a huge Jon Hamm fan. But after watching the movie with my husband and son, I realized that I am a total sap and love films that inspire and provide hope.
In “Million Dollar Arm,” Bernstein (played by Hamm) travels to India where he canvases the countryside to find two star cricket players who he can bring back to America to transform into pro baseball players. He manages to find Rinku and Danesh – two powerful pitchers who can throw pitches over 80 mph, but Bernstein doesn’t realize that they’ve never played cricket before — one is a javelin thrower and the other plays field hockey.
Taking the pair away from their families for the first time in their lives, the story unfolds as Rinku and Danesh attempt to learn to play the game and at first, fail miserably. Meanwhile, the pair receive advice from Bernstein’s tenant, Brenda, a medical school intern who makes Bernstein realize that there’s a much bigger win than landing a pro baseball contract – it’s about providing hope and helping two amazing kids achieve their dreams. Take a look…

As I sat next to my husband, who is about to launch a baseball camp for kids, I couldn’t help but smile. While he’s not heading to India, he has been canvasing the streets of Southern Westchester to find children who not only love baseball, but are in need of financial assistance in order to help them attend summer camp. Thanks to the generous support of several sponsors A-Game Sports will be providing several students in Westchester County with the opportunity to train with professionals while attending baseball games too.
There is something to be said about rewarding a child who is still at an age where dreams are totally within their reach if they practice hard and believe in their abilities. Working with a child who is willing to put in the time and effort required to advance their skills, is truly a rewarding experience. Providing hope to those who may not have the funds to achieve greatness is also an incredible gift and that is why I am so excited to see my husband and his partner’s dream turn to reality beginning this July.
Visit the A-Game Sports website to find out how you can sign up for baseball camp in Westchester County or find out more about their scholarship program. And make sure you take your kids to see “Million Dollar Arm” — it’s one of those films that will become a classic for anyone who could use a dose of inspiration…and hope!
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