My Miley Mea Culpa

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how horrified I was seeing Miley Cyrus performing at the VMA Awards with a big foam finger, placing it in places that shouldn’t have been aired on national TV. I ranted about how Miley used to be a role model and now she’s turned into a sex pot who should be careful about destroying her image. She seemed out of control and a mess but somehow, the more wild she became, the more my daughter and her friends fell for her. So much so, that about six months ago, my daughter, who turns 15 tomorrow started begging me to go to her concert. And for several months, I held my ground and said no. But then I began to break.
I watched Miley on “Saturday Night Live” and thought she was very good.
I listened to her songs on the radio and at some point, start singing them to myself.
I cringed when my daughter bought a black and white striped half top to wear to the concert but let her walk out of the house with it on – as long as she wore a sweater over it.
And now, I find myself searching her Twitter feed and Facebook page to see how she’s enjoying the concert in real time and I’m coming up empty.
I guess it’s time to stop passing judgement on pop stars – especially since my teen daughter and her friends worship Miley and the more I share my disdain, they love her even more.
So Miley – despite the fact that I was appalled by your VMA performance, I finally get it – you’ve moved on from your past in a big way and have officially become a superstar in the eyes of teenaged girls everywhere. Nicely done Miss Cyrus. Nicely done.