Five Tips to Encourage Your Fashion Designer-in-the-Making

Written by Liza Deyrmenjian
Five Tips to Encourage Your Fashion Designer-in-the-Making

Various TV shows and access to the Internet have made fashion one of the most desirable industries to pursue a career and the talent who are entering the field are showing an interest at younger ages.
Deyrmenjian provides tips on ways parents can grow their aspiring designer passions.
Encourage their creativity; it may NOT be just a hobby. Kids are sponges and will often explore various hobbies before settling on any one sure thing. It’s important to encourage their creativity as they show an interest in fashion. The opportunity to explore fashion may result in a life-long career.
Enroll them in a draping class. The thrill of being able to create what is in your mind is electric for creatives. Your child will not only learn the fundamentals of the industry, they will have an opportunity to actually see their imaginations come to life. It will allow you to see if this is a passing phase or something that may be of interest for years to come. You’ll also have an opportunity to help them further develop their skills.
Have them share their style via social media. Kids are tech-savvy and can use social media tools to their advantage when it comes to fashion. Creating a following can help to attract interest from retailers. Don’t discount this as a waste of time- in fact it is free PR!
Buy glossy magazines and indulge them in their focus on fashion. Young minds are stimulated by seeing possibilities and by adding their own unique twist to something that already exists. Encourage their creativity by exposing them to various forms of design, whether it’s in magazines or on blogs and Pinterest.
Find contests in North America for your fashion-minded kids to enter. Contests are great experiences with great exposure and often great prizes! The exposure can really bring any young designer to the attention of various media outlets. In addition, your child will get to meet new friends who share the same passions. Fashion is a competitive industry and entering contests will also help your child develop skills of persistence.
Liza Deyrmenjian of Fashion Accelerator 360 (FA360) has been in the fashion industry for more than 25 years and has mentored countless fashion designer talent, including Jay McCarroll of Project Runway and Isabella Rose.
Liza D pic (1).jpeg Liza Deyrmenjian is the founder of Fashion Accelerator 360, an unparalleled platform for online fashion and lifestyle business education. Prior to launching FA 360, she consulted young designers in creating million dollar fashion businesses, many of which have been featured in Elle, InStyle and WWD and on national shows such as Oprah, Good Morning America and the Steve Harvey Show. Liza’s students and clients have gone on to successfully sell to prestigious retailers, including: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Barneys New York. Having started her own factory at the age of 19, Liza built it to a 60-worker shop, producing for large brands as well as distributing her own missy label ‘Go Girl.’ She sold her first manufacturing facility at 29 and launched her second manufacturing plant a year later, building the business to 3 million within 2 years and selling it one year later. Deyrmenjian then went on to launch successful online start-ups, and Today Liza is the founder and Chief Visionary of Fashion Accelerator 360, working with industry leaders and experts to teach 4-week online courses to fashion innovators around the world.