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Having a child can be something to be proud of but also tends to lead to a lot of stress. You are trying to keep him or her in one corner of playtime while you give yourself eight minutes alone. Whether you are a home parent or have to juggle between being a working mother, there are many creative ways to get a child’s juices flowing, providing the child with fun and you with less stress. Top 5 Activities For Busy Toddlers will keep you sane with a combination for the child to get their creative imaginations flowing!
Materials needed are one wooden stick of any size but make sure that the size is short or long enough to stick onto a paper and have stand up properly on its own. Next, two colorful construction papers, markers or crayons, color pencils and scissors. You should use safety scissors for best child secured precautions. Firstly, choose two colorful construction papers from any color. Cut a huge oval, circle or square out of both papers. The size is optional but should not be too little, as this will need to stand. Thirdly, choose a marker, pencil or crayon and draw a funny and silly expression on the shaped face. Draw eyes, mouth, bangs, nose and anything else you would imagine on a face. Fourthly, color in the details. Ex: color the eyes the color purple. Another suggestion is doing something in regards to a galaxy theme by adding three eyes for an alien expression. Fifthly, draw the hairstyle from the back- side, second paper. This means, only hair and add a butterfly or flower to indicate a hair- tie or barrette. Once done coloring in, place the two papers against one another and tape or glue together. Make sure to leave an open spot at the bottom of the paper. Lastly, place glue on one popsicle stick and place this inside of the open spot at the bottom of the two construction papers. Once complete, you will have a face expression mask. You can hold this up in front of your face for fun!
Paper and crayons are needed. Choose multiple of papers and write different letters, one time each. Then simply have your child place the letters in the correct order. This takes up a couple of minutes and is essential for children learning skills.
One construction paper, tape, glue, markers and glitter are needed to achieve this project. Firstly, roll the paper such as a spiral. Before doing so, design the paper, specifically just the outside as this is the side that will be shown. Add drawings and glue the glitter onto the telescope. Then roll the construction paper and place tape where needed so that the tube can stick together. For this step, use tape or glue. Once complete, you will have a telescope! Use to play pirates; all children will love this amazing way of adventure! This should take up almost one hour, on average.
Every little boy wants to be a Spider- Child. Though, this can also be for females as well. Required materials are dutch tape, which can be of any color. Find one tin corner and then use the duct tape, by placing this from wall to wall in the corner being used. The web should goes in all directions.
Required materials needed are one balloon, preferably medium- sized, markers and glitter. Firstly, create any sort of magical world on the balloon. This means draw flowers and plants for the jungle and add snakes and dirt with tons of leafs. Each drawing and design does not have to be picture perfect as this is purely for creative fun. Other ideas are the moon, stars and Milky Way to resemble space. Color in these designs and use glitter by placing this over some parts of the design for “captivation appeal” which will appeal magical. The glitter can be any color and should stick onto the balloon without any assistance from tape or glue. Though, these two accessories can be used as an option but are not required. Next. Blow up the balloon until fully blown. Grown- ups may need to blow up the balloon for the child, if you are going to use clear office tape or glue to best support the glitter from falling easily, then you will first blow up the balloon, then apply the tape or glue afterwards. Use only a small amount as this can drip off the balloon. After the balloon has been fully blown, let this flow in the air. Place by a bed or in a toy area and do not rub against with sharp objects as this can pop the balloon, letting the air go. Suggestive places to keep the balloon are in areas where there is little mess or sharp areas. Keep where the balloon will be bothered rarely. Remember, this is for display and not for play as this pops easily depending on the rubber elasticity that has been used. The balloon world theme of the child’s drawings should last up to two weeks, on average.
Top 5 Activities for Busy Toddlers suggest mega fun and interesting projects above to best interact with your child!
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