Contributing Writer, Sarah Schoof weighs in on the latest Zac Efron film, hitting theaters
I can only imagine that attempting to make the romantic comedy genre appeal to men is a daunting task. “That Awkward Moment” turns the idea of the “chick-flick” on its head by creating a movie that will appeal to women and their husbands or significant others. You will not have to drag the guys out the door to go see this one. The movie concentrates on three friends – Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) – trying to navigate romantic relationships in their twenties.
That_Awkward_Moment.jpgJason and Daniel are taking full advantage of being single guys in New York City, believing all they need out of life is to hang out in bars and hook up with girls. So when Mikey’s wife drops the divorce bomb on him, his best friends are happily by his side to welcome him back into bachelorhood. In order to show their support, the guys make a pact to stay single and it lasts… for about a second.
Jason meets Ellie (Imogen Poots) out at a local bar and, following their initial one-night stand, is surprised to run into her the next day at his office. The two then begin seeing each other on a more regular basis. Daniel, the proverbial commitment-phobe, finds himself developing deeper feelings for longtime friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), while Mikey decides to give things with his ex-wife another go.
The true standout in this movie for me was Miles Teller. Teller’s quick-witted comedic timing takes over every scene he is in. He has the wonderful ability to get the audience to fall in love with his character and ignore the fact that Daniel is not ideal boyfriend material. Efron and Jordan failed to impress me as much as Teller did but I enjoyed the scenes where all three actors played off one another, as they genuinely seemed to like each other.
As with many romantic comedies, the characters seem to get themselves into questionable scenarios and “That Awkward Moment” includes some of these circumstances. On the other hand, this movie differs from most rom-coms due to its R rating for language and sexual content. Although the movie can be raunchy at times, I would recommend it for a girls night out or date night.
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Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to see “That Awkward Moment.” However, all opinions are totally my own.