Until I became a Netflix addict, I never really did understand the concept of binge watching. You see, I’m not the type to set my DVR to record my favorite shows and if I missed them the first time around, I just figured I’d see it eventually when the episode repeated. But all that changed this year when I became a Netflix subscriber.
It started with “Mad Men.” I had heard for years how addictive the show was but never experienced it for myself until now. Over the holidays, I started with season one and suddenly, I just couldn’t stop. Over the next two weeks, I watched an average of three to four shows a day and before I knew it, I had zipped through five seasons.
Meanwhile, my daughter has been binge watching “Gossip Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” And my son and I have been indulging in a TV classic, “The Wonder Years.” We’re up to the final season and I have to say, once it’s over I will be so sad. Thanks to “The Wonder Years,” I’m convinced the episode where Kevin gets a dog was pivotal for my son since he was determined to convince us it was time for a puppy too. Guess what? He got his way.
Luckily, once “The Wonder Years” is over, I just noticed that “Family Ties” is also available on Netflix. Which means I can introduce my son to Alex P. Keaton and relive yet another amazing comedy from my childhood.
As for my girlfriends, they threw out a slew of shows they’re hooked on these days from “Scandal,” to “House of Cards,” “Homeland,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Girls,” and many more. While I’m still deciding which show I’m going to dive into next, all I can say is while I’ve become a Netflix TV addict, that’s quite alright. I love indulging in great shows and as I’m discovering, I’ve got a lot of binge watching to do.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream and received a complimentary annual subscription. However, all opinions are strictly my own.