That Awkward Moment

Contributing Writer, Sarah Schoof weighs in on the latest Zac Efron film, hitting theaters
I can only imagine that attempting to make the romantic comedy genre appeal to men is a daunting task. “That Awkward Moment” turns the idea of the “chick-flick” on its head by creating a movie that will appeal to women and their husbands or significant others. You will not have to drag the guys out the door to go see this one. The movie concentrates on three friends – Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) – trying to navigate romantic relationships in their twenties.
That_Awkward_Moment.jpgJason and Daniel are taking full advantage of being single guys in New York City, believing all they need out of life is to hang out in bars and hook up with girls. So when Mikey’s wife drops the divorce bomb on him, his best friends are happily by his side to welcome him back into bachelorhood. In order to show their support, the guys make a pact to stay single and it lasts… for about a second.
Jason meets Ellie (Imogen Poots) out at a local bar and, following their initial one-night stand, is surprised to run into her the next day at his office. The two then begin seeing each other on a more regular basis. Daniel, the proverbial commitment-phobe, finds himself developing deeper feelings for longtime friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), while Mikey decides to give things with his ex-wife another go.
The true standout in this movie for me was Miles Teller. Teller’s quick-witted comedic timing takes over every scene he is in. He has the wonderful ability to get the audience to fall in love with his character and ignore the fact that Daniel is not ideal boyfriend material. Efron and Jordan failed to impress me as much as Teller did but I enjoyed the scenes where all three actors played off one another, as they genuinely seemed to like each other.
As with many romantic comedies, the characters seem to get themselves into questionable scenarios and “That Awkward Moment” includes some of these circumstances. On the other hand, this movie differs from most rom-coms due to its R rating for language and sexual content. Although the movie can be raunchy at times, I would recommend it for a girls night out or date night.
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Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to see “That Awkward Moment.” However, all opinions are totally my own.

Top 5 Activities for Busy Toddlers

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Christine Williamson.

Having a child can be something to be proud of but also tends to lead to a lot of stress. You are trying to keep him or her in one corner of playtime while you give yourself eight minutes alone. Whether you are a home parent or have to juggle between being a working mother, there are many creative ways to get a child’s juices flowing, providing the child with fun and you with less stress. Top 5 Activities For Busy Toddlers will keep you sane with a combination for the child to get their creative imaginations flowing!
Materials needed are one wooden stick of any size but make sure that the size is short or long enough to stick onto a paper and have stand up properly on its own. Next, two colorful construction papers, markers or crayons, color pencils and scissors. You should use safety scissors for best child secured precautions. Firstly, choose two colorful construction papers from any color. Cut a huge oval, circle or square out of both papers. The size is optional but should not be too little, as this will need to stand. Thirdly, choose a marker, pencil or crayon and draw a funny and silly expression on the shaped face. Draw eyes, mouth, bangs, nose and anything else you would imagine on a face. Fourthly, color in the details. Ex: color the eyes the color purple. Another suggestion is doing something in regards to a galaxy theme by adding three eyes for an alien expression. Fifthly, draw the hairstyle from the back- side, second paper. This means, only hair and add a butterfly or flower to indicate a hair- tie or barrette. Once done coloring in, place the two papers against one another and tape or glue together. Make sure to leave an open spot at the bottom of the paper. Lastly, place glue on one popsicle stick and place this inside of the open spot at the bottom of the two construction papers. Once complete, you will have a face expression mask. You can hold this up in front of your face for fun!
Paper and crayons are needed. Choose multiple of papers and write different letters, one time each. Then simply have your child place the letters in the correct order. This takes up a couple of minutes and is essential for children learning skills.
One construction paper, tape, glue, markers and glitter are needed to achieve this project. Firstly, roll the paper such as a spiral. Before doing so, design the paper, specifically just the outside as this is the side that will be shown. Add drawings and glue the glitter onto the telescope. Then roll the construction paper and place tape where needed so that the tube can stick together. For this step, use tape or glue. Once complete, you will have a telescope! Use to play pirates; all children will love this amazing way of adventure! This should take up almost one hour, on average.
Every little boy wants to be a Spider- Child. Though, this can also be for females as well. Required materials are dutch tape, which can be of any color. Find one tin corner and then use the duct tape, by placing this from wall to wall in the corner being used. The web should goes in all directions.
Required materials needed are one balloon, preferably medium- sized, markers and glitter. Firstly, create any sort of magical world on the balloon. This means draw flowers and plants for the jungle and add snakes and dirt with tons of leafs. Each drawing and design does not have to be picture perfect as this is purely for creative fun. Other ideas are the moon, stars and Milky Way to resemble space. Color in these designs and use glitter by placing this over some parts of the design for “captivation appeal” which will appeal magical. The glitter can be any color and should stick onto the balloon without any assistance from tape or glue. Though, these two accessories can be used as an option but are not required. Next. Blow up the balloon until fully blown. Grown- ups may need to blow up the balloon for the child, if you are going to use clear office tape or glue to best support the glitter from falling easily, then you will first blow up the balloon, then apply the tape or glue afterwards. Use only a small amount as this can drip off the balloon. After the balloon has been fully blown, let this flow in the air. Place by a bed or in a toy area and do not rub against with sharp objects as this can pop the balloon, letting the air go. Suggestive places to keep the balloon are in areas where there is little mess or sharp areas. Keep where the balloon will be bothered rarely. Remember, this is for display and not for play as this pops easily depending on the rubber elasticity that has been used. The balloon world theme of the child’s drawings should last up to two weeks, on average.
Top 5 Activities for Busy Toddlers suggest mega fun and interesting projects above to best interact with your child!
Christine Williamson is the co-founder and writer for I’m Super Mommy. She is blessed with two amazing boys and a great husband, and 100% Love blogging at I’m Super Mommy Blog. Connect with her on Twitter! Cheers!
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Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Chinese Fried Rice

Thumbnail image for IMG_0921.JPG
Do you ever make too much rice and end up throwing it out? Please don’t! Making home made fried rice is so much healthier than a lot of the greasy stuff you get in restaurants and it is easy and delicious. Try this one on for size and add meat or tofu to make a full protein filled meal, although the eggs in this dish can suffice.
Chinese Fried Rice:
4 cups leftover cooked white rice
4 scallions, chopped into pea sized pieces
2 scrambled eggs set aside in a bowl
2 cloves garlic minced
one tsp fresh, minced ginger
one TBS sesame oil
one TBS soy sauce
In a medium sized non-stick frying pan over medium heat, heat up the sesame oil
Add in the chopped scallions, ginger and garlic and stir until they are wilted
Push the scallions, ginger and garlic to one size of the pan and add in the beaten eggs to the other end of the pan and scramble until cooked through
Add in the rice and stir to combine
Add in the soy sauce and stir
optional : add in a few ounces of cooked chicken, shrimp, tofu , nuts or any other protein and stir until combined
Serve hot
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Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Chinese New Year Tofu with bamboo Shoots for a crowd

chinese new year .jpg
Chinese New Year is right around the corner and what a perfect time to broaden our culinary horizons and experiment with Asian cooking. This is a pretty straightforward recipe that simply requires some prep work and perhaps the purchase of a few ingredients you may not have. This recipe will feed a large crowd so feel free to halve it or even quarter it if you won’t be able to eat it all. Enjoy!
Tofu with Bamboo Shoots:
4 16 oz. boxes firm tofu
2 cups bamboo shoots (fresh or from a can-can get fresh ones at some Asian food stores)
1 cup chopped cilantro
2 TBS canola oil
10 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBS grated ginger
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 TBS sesame oil
2 TBS Sriracha or other hot sauce
2 TBS honey
Sir together in a bowl and set aside
In a large pot or frying pan over low to medium heat, heat up the oil
When oil is hot, add ginger and garlic and stir until onions start to wilt-lower the flame if garlic seems to be burning
Add in the tofu, bamboo shoots and cilantro and stir to combine all the ingredients
Add in the sauce and stir gently so as not to break up tofu too much (unless you want it broken up)
Serve hot with rice and enjoy!
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So What Are You Binge Watching These Days?

Until I became a Netflix addict, I never really did understand the concept of binge watching. You see, I’m not the type to set my DVR to record my favorite shows and if I missed them the first time around, I just figured I’d see it eventually when the episode repeated. But all that changed this year when I became a Netflix subscriber.
It started with “Mad Men.” I had heard for years how addictive the show was but never experienced it for myself until now. Over the holidays, I started with season one and suddenly, I just couldn’t stop. Over the next two weeks, I watched an average of three to four shows a day and before I knew it, I had zipped through five seasons.
Meanwhile, my daughter has been binge watching “Gossip Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” And my son and I have been indulging in a TV classic, “The Wonder Years.” We’re up to the final season and I have to say, once it’s over I will be so sad. Thanks to “The Wonder Years,” I’m convinced the episode where Kevin gets a dog was pivotal for my son since he was determined to convince us it was time for a puppy too. Guess what? He got his way.
Luckily, once “The Wonder Years” is over, I just noticed that “Family Ties” is also available on Netflix. Which means I can introduce my son to Alex P. Keaton and relive yet another amazing comedy from my childhood.
As for my girlfriends, they threw out a slew of shows they’re hooked on these days from “Scandal,” to “House of Cards,” “Homeland,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Girls,” and many more. While I’m still deciding which show I’m going to dive into next, all I can say is while I’ve become a Netflix TV addict, that’s quite alright. I love indulging in great shows and as I’m discovering, I’ve got a lot of binge watching to do.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream and received a complimentary annual subscription. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

Battle Winter Workplace Depression

Written by Nutritional Therapist, Naomi Mead.

Winter Workplace Depression – How do I Battle & Overcome

We all have moments of workplace frustration, but at this time of year when travelling to and from the office in the dark and cold, this feeling of frustration can turn to something deeper. With the possibility of sunshine and summer holidays seemingly light years away, the 9-5 (or 7-7!) routine can feel particularly bleak.
If jetting off for some winter sun is not an option, what can be done to boost your mood and motivate yourself through the working week? Rather than becoming resigned to endless months of gloom (with the continual countdown to Friday afternoon), these feel-good approaches to a happier winter can help to get you back on track.
Mood Foods
More and more evidence is coming to light to show how what you eat can impact on how you feel. The following feel-good foods make great office snacks, so have them close at hand for that 4pm dip:
Brazil nuts- just 3 of these a day provides your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of selenium. Studies have shown increased depression and anxiety in individuals who have low levels of selenium.
Winter berries – bursting with mood-boosting antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are also rich in vitamin C, which our bodies have a greater demand for during periods of stress.
Dark chocolate (yes!) – stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that bring on feelings of pleasure. It is also rich in magnesium which has a calming effect in the body.
Bananas- their combination of vitamins B6, A, C, tryptophan and potassium give them the ultimate mood-lifting power.
Boost the Bs!
Vitamins B6, B12 and folate are all essential for the production of serotonin- the “feel good” hormone. They also lower homocysteine- an amino acid that has been linked with heart disease and depression.
B vitamins are depleted in the body by both stress and alcohol, so to ensure you boost your B vitamins this winter you should maintain a good intake of the following B-rich foods: green leafy vegetables, salmon, chicken, avocado, nuts & pulses. During particularly stressful times, a B vitamin supplement may also be recommended.
Sunny D
Researchers are now discovering that vitamin D may play a very important role in mental health and depression.
Studies have shown an association between low vitamin D levels and various mood disorders including depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). During the winter it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D through diet, so you may consider a supplement in the D3 form.
Get Moving
It can be hard enough to pack your gym bag let alone get to the gym when you’re feeling down, but regular exercise really is the ultimate mood booster. Exercise is a natural stimulator of many important “feel good” hormones, including serotonin and dopamine. Studies have shown exercise to be equally effective as anti-depressants in improving mood in individuals
So if you find yourself battling with the office doldrums this winter, make these simple yet savvy changes and get that spring back into your step.

Naomi Mead is a Nutritional Therapist for Healthspan’s Nutrition Expert and a contributor to HuffingtonPost. The role of nutrition in health is very important to Naomi as well as the therapeutic power of good food. Her main area’s of expertise are weight management, female health, sports nutrition and digestive disorders.

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Sesame Tuna Salad


Every few weeks my husband eats dinner and exclaims,”PLEASE save this recipe and make it again!” He says this because I experiment with so many recipes that I often forget to repeat ones that he loves, as I move on to the next ones. I promise to make this one again soon and may just make it our Sunday night dinner item to start the week off right. It is light, flavorful, healthy and really delicious with a nice tang from the balsamic vinegar. I hope you like it as much as he did!
Sesame Tuna Salad:
one can tuna in water
1 medium sized carrot, small dice
1/2 cup cilantro, washed and minced
2 TBS chopped scallions (or red onion)
2 tsp lime juice (or lemon)
drizzle olive oil
drizzle balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
topping: 2 tsp toasted sesame seeds (or any chopped nut or seed)
Mix all the ingredients until the dressing.
When it is all combined, drizzle on the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and stir
Top with sesame seeds and enjoy with salad greens, toast or crackers
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Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Paleo Curried Carrot Soup

As cliche as it is, I try to detoxify in January to start the year off right. I consume way too much starch and dairy during the holidays so I follow a modified Paleo diet for a couple of weeks in January to get a head start on health for the year. Below is an adaptation of a recipe that my mother used to make from the NY Times many years ago. I substituted all the dairy and flour and it turned out great! I hope you like it!
Paleo Curried Carrot Soup:
2 TBS olive oil
one medium onion, chopped
4 gloves garlic, minced
2 TBS coconut flour (Can get at many supermarkets now-especially Whole Foods)
4 cups chicken broth or vegetable broth
1 lb carrots, chopped
one TBS curry powder
one cup almond milk
1/2 tsp salt
pepper to taste
Heat olive oil in a large , heavy pot over low flame
When hot, add in chopped onions and garlic and saute until onions are wilted-don’t let garlic burn! Avoid burning the garlic by constantly stirring and keeping the flame very low
Add in the carrots ,curry powder and coconut flour and stir to coat
Add in the broth, partially cover the pot and let simmer over low-medium flame for about 1/2 hour until the carrots are tender
Puree with a hand blender/immersion blender or blender
Stir in the salt, pepper and almond milk and enjoy!
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My New Year’s Wish

It’s a few days after the New Year and I have to say, I am so happy to be leaving 2013 behind. While I typically don’t write about gloom and doom, my family and I have had quite a roller coaster year. A few months ago, my aunt passed away and then when I returned home from her funeral, my husband lost his job a few weeks later. To make matters worse, my brother had a heart attack last month. Thankfully, he’s okay and is lucky enough to have a new lease on life.
Further complicating our already busy lives was the addition of a puppy to our home. Her name is Santana, she is super cute and she likes to bite. We don’t know exactly what she is — she could be a lab, a rottweiler, a beagle, a terrier, a pit bull. Whatever she is, she is beyond adorable and I am really happy we found her – even though she keeps me up in the middle of the night.
And so, we begin 2014 with a sigh of relief. My husband is focusing on launching a baseball themed business with a good friend of ours. My brother has already lost 15 pounds and is working hard to shed more, and I’m busy building my business and making sure everyone in our house is happy and healthy. And my mom, who has been super stressed out over all the health and career issues we’ve faced can now rest easy and focus on her own physical and mental well being.
As for me, aside from being consumed with work at the moment, I am determined to get back on the diet wagon again (story of my life). I’ll be hitting Jazzercise as soon as I return from an important business trip and I hope that life this year is filled with happy surprises.
So what do I wish for in 2014? I guess health and happiness will cut it for me. I’ll save the loftier goals for 2015.
Here’s to an uneventful 2014!

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Kale Salad with Roasted Squash and Apples

2013-12-24 14.05.28 HDR.jpg
The new year is a perfect time to start healthier habits , like making salads a staple in the weekly menu. For an easy and healthy change, try incorporating roasted vegetables that you prepare early in the week into your salads. They are filled with nutrients and if you plan ahead, they are an effortless addition. Enjoy!
Kale Salad with Roasted Squash and Apples:
Large Bag kale-Approx. 10 cups Kale
1 small butternut squash peeled, diced and roasted for about 30 minutes on parchment paper lined baking sheet-let cool
2 apples, peeled and diced
one large carrot, peeled and chopped (the entire thing)
One cup toasted, chopped pecans
2 tsp honey
2 tsp olive oil
1/8 chili powder and 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
salt and pepper
flavored vinegar -I like Chocolate Vinegar from “Olive That and More ” in Montclair, NJ
olive oil for dressing
3 oz. goat cheese, crumbled
Fill a large salad bowl with kale and wash and dry. Set aside
Place medium sized frying pan over medium flame and add 2 tsp olive oil
When oil is hot, add apples and honey and stir
Let cook for a few minutes until apples start to soften
Add in roasted butternut squash, stir and let heat through
Add in 1/8 tsp chili powder and cinnamon , stir and let cool
Add apples and butternut squash to salad. Then add in pecans, carrots, goat cheese and toss
Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar , toss and serve
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