So…Your Kid Has Lice, Yuck! Now What?!

kapow-5469.jpg It’s inevitable. At some point most families have to deal with head lice. It may seem totally overwhelming and gross, but if you know what to do and how to handle the situation, all will be ok. Ilene Steinberg can help you manage and make it through with some simple tips.
Top 5 Things to Do When You Find Head Lice

1. Use an effective (preferably non-toxic) treatment to eliminate all live bugs.
2. Do a proper comb through and head check to remove all nits.
3. Remove all bedding and wash in hot water, run through dryer. Vacuum house and car thoroughly.
4. Call or email everyone in that you have been in contact with for the past two weeks and tell them to do head checks on themselves and all family members.
5. Continue doing head checks on a weekly basis until children are in high school!
About Ilene Steinberg:
Back in 2007 Ilene worked as a Supervisor at an overnight camp in rural Pennsylvania. She set out to enjoy days of sunshine and evenings by the campfire but the camp owner, who is also a pediatrician, had other plans for her. She had her tackle the camp’s pesticide-resistant lice outbreak and it was there that she learned that there was a need for a new way to defeat head lice.
When summer ended Ilene returned home victorious and word spread. There was a lice guru in town who knew how to decisively defeat head lice. Everyone from families to doctors to school administrators were calling her for help. She started her own lice service and did house calls.
She also guided people through the treatment process by phone. She was asked to visit schools, gyms and day care centers. After several years and helping hundreds of client-families, she opened the first head lice treatment center in the Philadelphia area. Word spread as quickly as the lice did and we expanded to 10 centers and successfully treated thousands of parents, grandparents, teachers and children.
Shortly after the success, Ilene took a step back and realized that to truly defeat lice, people need to think about prevention and detection of lice in a different way. Parents need to be prepared with accurate information and effective products before they are confronted with an infestation. That’s why The Center for Lice Control was born. The CLC’s mission is to change the way people think about head lice and to empower kids and parents to protect their heads and stop the spread. The CLC helps parents, schools, and camps with treatment plans and policy setting. Through small group meetings the CLC helps remove the negative stigma associated with lice and replace it with accurate information and open communication. They also research, test, and develop the most effective and safest products for defeating and preventing head lice. The Center For Lice Control is your go-to source for all things head lice-related. The KaPOW! product line , developed by Ilene, includes several vital non-toxic products including the Lice Battle Kit–a clever combination of mint spray to deter head lice, a nit comb for weekly head checks and a bottle of KaPOW! lice treatment in the event that head lice is discovered.