Netflix Stream Team Alert – Holiday Movies for the Entire Family

The clock is ticking and the holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means. For those of us who love to curl up under a warm blanket while it’s snowing outside so we can catch a classic flick with our kids, then Netflix has got you covered this season. Whether it’s comedy, or good old classic Charlie Brown, here are some of my favorite holiday films now showing on Netflix:
1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Nothing says holiday mayhem like the Griswolds on yet another action packed vacation. Check out the holiday edition of their vacation antics and trust me, you’ll want to spend a day watching all the “Vacation” films. Personally, my favorite line ever in a “Vacation” movie when the family keeps going around the same roundabout over and over again — “Look! Big Ben, Parliament!…Look Big Ben, Parliament!”

2 The Polar Express – This one is a family classic — the animation is beautiful and if you have a son, this is the perfect film for them. The Polar Express tells the story of a young boy who boards on a powerful magical train that’s headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus’s home. Here’s a bonus — Tom Hanks is the train conductor — need I say more?
3. All I Want is a Dog for Christmas Charlie Brown – Since we just brought home a puppy this holiday season, this title is even more fitting for my family. But for those of us who grew up with Charlie Brown, it’s never too late to introduce your kids to all of these holiday classics.
4. Jingle All the Way – Interested in watching a silly movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then this 90’s holiday family comedy will fit the bill.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas – You can always count on Tim Burton to create an animated feature that can turn this holly jolly time of year into a creepy Christmas tale. Despite having recently presided over a very successful Halloween, Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, is bored with his job and feels that life in Halloweenland lacks meaning. Then he stumbles upon Christmastown and promptly decides to make the Yuletide his own.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream team. While I have received a complimentary subscription to NetFlix, all opinions are my own.

A Priceless Evening with Wicked on Broadway

4.188716.jpgThere aren’t many Broadway shows I would ever see more than once. But truth be told — there is one show I can see over and over again and it truly never gets old. “Wicked” on Broadway is that musical. Now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary on Broadway, “Wicked” is one of those shows that literally has you smiling from ear to ear the moment the music starts.
“Wicked” has that perfect blend of humor, emotion, scenery, costumes and magical voices that literally blow audiences away with every performance. If you’ve never seen the show, then honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing. “Wicked” recounts the tale of the witches from Oz – Glinda, Elphaba and Nessa. If you’re a “Wizard of Oz” fan like me then you know that Glinda is the good witch who always seems to save the day while the witches of the East and West make life pretty miserable for the munchkins. But what would happen if the bad witches were actually quite good and Glinda was a narcissist who just wanted people to fawn over her even if she needs to step on a lot of toes and sell out her friends to get to the top. And that’s the story of “Wicked.”
The show started out more than a decade ago with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in the title roles and their memorable voices captivated audiences the moment they appeared. These days, while the lead actresses playing Glinda and Elphaba aren’t household names (they are played by Alli Mauzey and Lindsay Mendez), it doesn’t matter. Their voices are still absolutely amazing and Glinda’s comic timing is sheer perfection.
If you haven’t yet been to the Gershwin theater, you’ll also be treated to a newly renovated theater complete with bathrooms with Toto toilets! Now if that’s not a nod to the show, I don’t know what is!
So if you’re visiting New York City this holiday season and are looking for a musical that your entire family will love, look no further than “Wicked” – it’s a classic that I’m sure will be be playing for decades to come! Take a look at one of my favorite songs…”Defying Gravity” and I’m sure once you do, you’ll be hooked just like me!

To purchase tickets, please visit the Wicked site today!
Disclosure: I was given two complimentary tickets to see “Wicked.” However, all opinions are totally my own.