Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Role Mommy contributor, Eric Ruhalter
Thanksgiving is a fine and wholesome tradition in American family holidays. Kids don’t revere it as much of a holiday since they do not receive gifts from some mysterious source to whom they’re not required to write a thank you note. But, nonetheless, it’s a time when families get together. A time for traditions to be born and to be honored. A time when your kids get to fight with cousins they might not see much the rest of the year.
The fancy dishes come out! The gravy boat! The ceramic butter dish! A centerpiece that might at first glance cause you to reach for your leaf blower.
But more often than not, there’s also a less fancy kids’ table, and that’s where all the real fun happens.
At the kids table all bets are off. Dignity goes by the wayside.
Table manners and Kids’ Table Manners are two entirely different animals Belching and food fights are not frowned upon, they are the catalyst for raucous laughter and increasingly worse displays of decorum. Last year the kids table somehow managed to erupt into the Cha Cha Slide and then into simulations of WWF Smackdown moves. At the grown up table you hear words like “thankful” and “blessing” At the kids table it’s “fart” and “boogar.” Just a generation apart.
Kids, it seems, are immune to Triptophan. Evidently when mixed with the sugars of heaping self-servings of homemade cookies, cakes and pies, turkey serves only to rile kids up. And rile them up, it does. After dinner there’s hordes of running around, drowning out the sounds of football games, rolling on the floor, throwing around the football outside until it regresses into a bench clearing brawl. Just another in a long line of traditions I suppose.
One question always nags at me, though. If it’s a time for giving thanks, why is it called “Thanksgiving” and not “Givingthanks”? Who thought up this holiday, Yoda?
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Eric Ruhalter lives in Morristown, NJ with his wife and 3 kids. Eric is the author of the parenting humor book: “Phrazzlers: Funny New Words to Describe the Wild World of Parenting.” See funny videos and slideshows at www.Phrazzlers.com