How To Celebrate The Holidays As A Singleton (Or With Your Ex)

Written by Michelle Johnson.
ornaments.jpg The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year, and unfortunately a time that no one will admit to being this way because they’re also supposed to be the best time of the year for most. Not many people will admit they’re struggling at this time of year but if you are spending your first Christmas holidays as a singleton it can be hard to know how to work things out.
Do you spend the time alone? With your family? Are you spending it with your kids or maybe you’ve been thinking of inviting over the ex? Every family situation is different, and we’re hoping to be able to work out some of the hardest stuff for you!
If you’re spending it alone
If this is your fist time spending Christmas time alone then getting some family
support by spending it with family is probably the best remedy. But even sitting
around the table can be difficult during the holidays, if you’re surrounded by your
relatives and their children all having a great time it can be hard to handle. Immerse
yourself in family games or help with the cooking to take your mid of things, failing
that, perhaps spending time doing something good like helping out at a charity
during the holidays might help to make you feel better.
If you’re spending it alone with your kids
This is the perfect opportunity to really take time out with just you and the kids. Get
them to help with the cooking or present wrapping, take a walk after dinner and
watch some trashy TV that you normally wouldn’t entertain the thought of, this is
the perfect time to relax and enjoy each other’s company without any restraints.
If you’re inviting over the ex
Perhaps your relationship with your ex isn’t terrible and you think that the kids would
appreciate spending time with both parents then having your ex over for Christmas
lunch might be the solution. Perhaps to ensure old feelings aren’t dredged up you
could eat out together, but if this isn’t an option then plans certainly need to be put
in place to make sure the day runs smoothly.
If you’re having the whole messy package
If you’re seeing someone, or perhaps you’ve started to live in cohabitation with that
person then Christmas may be looking rosy to you. But what if as well as your new
partner there are the kids, and your ex to contend with at Christmas? Some people
have great relationships with their ex and so this might not sound so strange, but
even if you do have a good relationship it’s always a good idea to talk through the
holiday plans with your ex, so they know what time to arrive, what to bring and
how to act with your new partner. Nothing should be left to chance in this situation,
because Christmas is not a time for arguments.
Whatever your situation when it comes to the Christmas holidays plans are always
good. Whether you are celebrating solo, with kids or with your new partner, family
issues need to be resolved and planned properly to avoid messiness at the dinner
table. Lets make this Christmas as stress-less as possible and make sure everyone is
happy this holiday season!
Michelle Johnson is a freelance writer. She loves to help couples and families with their relationship problems and helps them to openly communicate with each other. For this article she received expert advice from OnePlusOne, a charity that helps families and couples to tackle relationship issues on a daily basis.