Take Back the Kitchen: Alma’s Rosemary Caramelized apples

2013-10-17 17.27.47.jpg
As I was cutting my apples to top a salad, I kept smelling the rosemary I was drying out right next to it on my kitchen island. The combined smells were divine.
I thought to mix them all up with a little sweetener and make a Fall fantasy salad topper.
Comfort Food Salad with Rosemary Caramelized Apples:
One medium apple , chopped with skin on
one TBS olive oil
one TBS brown sugar
1/2 tsp dried rosemary
pinch kosher salt
Put olive oil in a frying pan over low to medium flame
When hot, add rosemary and brown sugar and mix until all combned
Add chopped apples and stir for a few minutes until the sugar and oil become caramelized and start to thicken
Serve as a side dish, a garnish or on top of salads