Martha Stewart Insults Her Biggest Fans…Bloggers

martha.jpg I’ve been reading lots of really great blog posts over the last two days about a recent firestorm that has directly affected the blogosphere. You see, the queen of crafts, the diva of DIY, the countess of culinary skills and the high priestess of horticulture completely insulted bloggers who have looked up to her for years. Who am I talking about? Well, if you haven’t guessed already, it’s none other than Martha Stewart.
Stewart is not one to mince words and during a recent interview for Bloomberg News she decided to let it all hang out and finally say what was on her mind about the thousands of bloggers claiming they are experts in all things crafts and cooking. Stewart looked at her interviewer and blurted, “Who are these bloggers?” She continued that they are not editors at Vogue (who incidentally probably didn’t train at a culinary school either) and they do not test their recipes like they do at magazines. Take a look:

In my nine years as a blogger, I have had the great fortune of meeting and working with some of the most talented lifestyle and food bloggers on the planet. Take Jennie Perillo from In Jennie’s Kitchen and best selling author who tests all the recipes she features on her blog. Oh and maybe you’ve forgotten that Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman started out as a blogger. Who is that woman anyway??? How dare she claim to know anything about cooking?
If you’d like to head on over to party planning, then look no further than Partybluprints. Founded by Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, these two gorgeous moms know how to throw a party right down to the floral arrangements, canapes and fruity drinks with flare. They even create customized “blu-prints” on how you too can re-create the same party right in your home. Incidentally, I’ve been to several of their events and they are absolutely fabulous.
Moving right along to crafts. Martha, have you ever heard of Make and Takes by genius DIY crafter Marie LeBaron? Marie is a former teacher turned crafter extraordinaire. Marie has a loyal following and is a published author too. How dare she claim to be a design expert? Um. Because she is.
Want to hop on over to fashion? Well let me introduce you to Audrey McClelland from Mom Generations. She’s a graduate of Brown University, who previously worked for Donna Karan before becoming a work at home mom. She now has five children, co-hosts a television show in Rhode Island, is a spokesperson for countless brands and has launched Getting Gorgeous events along with her best friend and popular fashion and entertainment blogger Vera Sweeney who pens Lady and the Blog.
Need a travel expert? Well I have two for you. Kim Orlando, the founder of Traveling Mom who has traveled across the continent with her family and has launched a blog network comprised of traveling moms who share their real experiences vacationing with or without their family. I’d also like to introduce you to Katja Presnal – except Katja now lives in Sweden where she runs the hugely popular blog Skimbaco Lifestyle. An avid skier, traveler, speaker and lover of all things style, Katja has launched an online brand which embodies the notion that everyone should live life to the fullest. Now if that’s not a good thing, I don’t know what is.
There are even more talented individuals who were actually part of your Martha Stewart blogger network, except, now that they feel unwelcome, many have decided to pick up stakes and leave. Wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow will be launching a blogger network soon. I heard you insulted her too because how could an Academy award winning actress know anything about being a lifestyle expert? Honestly, the same could be said for a former stock broker turned domestic guru.
I know you have bigger foie gras to fry (can you actually fry foie gras?) and could care less about annoying bloggers who are experts in being couch potatoes (okay truth be told — that’s me) but next time when you’re asked, you might want to think twice about pissing off the one group who used to worship the ground you walked on.
Here’s hoping you offer my talented blogging friends an apology. And if not, it’s been nice crafting with you.