The Rah-Rah Mom: How to be Your Child’s Most Effective Cheerleader

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Being a cheerleader in high school allowed me to participate in two things (besides music) that I loved most – sports and supporting others. During football season, my friends would look to me to call the cheers, whether we needed a first down or block a punt. And I always knew the right cheers to call.
As a new mom a decade later, however, I found that my ability to cheer had been paralyzed by overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. I had no idea that the pain I thought I had effectively hidden from myself and others – my experiences of childhood sexual abuse and clinical depression – would surface so fully.
After hearing about the idea that our children unwittingly reflect our issues to us to invite us to clear them up in order to be happy, I doggedly searched for ideas and techniques that would help me heal. The last thing I wanted was for my precious son to focus on trying to make me happy. To me, his only job was to focus on his life while I cheered for and supported him.
What I ultimately realized was that my intention to be the best mom I could possibly be is the very reason why my old issues surfaced – I wasn’t going to be effective at faking happiness so I gave myself the opportunity to Heal For Real™ and unblock my clouded heart. And that is exactly what I did!
American environmentalist Paul Shepard once wrote, “There is a secret person undamaged in every individual.” I found that by healing emotionally and cheering for myself first, I reconnected with my undamaged self, and became the most authentic and best cheerleader I could be for my son.
Ultimately, you are perfect. Realistically, you are undamaged. Cheer for yourself first and watch the magic unfold for you and your family!
_Fav_0270[1].jpg Janet D. Thomas is an author, captivating speaker and emotional healing expert whose words inspire and motivate, energizing transformation in those who experience her. Her book, Lemons, Lemonade & Life – Practical Steps for Getting the Sweetness Back When Life Goes Sour, has been honored by the 2012 New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles Book Festivals. It has been hailed as “insightful,” “transformational,” and “revolutionary.”
Always seeking for answers, over the course of her life Janet has healed the wounds of childhood sexual abuse and overcome a laundry list of challenges ranging from obesity, eviction and bankruptcy to compulsive lying, clinical depression and divorce. To her, making lemonade is no mere philosophical or psychological proposition; it has been a life-saving strategy.
A lifelong metaphysician and with over 20 years as a trained channel and medium, Janet is a highly effective spiritual coach. Her approach is one of determining how to do, rather than how to think. She is a manifester extraordinaire. Because of the intensity, determination, and sheer dedication with which she pursues her calling, Janet is, indeed, a healing soldier.
A native of Southern California, Janet lives, writes and maintains her coaching practice in North Hollywood, California. She is the mother of an adult son, of whom she is very proud.
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