Five Must Have Vacation Apps for iPhone Users

We just returned from a vacation to California and I have to say that having technology on my side made the experience even more worthwhile. From finding directions in a snap to pinpointing amazing restaurants, sites and more, I found that I relied on a few important apps that made our lives a whole lot easier. If you’re planning a road trip in the coming weeks, make sure you download these apps — trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
photo (32).JPG1. Yelp — I have never used this app more in my life than this past week and have to say, those folks are right on the money. We managed to find the best Korean BBQ restaurant that was right near Dodgers Stadium with the help of Yelp. Then in Redondo Beach, we tracked down an amazing brunch spot called the Wildflower Cafe. Every time I saw more than 1000 reviews or the restaurant made the top 10 list, I knew we were in good hands. Only downside – when we were in La Jolla, two of the Yelp recommendations were jam packed — because they were so popular. But, we did manage to find another great joint called Harry’s that’s been around since the 60’s and yes, their reviews on Yelp were pretty stellar too.
images.jpeg2. Apple Maps with Siri route guidance — When you don’t order a GPS system with your rental car, then the next best thing is to turn your iPhone into your very own Garmin. That’s what we did all week and the only downside is that it uses up the battery pretty quickly. As a result, your best bet is to have a car charger on hand and make sure your data plan can handle all that roaming. We went over our data usage numbers this week but the additional charges still came out to less than ordering a GPS from the rental car company.
3. Trip Advisor — Once you arrive in a city, check out this app in order to find the top 10 places you should see while you’re there. We’re headed to Maine in the coming weeks and I managed to find some really great outdoor activities for us to take advantage of while we’re there (in between me finding some great restaurants on Yelp so that I can indulge in a few lobster dinners).
4. CNN, ABC or New York Post — Never miss a minute of the news with these handy dandy apps that literally update you when something big happens. I’m not one to ever go off the grid and I loved having my news apps handy whenever I needed a fix for what was happening at that moment.
imgres.jpeg5. Kicksend — If you’ve taken a ton of photos from your iPhone camera, use a wifi connection and upload them to Kicksend where you can print out your photos at any CVS that’s nearby. What a concept — real photos instead of the kind that travel with you in the palm of your hand.
Have any cool apps that are great for vacations? Let us know since there’s still time left for last minute summer travel!