Inspiring Mom: PregPrep Co-Founder Dr. Lara Oboler

Lara-Face-300x300-thumb-300x300-4351.jpgAs a top cardiologist in her field, Dr. Lara Oboler has spent her entire career saving lives. Little did she know that a discovery she made while trying to get pregnant would lead to a successful family business that focuses on bringing new lives into the world.
Dr. Oboler’s story began in her mid thirties when she tried for several months to get pregnant but was unsuccessful. Concerned there might be something wrong, she made an appointment with an OB/GYN while at the same time researching natural ways to help potentially kick start conception. What she discovered via research was that certain cough syrups contain a mucolytic that can help thin out cervical mucus and could potentially increase one’s conception odds.
“While at my first visit to my OB/GYN, I learned I was pregnant and the specialist agreed that it was the mucolytic that helped things along,” she says. “I tried that same method for my second child and again, became pregnant right away.” Based upon her discovery and the fact that it seemed to truly play a role in getting pregnant faster, Dr. Oboler decided to develop a product that was safe for women to take that would enhance their conception odds. After helping get several members of her own family pregnant too with a mucolytic, three of Lara’s family members joined forces to create PregPrep, a safe and effective kit to kickstart conception.
You may be surprised to learn that your chances of conceiving per decade are pretty low. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), in your mid-20’s, you have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant per cycle. By the time you hit your mid-30’s, you have approximately 15% chance of getting pregnant per cycle and when you’re 40, you have a less than a 5% chance of getting pregnant per cycle. Incidentally, Dr. Oboler was 40 when she had her third child and despite these grim conception odds, she managed to get pregnant with the help of a mucolytic.
PregPrepGroupShot.jpgAccording to Dr. Oboler, the PregPrep Make that Baby Kit helps women take control of their conception. In fact, the “secret sauce” in the PregPrep Make that Baby Kit is FertilPrep which includes a proper dose of the natural mucolytic, NAC; FertilPrep thins out cervical mucus and enhances a woman’s conception odds. “The sperm has to swim the length of Los Angeles to Tahiti to make it to the egg — by thinning out the cervical mucus, it makes it easier for the sperm to reach it’s final destination,” says Oboler.
The trio of products in the kit also includes Vitamelts, pre-natal vitamins formulated for conception that are chewable and don’t make you sick and an Essential Balance bath oil to relax you. “Everyone always tells you to relax when you are trying to get pregnant and I think that makes a lot of women even more stressed out.” With the PregPrep kit, a woman is given essential oils they can use before, during and after conception that will help them de-stress and relax during one of the most exciting times in their lives.
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Oboler adds that one of the most inspiring parts of the PregPrep experience has been hearing from women who have experienced success after using their product. “Just a few days ago, we heard from an inspiring woman in Connecticut who had recently suffered a tragic loss and learned she became pregnant after taking PregPrep.”
“As a cardiologist, I’ve spent my career saving lives and have found that incredibly fulfilling. But now, it’s just as exciting to know we’ve created a product that’s actually helping to bring new lives into this world,” says Oboler.
To find out more about PregPrep and purchase a kit for yourself or a loved one, you can visit their website at

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  1. Wow, who knew that something like cough syrup could lead to helping women have children! Very interesting read, and great to see Dr. Oboler's success.

  2. Wow, who knew that something like cough syrup could lead to helping women have children! Very interesting read, and great to see Dr. Oboler's success.

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