My “Epic” Day (Part 1)

By Role Mommy Writer, Danielle Feigenbaum
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I have done the full-time-working-mom thing in corporate America and the full-time-stay-at-home-mom thing in the ‘burbs. A few years ago I found my happy medium, writing for Role Mommy and working in PR. I am able to work while the kids are in school, be home for them in the afternoons to help with homework and run them to their various activities. And, oh yeah – the perks of the job are awesome! Case in point, last weekend I attended the premiere of the new animated feature, Epic, with my 9 year old daughter, 6 year old son and hubby. What a fabulous experience! (I also attended the press junket where I met some of the amazing stars of the film… but more on that later!)
We drove into NYC Saturday morning and made our way to the famous Ziegfeld Theatre. On the way we explained to the kids the cultural significance and history of the theatre and all the fabulous events that have taken place there over there years. Then came one of the highlights of our day, we walked the “green” carpet. Once we stepped on the carpet we were transported to a fantasy forest and felt like celebrities with all the paparazzi. Here’s our pic on the “green” carpet… don’t we look like celebrities?
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I was totally prepared to answer any questions about “who I was wearing” (I was rocking my J Crew wedges), but sadly nobody stopped me to ask or scream out my name for an autograph. Maybe next time.
When we got into the theater we received complimentary popcorn, drinks, and of course our 3D glasses. Then there was this….
Tiny scrumptious cupcakes from Baked By Melissa spelling out “Epic”. Very cool, plus we all enjoyed a tasty bite after the movie. Stay tuned to Role Mommy for my Epic movie review…
But now onto the second part of my “Epic” day! My husband took the kids home and I went to the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle and enjoyed a delicious lunch with some wonderful fellow bloggers. And then, the real fun began. We had the opportunity to ask questions to some of the fantastic actors who lent their voices to the movie, as well as the incredible director, Chris Wedge.
*Check back tomorrow to see who I had the chance to meet and what they had to say about this unbelievable movie. From the creators of ICE AGE and RIO, the 3D CG adventure comedy hits theaters on May 24th. Thanks so much to 20th Century Fox who provided everything for my “Epic” day!
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