In the Spotlight: Kinky Boots on Broadway

Kinky_Boots_Broadway_71_email_1.jpgThere is one thing I absolutely love about living in New York — the chance to see amazing musicals on Broadway. Recently, my husband and I had a fun filled date night when we got to experience a brand new show from Grammy┬« Award-winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper and four-time Tony Award┬« winner Harvey Fierstein, which was directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell. In a word, “Kinky Boots” is “fantabulous!” (If that’s even a word!)
Based on the motion picture, the show shares the story of Charlie Price (Stark Sands), an ambitious young son of a shoemaker who attempts to escape his life for the big city, only to find himself back in his father’s factory after he suddenly passes away. Unfortunately, much to Charlie’s dismay, he finds out his dad’s business is in dire straits and unless he comes up with an ingenius way to save it, he’s going to have to fire his loyal employees.
While his materialistic fiance tries to lure him back to London so they can start their lives together, Charlie meets Lola (played by the incredible Billy Porter), a larger than life cross dresser who laments her troubles finding comfortable and sexy shoes fit for a man. And that’s where the lightbulb in Charlie’s head goes off. Develop a shoe for cross dressers and the factory will be saved!
From the moment the curtain opens, you can feel the electricity ignite on stage. Featuring a sensational new score, dazzling dance numbers and an incredibly inspiring and uplifting story, “Kinky Boots” is a must-see new musical that proves that sometimes, the best way to fit in is to stand out!
Take a look…

In addition to Billy Porter and Stark Sands incredible performances throughout the show, I instantly fell in love with Annaleigh Ashford, who portrays Lauren, the adorable factory worker who harbors a secret crush on Charlie and is the first person who inspires him to devise a creative plan to save the business. Ashford’s voice is magical and the moment she starts singing “The History of Wrong Guys,” you will instantly have a smile plastered on your face!
Kinky_Boots_Broadway_Annaleigh_Ashford_23 (1).jpg
If you are planning a trip to New York City and are on the lookout for an incredible new musical, then look no further than “Kinky Boots.” From the show stopping chorus and dance numbers, to the powerful ballads, memorable duets and let’s not forget those incredible costumes and boots, “Kinky Boots” will instantly put you in the best mood.
For more information about the show and to order tickets, visit the Kinky Boots website.