My 2013 Blogging Resolutions

I’ve been reading a lot of great blogs lately — from This Full House to Mommy Needs Coffee, at the heart of these sites is the gift of storytelling. And that’s what I love about blogging. There used to be a time when I’d just wax poetic about the latest insane event that took place in my life and I had fun doing it. I still remember the day I wrote a letter to the editor of Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons about some annoying kids in a movie theater who kicked my chair (called it “No Kicking Please”) and they published it and I was literally doing a jig in my mom’s house that they thought my witty banter was good enough to make the paper.
My blogging adventures have also connected me to several inspiring writers including Amy Allen Clark who just published her first book, Colleen Padilla, who is a product review maven, to Dawn Meehan and Jen Singer – who are two of the funniest humor authors I’ve ever met to Kimberly Coleman who I met after hosting my very first event for moms nearly a decade ago and today, I caught her in a Special K TV commercial! Then there’s entertaining gurus Dawn and Elizabeth at Partybluprints,to Jennifer James and Mommy Niri, two of the most caring and giving bloggers I’ve ever met. I feel lucky to have been connected to so many wonderful individuals during this journey and I’m committed to continuing to seek out those kind souls who continually support one another year after year.
So what are my resolutions for 2013? Here are just a few…
1. Be committed to storytelling.
2. Avoid toxic people and situations at all costs.
3. Trust your gut.
4. Travel more with my family
5. Pay it forward without expecting anything in return.
6. Celebrate the women and men who are helping others succeed.
7. Find more opportunities to sing.
8. Lose weight, get in shape.
9. Write about things I love
10. Stay positive
So what are your resolutions for 2013?