Golden Globes 2013 Recap

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum

Screen-Shot-2013-01-13-at-9.31.54-PM-620x390.png Last night I was glued to my TV watching every moment of the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the hosts of the show, and by far my favorite part. They were hysterical and looked beautiful. The opening was laugh out loud funny, and I got so excited every time they came on the stage because I knew they would be funny, I just wish they were on more.
So, the winners and losers… even though “Lincoln” was nominated for 7 awards, it only brought home 1. Some say this movie is amazing and some say it is too slow, but either way, I am sure it will do well at the Oscars. I was so happy to see “Argo” win for best director and best movie. I thought it was fantastic, and I happen to love Ben Affleck. I secretly wish I was BFFs with Ben and Jennifer. We could hang out with our kids at the park, go for dinners, see some movies… ok sorry, I don’t want to seem too stalkerish. I saw “Les Miserable” six times on Broadway, I know every word by heart, and I loved the movie. I was happy to see Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman take home Globes. When Hugh was talking so beautifully about his wife, I definitely got teary eyed. Speaking of Teary eyes – I know I may get a lot of slack for this – but what was with Jodi Foster’s Cecil B. DeMille Award speech? It seemed all over the place to me. She sounded as if she was going to come “out” (didn’t that really happen years ago?) and then said she was single. I think there was some sort of message there about reality shows or something. I did think the part when she spoke to her mom, who I guess is suffering from alzheimer’s, was touching, pan the audience for the actresses crying.
On the Television side – I was so happy “Homeland” won for best actor, actress and show! I am obsessed with “Homeland”, it’s awesome. Claire Danes looked unbelievable (she just had a baby in December!) I don’t watch the show “Girls” so I can’t comment on their win, but I can comment on Lena Dunham’s (creator and star of “Girls”) strange walk onto the stage each time she won. It was sort of a painful waddle, I guess her shoes did not fit well and her feet hurt? I was disappointed that “Modern Family” went home empty handed, I still love that show, it makes me happy.
On another note, is it fair that they have a category, BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN A SERIES, MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION (same with the actresses) – here are the nominees…
a Max Greenfield NEW GIRL
c Danny Huston MAGIC CITY
d Mandy Patinkin HOMELAND
e Eric Stonestreet MODERN FAMILY
How is that fair? Max Greenfield and Eric Stonestreet are beyond hysterical in their respective comedy roles, I honestly never heard of “Magic City” – I’m sure Danny Huston is great, Mandy Patinkin is ridiculously good in “Homeland”. Ed Harris wins for a the 118 min. long “Game Change.” I’m sure he deserved it, I just don’t think we are judging apples to apples here.
On to the fashion… I was pleasantly surprised by all of the beautiful dresses. Nobody really made me cringe this year. Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba looked spectacular, and I loved Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lawrence’s entire look. There were a few trends… plunging and keyhole necklines, old Hollywood hair styles, blush and coral colored dresses. My favorite was Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani, in my opinion it was perfection.
So, what did you think of the 2013 Golden Globes Show? Any shockers or disappointments? What was your favorite red carpet look? For all the must-see fashion from the show, check out E’s Fashion Police.

5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Love the Outdoors

Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Brett Callan.

iStock_000011742105_Small.jpg In an increasingly technological world, children spend more time glued to computers, video games and social media. There’s a growing disconnect between children and the natural world, and it continues to increase. Fond memories of building forts in the woods, swimming in lakes, and star gazing on the grass have been replaced by florescent-lit classrooms and glaring screens of computers. It’s important that we teach children to appreciate and interact with nature and the outdoors, especially while they are still young. Free-play outdoors will benefit their health and will peak their creativity and curiosity about the natural world they live in, an interest that could grow into an attitude of life-long learning that will benefit them for many years. Playing outdoors is also a great way to teach children how to relieve stress and stay active. Here are some ideas on how to teach your children to love the outdoors:
1. Go Wildlife Spotting Together
It’s hard to teach children to love the environment without actually knowing what the natural world is like. Children must obtain knowledge about something before they can learn to love and respect it. Spend some time together researching local animals or plant life together, then go on a trip to a nearby park or forest and see if you can spot any of the plants or animals on your list.
2. Go on a Picnic
It’s important to help your children associate positive feelings with the environment to want to spend time there. Doing something relaxing and pleasant in a beautiful, natural setting can help them foster a positive affinity with the outdoors. Bring a delicious lunch, some good games or a book, and find a nice spot outdoors to enjoy with the kids.
3. Take Swimming Lessons
Taking swimming lessons will give your child the opportunity to participate in fun aquatic sports. Kayaking, swimming, canoeing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving are also excellent ways to observe and enjoy the outdoors. Knowing that your child is a capable swimmer will make you feel more at ease when they’re on the water.
4. Guided Tours and Educational Activities
Check your local National Park or Nature Center website for any guided tours. Often parks and Nature Centers offer tours with educational activities for children. Your kids can learn about the different types of plants and berries that are edible in the area or perhaps make molds from animal tracks. There’s a variety of activities offered throughout the year. Guides are often very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which can really help to increase your child’s interest in nature.
5. Plan a Camping Trip
Take the whole family on a camping trip. It can be a great way to bond with each other and spend time outdoors. Put away any electronics or distractions and tell some stories by the fire. Go for a hike. Demonstrate to your kids how much you’re enjoying yourself so they also can learn to love being outside as well. Don’t do anything too strenuous or far out of their comfort zone in the beginning. The more fun and relaxed the activities are, the more likely your children will participate in them in the future.
Brett Callan is an instructor at, where their Encinitas swim lessons offer customized support for children throughout San Diego. He loves to enjoy the San Diego weather whenever he can, whether from the beach or at a pool.