Desert Recipes to Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Allen Jennifer.
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I have to confess that I have a sweet tooth that will some day be my undoing. Craving for ice creams, chocolates and anything sweet at all odd hours of day and night goes straight to my hips and of course my cavities!!! Despite anything Nigella Lawson might say, when your children get your sweet genes, it is cause for worry. This is why I came up with the idea of looking for natural sugars and healthier alternatives to trick all the sweet teeth my family could throw at me. I researched, experimented and finally here are some recipes that give you all the sweet you need without causing as much damage.
Put a lot of fruits in your custard: Custard is a favorite with my children. A very easy but useful technique to reduce the quantity of sweet in it is to put a lot of fresh cut fruits that have natural sugar. This will reduce the amount of sugar you need to put in it.
Use natural items, such as honey: Another option to reduce your sugar consumption while satisfying the needs of your sweet tooth is to put some honey in your yoghurt instead of sugar. You can make a huge variety of milkshakes by putting in fresh fruits that naturally sweeten the drink. These milkshakes will not be healthier but also have better nutritional value.
Fruit Salad: Fruit salad with yoghurt dressing and a dash of cinnamon and honey in it is not highly nutritious but also appropriate for people wanting to avoid sugar.
Opt for Dark Chocolates: Using dark chocolates instead of regular chocolates for your cakes, milkshakes and other dessert recipes is a good idea if you wish to outsmart your sweet tooth.
Cinnamon: Using cinnamon in your dessert recipes is another way to sweeten the dish without raising the calorie count.
Carrots: Using carrots to make cakes and desserts is a good option too, if you wish to reduce the use of sugar.
Try out these recipes for yourself. They can become favorites with your family, as they have with mine. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++About the Author: Hi, I’m Allen Jennifer from Livesnet, a great site for you if you want to see reviews on baby gears and positive parenting tips as well. So to know more about baby gears, just go for our site and do check out my hot reviews on mamas & papas sola stroller.