Holiday 411: Best Gifts of 2012

iStock_000021061287XSmall.jpgNow that the gifts have been distributed and the kids are having fun with toys, gift cards and accessories, here at Role Mommy, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts this holiday season. If you haven’t yet purchased one of the gifts below for your child or loved one, here’s the good news. It’s probably on sale right now so get out and go shopping!
Our Top 10 Gift Picks of 2012
1. For Any Teenage Girl: Anything from American Eagle, Forever 21, Delia’s, Hollister, Abercrombie or American Apparel. Having navigated my way through all these stores during peak holiday shopping days (two days before Xmas), I can now say that when in doubt, if your child is a fashion plate like mine, you can’t go wrong with any of these stores. Opt for a gift card so they can’t go overboard on their purchases.
2. For the Music Lover: Beats. I have no idea why these headphones are the must have item among tweens and teens, but it just is. Could it be the noise canceling quality or the fact that you can tune out your parents when you’re wearing them, all I know is that if you bought your child Beats this year, you were a really cool mom.
3. The Wii U: This super cool new game station arrived on our doorstep last week and my son can’t stop playing it. The cool thing is you can play your favorite games on your TV and when you want to watch your favorite show, your child can continue playing on a console without disturbing the rest of the family. Plus, you can also use the console to control the volume on the TV and order movies from Netflix too. And best of all, the folks at Nintendo know me so well, they even sent me a karaoke game that comes with a microphone too. Can’t wait to kick the kids out of the living room on New Years so that I can play with all my girlfriends!
4. Microsoft Surface: At $500, the Microsoft Surface actually makes a great gift for the entire family — kids can do their homework assignments, you can craft powerpoint presentations, there are tons of great apps to choose from and you can even play Xbox games too. Plus, there’s a built in camera too.
5. iPad Mini: If you’re a Mac family and own an outdated iPad without a camera, then you might be ready for an upgrade to an iPad mini that has all the bells and whistles of the iPad we’ve all grown to love but smaller, lightweight and less expensive. SOLD!
6. Madden for XBox: : We bought my son the latest Madden NFL game for the Xbox and have to say that he is totally hooked. He and his dad have been playing it every day since we first brought it home and when we visited our friends’ house last night, they had it too, which means it’s a popular game since they always get the best gifts.
7. Gift cards, gift cards and more gift cards. When in doubt, there’s nothing like a gift card that your kid can use to buy whatever his 10 year old heart desires. Sure, you can’t get much for $25 but if you pool your resources, you can cobble together enough cards to make it substantial.
8. Scrabble Anyone? I don’t know about your spouse, but mine is totally hooked on Scrabble. He plays it constantly online and also loves playing the old fashioned board game version with friends. It’s time to invest in a fancy board and learn how to master those pesky two letter words, but either way, if you live with a wordsmith, you can’t go wrong with Scrabble.
9. A Nook, A Vook or A Kindle Fire Truth be told, I haven’t read much in a while but when I do, I gravitate towards an e-reader since it’s so easy to just download a book, kick back and read. Here’s hoping I can dive into several great books in 2013 — including my friend Yvette Manessis Corporon’s (and my Peeing in Peace co-author)…so excited for her and cannot wait to read it.
10. Give the gift of Vacation If you’re like me and you stayed home this holiday season, why not plan for your next getaway? Check out sites like Kayak, SniqueAway and Travelzoo for getaway deals and if you’re looking for cheap airfare, makes sure you make your purchases on a Tuesday when flight deals are typically posted. Some of my favorite getwaways? Jamaica, Florida (with a cruise added on to the trip), Puerto Rico and Europe…can’t wait to one day go back to Italy!!!

Last Minute Shopping Ideas

Shop Simply This Holiday with eBay Now’s “Holiday Express”: Extended Hours, Unlimited Free Deliveries and Custom Gift Wrap by Designer Jonathan Adler

If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you are not doomed! You don’t even need to brave the crowded stores.
With a national survey reporting that 40% of Americans shop from their smartphone/tablet in bed, eBay Holiday Express will help shoppers buy what they want when they want it – even if it’s after hours. All items come with limited-edition gift wrap designed by Jonathan Adler.
The eBay Now app (available in SF and NYC) allows shoppers to get items from hundreds of retailers (For example: Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Toys ‘R’ Us, Best Buy, Target, etc.) delivered anywhere in the city within an hour.
This service is particularly great for last minute gifts, holiday party essentials, and even last-minute clothing items you may have forgotten at home but don’t want to go back for (Spanx, shoes, sparkly accessories, etc.).
Today, eBay Now is powering eBay Holiday Express. Shoppers who use the app to do their last-minute holiday shopping (through Saturday, December 22) will receive unlimited free deliveries, extended shopping hours (get items delivered up until midnight!) First-time users also receive $15 off their first eBay Now purchase. So hurry up – today is the last day!
Happy Shopping!
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This is 40

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Kristin Torgen Flannery.

TI40_BATH1SHT_RGB_0925_2_SM.jpg Rolemommy sat down with the stars of UNIVERSAL PICTURES’ THIS IS 40 – PAUL RUDD AND LESLIE MANN & writer/director JUDD APATOW. Five years after Apatow introduced us to Pete and Debbie in Knocked Up, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as a husband and wife both approaching a milestone meltdown in “This Is 40,” an unfiltered, comedic look inside the life of an American family. “This is 40” premiere in theaters December 21st.
Question: How do you stop your husband (Producer/Writer Judd Apatow from writing some of this stuff like the therapy stuff, or do you just go like, “Really?” At what point do you tell him that “I don’t really think we need to reveal that”?
Leslie Mann: Well, he doesn’t write anything without–I mean, it’s a conversation between us, beforehand, so, it’s not like he’s doing anything behind my back. So, we do it together, so, it’s no surprise.
Question: It’s great because it rings true for every single different aspect. We’ve been talking about it ever since we saw it last night. Like, “Oh, yes, remember this and the yelling and the this?” So, it’s amazing that audiences can relate.
Leslie Mann: I’m happy about that. I’m happy that people can leave there feeling like they’re not the only ones going through some of those things and they don’t have to feel terrible about themselves after. When you go and watch movies where couples are perfect couples, which I hate, and then I leave the movie thinking that something’s terribly wrong with me, you can leave this movie feeling like you’re okay and something’s terribly wrong with Pete and Debbie.
Question: Do you and your husband get away and reconnect like Debbie and Pete did in the movie?
Leslie Mann: Literally, it takes less than 24 hours to come back together. And we could both just be losing our minds and then go to a hotel nearby and then just rent a movie and eat dinner and then just hang out together. We’re just grounded again. And it doesn’t take much more than that. I mean, it’s nicer to have extra time.
Question: There is a scene in the movie where Debbie and Pete are going round and round with their daughters yelling “shut up” and no one has control. Does that happen to you in real life?
Paul Rudd: I had the reverse thing where my son when he was about three was going through that phase where he didn’t want my wife and I to talk to each other. And whenever we would just be at home and we were talking to each other, he would say, “Don’t talk.” And I remember saying to him, “Your mom and I are going to talk. We just are.” And he goes, “No, I don’t want you to.” And I said, “Well tough, you’re just going to have to get used to it. It’s good that mommy and daddy talk.” And so then, we would continue the conversation, and he would just at this said, “No, stop talking. Stop talking.” We kept talking. He kept saying stop talking. We kept talking. And finally, he yelled, “Action.” And we looked at him, and he said, “When I yell ‘action,’ you’re not allowed to talk.” And I realize he’s been to too many sets that I have been working on. And then I started laughing so hard at that, and then he started laughing, and then he just went, “Cut.”
Question: So, did you have the “I’m turning 40 freak-out” in real life?
Leslie Mann: Yes. No, I feel like I have lunches or get-togethers with my girlfriends who are the same age every once in a while, and sometimes those meetings are really hard, and we’re all crying, and we all hate our husbands, and we all want to run away, and we all dream about some better life. And then some days we get together, and we’re all really happy with our husbands and love our kids and are happy with everything. It’s literally like riding this wave. We’re just going with it. And I don’t know what that means or where it’s going to take me. I’ve been asking some older women when that ends, and they say it doesn’t end, that it only gets worst, to enjoy this time right now, which is weird.
Question: Well, that scene when the older lady says, “You close your eyes and you blink and you’re 90”.
Leslie Mann: “And you blink and your 90”? Yes.
Rolemommy also sat down with Judd Apatow…
Question: We are wondering how do you get inspired to write about your own life? Do you just write it and you say this will make a great screenplay or I’m going to do a screenplay?
Judd Apatow: When I start, I don’t really know what form it’s going to take, so I just started making notes, and I’ll just write out in lists of moments. And then, I’ll put them on cards and lay them out on a giant table, and then, slowly a story begins to reveal itself. So, I knew I wanted to talk about their birthday and the meltdown their having and they start doubting their marriage and doubting each other and things will just keep getting worse. I knew I wanted it to be a meltdown movie that would end with them rebonding. Some of it is also not wanting to take responsibility for what’s actually happening, so, it’s easier to blame your spouse than to think about what you’re been through in your life and what you’re bringing to the party. That was also a big theme in the movie.
Question: Judd and Leslie’s real life daughters also reprise their roles as Pete and Debbie’s daughters in the film. So, if your daughter is acting moody in the movie, does she think that’s what you think of her in real life?
Judd Apatow: I think that she knows that we’re calling ourselves out on our worst moments. And it’s not like we’re goofing on her but we’re not goofing on ourselves. I don’t know exactly how she processes it, but what I tell her is that the best thing you could do as a creative person is to share your story with people because it makes other people feel less alone and it makes them feel better. There are a lot of people having these struggles. So, for her, I’m sure on some levels she realizes, “Oh, this is sibling rivalry. This is getting very emotional when you’re a kid and your brain isn’t fully formed yet,” and we’re very open about that. I’ll sit and read the book, Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy in front of my kids. And I’ll read passages out loud, and then just go, “Your brain is not built yet. You don’t know how to self-soothe. So, I’m leaving the room for two hours while you do whatever you want to do.”
Question: You talk about writing as a form of self-exploration. And what did you learn about yourself or your marriage that you may not have already known when you did the film?
Judd Apatow: What’s helpful for me is to deeply think through Leslie’s point of view ’cause it’s so easy to just think, “I’m right. She’s annoying,” So, to have to write her point of view and show the effect of certain behaviors that I have or men have is helpful. And one thing that Leslie pointed out to me a long time ago was this idea of being shut down as a man feels like a terrible rejection. Where a guy might just want to zone out and go on the computer or read the paper, he thinks, “I’m not doing anything. Why would you be mad at me? I’m just sitting here.” But that act is hostile.
Question: And don’t have someone yelling at you or–I loved how you did the separation of the kids when you missed them. You realized they were good kids because that means a lot, as moms, really. When someone’s not constantly yelling at you or telling you to shut up.
Judd Apatow: Oh, yes. And I’m so awful sometimes with the kids. I’ve become a kid when I fight with them. I totally lose adult head. Maude always wants a ride and doesn’t tell me in advance. So at 6:00 when I’m like, “The movie just started and we’re about to just sit for two hours,” she’ll be like, “I need a ride in 15 minutes to this bowling alley.” And I’m just like, “You live in a fantasyland and this is not happening.” And I’ll fight with her like I’m 12 years old. I just go at her so hard. I’ll just be like, “There’s no way it’s happening, so just enjoy not going.”
Question: This movie really feels like a love letter to Leslie. I’m watching it, and her performance is just extraordinary. How is it for you to be able to shoot a movie starring your wife and being able to show her extraordinary range?
Judd Apatow: I’ve always thought that she was great and had the potential to do all sorts of interesting things, but Hollywood, there are very few scripts which give you those opportunities. There are very few movies just about people that don’t have gigantic action elements or superheroes. This world of the small human drama comedy is tiny. We don’t get that many of them. We get more of it on television. So, if I don’t write it, it’s a longshot that it will just suddenly appear. I was happy to be able to tailor something to what I observe about her. And that’s what I like about the movie and with the kids, which is because it’s a real family, I can show details that most people would never get into a movie, and you could tell they love each other and are angry with each other, and it just feels like life more than if I just hired some stranger kid to be in it. And Leslie’s so funny and has been the person that has inspired me to be as truthful as I am in the work. Because she doesn’t really consider herself a comedian, so, it’s more like I live with a serious actress, and I’m being influenced by her interest and honesty, and then I can keep my comedy going.
Question: Where do your stories come from?
Judd Apatow: There are so many variations of those stories, the second family. I’ve had so many friends and in my family where someone’s dad has kids. And even at our kids there are a lot of parents that are older parents. And I think a lot of people are taking care of their parents now. People live for a really long time. And then at some point the relationship flips and you have to take care of them. And especially in a bad economy, suddenly, parents can’t retire any more, and it creates a lot of stress. So, I was trying to think of the most stressful possible situations and then get really funny people to play them. And also to show that if you have a parent who’s really overbearing and engulfing, you want to hide in the bathroom. And if you have a parent that kind of disappeared, you’re constantly wanting more, and that that’s affecting how they treat each other.
29this is 40.jpg
Take a look at the trailer and go see “This is 40,” which hits theaters December 21st.

Funny Stuff a Mom Has to Deal With

Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Allen Jennifer.
Funny Stuff a Mom Has to Deal With- Image.JPG
Roseanne Barr once said, “I know how to do anything – I’m a mom.” And being spit-up on, puked on or peed on is only the beginning of the strangest things we, as mothers, have to deal with on an everyday basis. So much so, I sometimes feel that I could win the Nobel Prize for Ingenuity, if they ever started such an award!
I know I’m not alone in this. Anyone who is a mom knows you never stop being one. From trying to change a diaper using only one hand while holding you baby up with the other to waking up in the middle of the night worrying about your 40-year-old kid, we mothers have all been there and done that. Here are some nuggets that I’ve collected over the years of funny stuff we moms have to deal with.
When my daughter was four, she asked me why I married Dad rather than someone who wasn’t already part of the family. That needed some quick thinking. Then there was the day when I went to the kitchen for 2 minutes to get a glass of water, leaving my daughter in yard with our German Shepherd. I came out to find that my daughter had bitten the dog squarely on his neck and was holding on for dear life. It took some coaxing to make her let go. The poor dog was so confused!
The first thing I did was wash all the fur out of my daughter’s mouth. The next thing I did was ask the child why in God’s name she would want to bite the dog? Her answer was quite simple. She wanted to teach the dog a lesson and show him what it felt like to be bitten. She was sure that once he experienced the unpleasantness of it all, he would tell all his friends and dogs would stop biting. Who could argue with that?
My personal favorite is when my daughter asked me how I knew everything. She was awe-struck after repeated experiences of me being able to fix stuff for her. My answer was that I was only allowed to be her mother because I had passed the Mommy Test with flying colors. This answer made things really clear for her, not only did she realize that mom could fix anything! Oh well, at least that belief lasted for a few years till adolescence.
And if you want to really understand the meaning of multi-tasking, watch a mom go through her daily chores!
Despite all the funny stuff I’ve dealt with, muddled through or just plain given up on, I wouldn’t trade it all for anything in the world. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
About the Author: Hi, this is Allen Jennifer from Livesnet, a site devoted to helping people find the perfect baby gears for their needs, and offer tips on daily problems. I love to write about parenting tips and baby gear reviews. Why not visit our website to see my hot reviews on mamas and papas stroller.

Desert Recipes to Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Role Mommy Guest Contributor, Allen Jennifer.
Desert Recipes to Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth- Image.JPG
I have to confess that I have a sweet tooth that will some day be my undoing. Craving for ice creams, chocolates and anything sweet at all odd hours of day and night goes straight to my hips and of course my cavities!!! Despite anything Nigella Lawson might say, when your children get your sweet genes, it is cause for worry. This is why I came up with the idea of looking for natural sugars and healthier alternatives to trick all the sweet teeth my family could throw at me. I researched, experimented and finally here are some recipes that give you all the sweet you need without causing as much damage.
Put a lot of fruits in your custard: Custard is a favorite with my children. A very easy but useful technique to reduce the quantity of sweet in it is to put a lot of fresh cut fruits that have natural sugar. This will reduce the amount of sugar you need to put in it.
Use natural items, such as honey: Another option to reduce your sugar consumption while satisfying the needs of your sweet tooth is to put some honey in your yoghurt instead of sugar. You can make a huge variety of milkshakes by putting in fresh fruits that naturally sweeten the drink. These milkshakes will not be healthier but also have better nutritional value.
Fruit Salad: Fruit salad with yoghurt dressing and a dash of cinnamon and honey in it is not highly nutritious but also appropriate for people wanting to avoid sugar.
Opt for Dark Chocolates: Using dark chocolates instead of regular chocolates for your cakes, milkshakes and other dessert recipes is a good idea if you wish to outsmart your sweet tooth.
Cinnamon: Using cinnamon in your dessert recipes is another way to sweeten the dish without raising the calorie count.
Carrots: Using carrots to make cakes and desserts is a good option too, if you wish to reduce the use of sugar.
Try out these recipes for yourself. They can become favorites with your family, as they have with mine. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++About the Author: Hi, I’m Allen Jennifer from Livesnet, a great site for you if you want to see reviews on baby gears and positive parenting tips as well. So to know more about baby gears, just go for our site and do check out my hot reviews on mamas & papas sola stroller.

Take Back the Kitchen with Alma Schneider

Want a thick, warm soup to remind you that it is winter? Try this healthy and delicious soup that Goldilocks would have loved!
Apple Squash Porridge:

4 cups mashed/pureed in a food processor flesh of a roasted butternut squash or combo of squash
4 cups chicken broth or vegetable broth
2 TBS maple syrup
1/4-1/2 tsp kosher salt-more to taste
1/4 -1/2 tsp ground pepper-more to taste
1/4-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1 peeled and diced medium sized apple
Combine all ingredients in a large pot and simmer for 25 minutes or so, stirring. Adjust seasonings and add other flavors if you like such as cinnamon, ground cloves, or more salt and peppers. Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some chopped cilantro if you like.
For more great recipes from Alma Schneider, visit her at Take Back the Kitchen.

Reflections: Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

candles.jpgThis past week, my husband and I entered our son’s elementary school so that we could meet with his teachers for our winter conference. While we were required to sign in, we did not walk through metal detectors and were not asked for our bags to be searched. The reason — we know the security guard, he trusts us and nothing crazy has ever taken place at our local school.
Somehow I think those rules about signing into the school ledger are going to change dramatically now that a crazed 20 year old broke into a school in Newtown Connecticut and senselessly murdered 26 helpless individuals — including 20 defenseless children.
When our kids are no longer safe at school, what can we as parents do to protect them or shield them from something like this never happening again in their lifetime?
After reading and watching the reports about the tragedy, there are facts that are coming to light about the killer that he had a mental disorder, yet his mother still kept guns in her home. And those guns were not securely locked away so that he wouldn’t have access to them. Sure, anyone can say that if he didn’t have guns he would have found another weapon, but having them in his home made it readily available for him to exact revenge on poor unsuspecting first graders and their teachers.
I really am curious to find out more about Adam Lanz over the coming days and hoping we find out the answers to the following questions:
Did he play video games that encouraged senseless killing?
Why was he not taking medication or being treated for his condition?
Did he have any friends?
Where was his father?
Why hadn’t his older brother spoken to him in two years?
What was going on in his mind that drove him to murdering innocent human beings?
Was this a copycat crime that took place as a result of the other senseless shootings that have been occurring all over our nation?
What is happening to this current generation of 20 somethings who feel no remorse about taking a gun and snatching away the lives of children and adults who were deeply loved by their families, friends and neighbors?
According to one Sandy Hook elementary school dad, yesterday’s events was
“a powerless and terrifying experience.” And even President Obama seemed completely shattered after sharing details about this horrific tragedy when he wiped away tears and spoke about the poor defenseless children who went to school yesterday and will never return home to their families. “They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthday’s graduations, weddings, kids of their own.”
As parents, we need to not only hug our kids but teach them about what’s right and what’s wrong. When they are angry at us or someone else, we cannot allow them to find escape through dangerous video games which encourage annihilating others. If they have mental issues that could pose a danger to others, we need to make sure their condition is monitored on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, if you own a gun, keep it locked away in a safe and never share the combination with your child.
This recent tragedy could be the catalyst that will compel lawmakers to outlaw guns that are not used in situations other than hunting animals (which I think is pretty awful too but I’m not about to take on the NRA on that one). It’s time we take a stand and stop this insanity.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this tragedy and my heart aches for the community of Newtown. I know that no one can comprehend the magnitude of your loss. All we can do is be committed to teaching our children about the importance of being a compassionate human being; monitor your child’s behavior online — either through video game use and social media engagement and be honest with ourselves when it seems that they are spiraling out of control and most importantly, get them help when they need it the most.
For another perspective on the tragedy, read this post by Ross Ellis, founder of Love Our Children USA and Stomp Out Bullying.

Annie the Musical, Back on Broadway

I could not have been more excited to see one of my favorite musicals of all time, Annie! I went to see the revival of the show on Broadway with my husband, 8 1/2 year old daughter and 5 1/2 year old son (his first Broadway show!) and let me tell you, it was amazing. It took all of my will power not to stand up and belt out “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” right along with Annie. Directed by three-time Tony Award® winner James Lapine, the musical you remember is back on Broadway in a brand-new production you’ll never forget. The book and score by the amazing Tony Award® winners Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin remain the same, with new choreography provided by Tony Award® winner Andy Blankenbuehler.
Lilla Crawford stars as the world’s favorite orphan, who wins over everyone she meets. Two-time Tony Award® winner Katie Finneran plays the hilarious Miss Hannigan and international stage star, Anthony Warlow is wonderful as billionaire Daddy Warbucks. This is hands down one of the best musicals that make you feel good and smile. After all, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Speaking of which, the kids who play the orphans are unbelievable in this show. The ridiculously adorable Molly, played by eight year old Emily Rosenfeld, stole every scene she was in.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 545425_487721734583608_106777630_n.jpg
Watching my daughter’s face, with her eyes wide and her mouth open, made me so happy. I loved being able to share this with her, especially since I have been playing her the Annie soundtrack since she was born. She knows all the words to all the songs. My kids could not stop talking about the rescue dog, Sunny, who plays Sandy. My son left the show saying he wanted to be on Broadway… but only if he can star alongside a real life rescue dog.
If you live in the tri-state area, or plan on visiting NYC – you must buy tickets to see Annie! The entire family will love it.
The all-new Broadway production of ANNIE THE MUSICAL is currently playing at Broadway’s beautiful Palace Theatre in New York City.

VINCI, Inspire the Genius!

Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum

VS-3001.jpg Call me old fashioned, but I would rather see my kids playing with their Legos, reading or doing an art project, than playing on on a technical device. I do my best to limit the time on their iTouch, the Wii and even watching TV, which is not easy in this day and age. Even though they tell me they are playing an “educational” game, I know that Angry Birds will usually win out. Recently, I was lucky enough to receive the VINCI Tab, a tech device that I actually felt really good about giving to my five year old son.
VINCI Tab was created as a new category of fun learning tools with the goal to engage, empower and educate children. By using a teaching method designed by developmental psychologists, parents encourage their children to participate in constructive play and promote early learning. Unlike any other electronic toy or tablet, VINCI grows with the child by offering the award winning VINCI Curriculum, a step-by-step learning structure comprised of 43 learning subjects and 3 levels of assessment, and covers all 6 aspects of a child’s developing mind: Thinking Skills; Emotional & Social Skills; Language and Literacy; Math & Logical Reasoning; General Knowledge; and Science. The Tab is great for kids ages 2 – 9!
My son, who is in kindergarten, can not get enough of his new “kid iPad” he calls it. He is having so much fun, little does he know he is learning too! There are over 350 amazing Apps you can get (many of them are free!). There is a rubber holder around the touch screen to make it easier for the kids to hold… they really thought of everything. I highly recommend this educational device to anyone who wants to have their children incorporate learning and growing their brains while they have a blast playing with their tech device.
To find out more and purchase one for your child or as a gift, visit
Disclaimer: I received a VINCI Tab to review, all opinions are my own.