Trunk or Treat?

DSC04993.JPG For the second year in a row, mother nature tried to ruin Halloween! October 29th, 2011 there was a rare snow storm in the tri-state area. Since the trees still had so many leaves on them, the heavy snow pulled down branches and trees and power lines. Many people were left without power for days and many towns cancelled Halloween. With two little kids, we braved the snow and cold and live wires, but it was not pleasant – for anyone. On October 29th, 2012 hurricane Sandy paid the east coast a nasty visit. This storm was unlike anything we had ever seen. People lost their homes, their valuables and even their loved ones. Trees crashed through houses, blocked streets and people are waiting on line for over 3 hours to get gas for their cars or generators. All over the tri-state area, it looks like a war zone and who knows how long it will take to get back on track.
DSC04994.JPG But to my eight year old and five year old, it was Halloween and they wanted to dress up and get candy. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. They were already disappointed that they didn’t have their school party and parade… but it just wasn’t safe to walk around the streets with trees dangling and live wires all around. Then a friend of mine had a brilliant idea. She sent out the following email to all the moms and posted on Facebook: “So there’s no school, no power and it’s halloween. Not safe to trick or treat in pitch black, but let’s not cancel halloween entirely! I propose we meet in the parking lot behind the school and let the kids trick or treat car to car. Costumes! Candy! Friends! What could be better? Tell a friend! Let’s make this fun!”
Word spread through social media, and at 4 PM cars lined up and the trunk or treating began! It was great, the kids had a blast. People even brought decorations and hung them in their cars. It was the perfect (safe) way to celebrate Halloween. The kids were able to wear the costumes they had picked out months ago (why does the costume catalog have to come in the mail in August??) get lots of candy and hang out with their friends! It was nice for the parents too- we could socialize and not stress out about trees and wires and cars. And when the kids got chilly and wanted a break, they could hang out in the trunks!
People are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together, literally. So many people still have no power and it’s getting so cold. So many people have lost their home and have nowhere to go. Communities are coming together to donate and do whatever they can to help those effected by Sandy. It was great that my children and the other neighborhood kids could celebrate in a safe and fun way, however; let’s hope this doesn’t become a new Halloween tradition.